I’m Dave (Davezilla) and this blog is pretty much things I think up or find that amuse me. There is no educational value to be gleaned from this site. I promise. It’s 100% nonsense.

This site was founded on 9 February, 1998. I got the Davezilla.com domain in February of 1999 and have no plans on ditching it anytime soon.

If this site is indeed that old, why do I only have archives back to 2003? That is due to changing blogging systems. Greymatter stopped in 2002, and didn’t port well to b2CafĂ©log, and a year of my b2 posts corrupted somehow. Sad. I had some good stuff back then. You can find most of it on Archive.org.

This site has won over 20 blogging awards (mainly for humor). It’s been mentioned in several books and got me in big trouble back in 2002.

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Energy Usage

This site runs on sustainable energy servers and is cleaner than 92% of sites. Only 0.09g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. This site gets about 11,000 visits per month.