Bag Lady

Bag Lady

You know, after 12 years of doing this site, it takes a lot to surprise me. This one did it. A perfectly normal woman, nicely dressed, ordering a normal drink at Starbucks. She just happened to have her foot wrapped in a plastic shopping bag and scooted it along in a baby stroller.

Speaking of feet, for the project so far, you readers have sent in: feet, fingers, faces, breasts, hips, arms, ears, chins, tummies and an Adam’s Apple. We need a few more parts to build the entire body.

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  1. greyoutlook

    Ha! I’m first! Did you happen to hear her go voooommmm as she left?

  2. rozelle ashmore

    i really think the person is an alien

  3. tinamarie

    Okay. Not to be a humor killer, but that’s not a baby stroller. My mom, who just had serious reconstructive surgery on her foot and ankle uses a “knee scooter” just like that. It keeps her from being wheelchair bound for 8 weeks, since sitting all the time would atrophy the muscles in her legs.

    As for the bag on her foot, I’m betting that she can’t put a shoe on it and can’t get it wet either, which is what my mom is going through right now.

    Sorry–no humor at the moment. My mom damn near lost her foot due to an infection after the surgery, and so I have been really glad to see her on that little scooter instead of flat on her back in the hospital.

    Happier thoughts later. B’Shalom.

  4. Anna

    Here those things are called “walkers” and i used to wear plastic over my legcast to take a shower.
    But she could have taken classier bag.

    Tell me the bodyparts you are missing and i will get right around to it. Noses and calves are cheap this year.

  5. Bigwavdave

    Apparently I was over-medicated and missed the body part request. What do you need? Photos? Drawings? Site maps? 😳

  6. Spud

    Yeah, she needs pump up tyres on that thing to really get a buzz.

    Hi hoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. patrick

    Thelma, still recovering from reconnective surgery after her foot was savagely amputated by a freak lawn tractor accident, tries to find solace in a steaming hot cup of fancy joe. Unfortunately, some snide ying yang was snapping camera phone photos of her and making totally inappropriate comments about, “Hey lady, didja forget sumpin’? Hey lady, where’s the baby? Hey lady, where’s your other shoe? Hey, are you a bag lady, ah hahahahaha! Relaxation, though are a cruel mistress.

  8. patrick

    uhhh, I meant “thou” not “though”. ❓

  9. [Comment ID #173836 will be quoted here]
    I do need nose and calves, in fact!
    [Comment ID #173857 will be quoted here]
    I posted it in yesterday’s extra links. I am doing a project that once shown, I hope will take off on other sites (but not until mine is up first, so keep hush about it). Send any angle body part pics to me.

  10. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173869 will be quoted here]

    You want thighs with that?

  11. sledge

    I notice that she has fancy racing slicks and genuine imitation sport wheels as well as the naugahyde cushions. The color reminds me of puke robins egg blue

  12. ducatisti

    You have the strangest Starbucks. Or you just spend too much time there! Maybe both.

    My mind is still tweaked by that freaky big clown-she-devil photo you took there a year ago or so. eeeeeessssshhhhhhh. Oh, and the baby girl biker chick, complete with leather chaps. hmmmm.

    Yea, weird Starbucks. As for the bag lady – I got nuthin. I’m always impressed by folks who have the balls to go out in public with weird medical contraptions attached to their bodies. I’m just a sissy, and stay away from populated places when I’m wearing that crap.

  13. pablo

    Hey man, We’s gonna totally pimp out dat ride. First we throw on some 20s with spinners. Check it out, we stuff a hemi under the seat and a metalic purple paint job! Then we gets you a Gucci bag. I’s gots to keep all my hos stylin’

    I’m so sad, I’m channeling the Sultan

  14. CaffeineAddictsAnon.

    Some people have kids to push aound, others have shopping carts. Why does this twisted world not want an old lady to push her leg around? Why Lord, why?! ❓

  15. Flash Gordon

    I suspect she’s an amputee terrist with an Uzi
    attached where her leg was. The foot is fake. When
    a sufficient crowd gets behind her she squeezes one
    of her nipples and discharges the clip into the
    hapless crowd. 😈 👿 :dead: :dead: :wtf:

  16. tinamarie

    [Comment ID #173914 will be quoted here]

    You weren’t supposed to let people in on the conspiracy, Flash. Now we have to kill you.

    Mom, tweak your nipple and shoot the bastard! 😈

  17. Driver

    What I find more strange than the bag on her foot is that this leg stroller has a brake for stoping but none of the wheels swivel for steering 🙄

  18. I have to agree with someone up at the top, I’ve seen this recently too.

    They use it sometimes now instead of wheelchair or crutch bounding folks after leg/ankle surgeries. Some peopel have a hard time using crutches since they are bad on the REST of your body especially arms, hands, etc…. It’s very easy to use too what what I’ve seen.

    I wish I’d had onse after MY ankle surgery 15 years ago… those damn crutches about broke my will to live.

  19. Joan had a point to make. As a closet choco-holic, Joan felt a need to demonstrate for equality, an end to repression. She needed to confront those that felt she was ‘different’. In her own quiet way, Joan intended to confront the prejudice that choco-holics face. By visting every Starbucks in town, and buying a cup of coffee with whipped cream and, yes, with dark chocolate shavings.

    The rotten neighbor kid swiped her surgical gauze stocking from her clothesline, but no matter. Her foot was healing well from the surgery, and she found that a layer of Cottonelle wet wipes (flushable!) under a Huggies protected the foot from cold, dirt, and that damned St. Bernard that insisted on ‘marking’ her foot every single, blasted morning .. but that was another story.

    Joan noticed the guy taking a picture of her knee cart and camouflaged foot, and bravely ignored the buffoon. It hurt, but she would not let that bigot drive *this* choco-holic from the serving line! Let the world *know* we are here, and here to stay, Joan’s thoughts soared in a paean of German Semi-Sweet exultation!

  20. [Comment ID #173870 will be quoted here]

    Actually, I’ll take a penis to go please.

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