Post will be delayed

By a few hours. Stayed up all night doing taxes.
Hope to have something up by 9:30 AM EST. 🙂


  1. Anna

    Damn. I get up early especially for YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. And now you’re not here.
    Now I have to show my :boob::boob: to total strangers. Your own fault!!!

  2. StevieC

    Umm, we’re not strangers Anna. 😈

    Ah well, guess I’ll grab a :java: or two and stop back later.

  3. patrick

    Ditto Steve C, Anna I’m no stranger. Strange perhaps but definitely no stranger! Thanks for the flash sweetie. Like I always say, cheap thrills is better than no thrills at all! And I’ll return the favor. Wanna see my weiner? :wang:

  4. Bjorn Freeh

    Ummm, Dave… you know that taxes aren’t due until the 17th this year, don’t you? Since the 15th was a Sunday and today is Emancipation Day in Washington, the deadline was pushed back to Tuesday.

    Not that I’m suggesting you wasted your midnight oil…

  5. Spud

    I hate Taxes.

    They take it but give nothing back, not even a cup of coffee.

    Life sucks.

    I think I’ll shoot myself, maybe that’ll help.

    Probably not, there’s sales tax on the bullet and death taxes to pay for.


  6. [Comment ID #173981 will be quoted here]

    I know it, but tonight I have priestly things to attend to, and tomorrow night I have to clean the place since Alison is spending Wednesday and Thursday here on her cross-country blogger tour.

  7. :boob: :wang: :boob:

    I just finished today too!

  8. junkman

    could chickens carry out this function in iraq? or, more importantly, with rosie o’donnell and the donald.

  9. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173984 will be quoted here]

    Hey Dave, you keep yourself busy with other things that need to get done. We’ll continue to entertain ourselves here.

    Who wants to start the story that has Anna flashing her :boob: :boob: to total strangers? Anyone? … Anyone? …

  10. AndrewJ

    I think you should do it, that sounds intriguing

  11. With that lack of something better to do since their leader has suddenly gone missing, Davezilla followers are left to their own demise…ahem…imaginations. Where has he gone? Noone knows the true answer to this question but we are all aware that it is part of a government conspiracy that strips all humanity of their hard earned wealth and worldly possessions. We wish you luck Dave and come back soon, they all plead with hopes that he has not been sucked into a warped version of the Twilight Zone.
    It was a bright sunny morning and the spring birds crisp chirps could be heard over the strangely light morning traffic. The computers hummed and typewrites clicked as people continued on their monotonous lives working for “the man”. Minds wandered and eyelids drooped, even though we’re all adults and know better, we couldn’t pass up the all night orgy held last night. Not when the Zilla Girlz would be present…Ahh, the Zilla Girlz…such succulent plethora of tasty morsels. Always up for anything and everything…almost, they’re classy not trashy. I close my eyes reminisce…
    Anna: (removing her top) Ok people! Are we gonna enjoy ourselves or are we here just to gaze into each other’s eyes?
    Astryd: Oh Wow Anna, I like the girls. They’re very nice.
    Meagan: Finally! I thought I was in the wrong place!
    AnnieB: All right girls, and guys, shall we start with some strip pocker 😳 to relax the newbies?
    Astryd: Oh honey, I’m already stripped and I’ve got my hands full with these guys 😈 I think we may have gotten ahead of ourselves but how ’bout some naked twister?
    SteveC: Holy shit! Roadtrip flashbacks! Good thing I’m not driving this time, that was a close call! But man was it HOT!!
    Pablo: Who wants to go first on my moustache ride!!?!?
    Meagan: I’ve got the cuffs and whip…Pretty in Pink and Naughty Leather…
    AnnieB: I’ll take the naughty leather. Where are you Pablo?
    Spud: Oooh yeah, which one of you likes to drive stick?
    (to be continued…)

  12. Wow, Astryd, you captured me perfectly with the cuffs and whip. How did you know I had Naughty Leather?

  13. A woman by my own heart…we can just tell… 😈

  14. CaffeineAddictsAnon.

    If I knew being a newbie was this much fun, I would have joined a long time ago. So continue the story already. I hope theres enough room for a sexy milf like me.

    (Hopeful grin)
    :boob: :boob:

  15. Anna: Drive stick?! I love to drive stick!! The ability to be in full control and feel such power in my own agile hands!…Come here Big Boy!!

    Right then the main door swings open and slams against the door jam with enough force to crack the wall just a bit.
    All gasp in awe at the splindid vision before their eyes…
    It’s her!! Oh my lord it’s her!!!
    Whispers, Giggles and Heavy panting could be heard throughout.
    Dressed as a school teacher, CaffeineAddictsAnon or Madam as we like to call her, the organizer of these shindiggs presents herself with such acertiveness and command. Thigh high boots, skin tight miniskirt (no panty lines, not even thong!), silk blouse peeks around the edges of her form-fitting blazer that struggles to stay buttoned, hair up in a loose bun that you know will not be for long and dark-framed glasses on the ridge of her nose. Ruler in one hand menacingly smacked against the palm of the other…with each smack the Zilla Girlz jump slightly. They remember last time they were bad Zilla Girlz…but oh what a wonderfully painful time it was!
    The juices flow and without a word she walks through the silent admirers gazing down at them and nodding in approval…
    (to be continued again…)

    Do you feel justified CaffeineAddictsAnon aka Madam?

  16. Anna

    What my :boob: :boob: all accomplish …… they almost launch a thousand …stories

  17. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #174063 will be quoted here]

    More like a thousand :wang:’s. I need a cold
    shower. 😮 🙄 :wtf:

  18. StevieC

    I love this place!

  19. Lake Effect

    Dave who?

    I need a cigarette and a kleenex.

  20. Drusky

    Astryd, you paint a mental picture like no other…
    All I can think is the question ‘Got MILF?’
    Maybe CaffeineAddictsAnon could hold after school detention. I’d have to be bad, but it’s a small price to pay for admission! 😛

  21. [Comment ID #174086 will be quoted here]

    No kleenex honey, We have tongues… :wang: 😛 😈

    [Comment ID #174087 will be quoted here]

    😳 I’m pleased that you all are enjoying my stories…maybe a little too much? …Nah, there’s no such thing.
    Thank you guys/ladies, really. 😆

    Does anyone else want to be included or singled out in the finished portion of the orgy chronicles? I need limited descriptions (hair color, if any…and where 😈 , identifying attribute -big :boob: :boob: :wang: :undies: , turn-ons and turn-offs, etc). 😀

  22. StevieC

    Sorry Astryd, but we’re beyond that point now. How about we just send you our email addresses and you can send us pictures. 😈

  23. Of the actual act?… 😛

    Steve, We’ll see what pics Dave’s chosen when he finishes his project… you might get lucky! 😉

    The phrase comes back “Got MILF?” 😈

  24. Dave, this is what happens when you leave us alone, even for a few hours… 😛

  25. [Comment ID #174107 will be quoted here]

    I will have to leave you alone more often 😈

  26. [Comment ID #174087 will be quoted here]

    She does not lie. She is way hot.

  27. CaffeineAddict

    Damn! I missed the fun. Well actually it looks like I was here all along.
    Anyway, Dave is back, so yall have to be good now. Astryd, you didn’t know I was a teacher for 5 years, but thats’s pretty damn good. It was pre-school, but hey, looks like I got a job with the Zilla Girls. Oh, behave. :kiss:

  28. StevieC

    [Comment ID #174149 will be quoted here]

    If you mean “with Astryd”, I’m definitely up for it! :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang:

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