21 thoughts on “Famous anatomical tree

  1. Going out on a limb here but I think the person who wrote this thinks with his woody.

  2. And now the time has come. When I must face the final curtain. Goodbye this is the end…of that I’m sure, but I’m not certain.

    Mistakes, I’ve made a few (haven’t I guys), but then again too few to mention, but then….much more than this.

    I did it my way.


    Due to the introduction of a new “internet usage monitor” at work, I am afraid that this will be my last post for a while guys and gals.

    Just like to say a big thanks for all the funny pic’s and comments Dave and Natalie and thanks to everyone else for reading my long winded sermons.

    But fear not……whenever Davezilla.com needs me…..I shall return!

    (or when I work out how to get around this slight setback)


  3. Now, I had something witty to say …. really I did …. but now ~sigh~
    Bye Rev!! You know I love you with all my heart (and tree)

  4. Sorry, Dave, that wouldn’t work. The internet monitoring tools corporate America is using logs much more than address names.

    Where I work I was trying to see where an ad of ours was also being mentioned, and one of the google results was a blocked site because they had “IP hosting” mentioned in a meta tag. Stupid IT Nazis…

  5. Right, but when you’re an IT person, you generally have more on your plate than looking up IP adresses (unless they are popping up constantly). I only know this because GM employees used this trick constantly when davezilla.com got added to the “Adult Content” list on their server.

  6. I see trees with knots like that all the time, and I giggle and think about taking a picture, but then I realize I’d have to explain to people why I have the picture.

  7. Rev,
    you could always try a public computer at the library (thanks Bill) this helped me when my PC needed to go to the spa.
    I know we will read your sermons again soon!

  8. That’s one interesting looking tree, to be sure. I imagine there’s gotta be someone out there w/some splinter problems they’re too embarrassed to see the doctor about.

    ReV, I’m rootin’ for ya!

  9. …the police confiscated her dress as evidence.”

    And what are they going to do now that the tree is guilty of indecent exposure?

  10. Wood it be right to say that the Rev has split?

    Weak arsed excuse, just like a pommie to run at the first sign of trouble.

    Show a bit of inititive lad, stand up for your internet rights! to hell with the System Admin! damn them all to hell.


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