People we can safely dislike #2

  1. Guys who wear t-shirts with tuxedos printed on them.
  2. People who finish their sentences by clucking their tongue. Every time.
  3. I don’t mind the odd lawn gnome or statue of Mary, but when it gets to be a village…
  4. People whose entire philosophical base can be summarized through the 18 bumperstickers littering their Chevy Astro.
  5. Coworkers who feel every situation warrants a line from Homer Simpson.
  6. People who take “pitchers” with their “point ‘n’ snaps”.
  7. Anyone who whips out their gold card at the dollar store
  8. Men who claim to have confronted and fought off Bigfoot.
  9. Drivers who take pains to pass you when you were already speeding, get directly in front of you and promptly slow down.
  10. John Ashcroft


  1. Anna

    The TV-station that shows the 7th rerun of ‘The Dukes of Hazard’, the Rev’s boss, the owners of stoop poopers, the man who invented the bra …. give me time and I’ll manage to loath the whole world.

  2. Spud

    I like everyone 🙂
    The Elite website is kinda dorky, old, had it, over it, over there and over done.
    Definitely time to update.

  3. They show Dukes of Hazzard in Europe, Anna? I’m so sorry.

  4. Anna

    I thank you for your compassion in these ‘hazardous’ times.

  5. Coworkers who feel every situation warrants a line from Homer Simpson.

    D’oh! Sorry about that one, Davezilla. I’ll try not to do that so much.


  6. you know. i heard you with the second last one. i really do. its probably one of my biggest petpeeves. i’ll be sitting in the right hand lane going 105km p/h and they are tailgating me. eventually they overtake me and then sit infront of me at 99 km p/h OR 105 km p/h. i just dont get it.

  7. Anyone whose truck sports a sticker of Calvin urinating on anything.

  8. Esther

    Or praying.

    Let us not forget the idiots who feel the need to give their comedic commentary during a movie.

  9. The woman with 3700 coupons for a half a cart of groceries.

  10. Esther

    What about the woman with 3699 coupons? How does she escape the wrath?

  11. Mike

    But if Bigfoot confronts me, wrestles me to the ground and then has his way with me, we’re still cool, right?

  12. mikeB

    Only if you make Bigfoot buy you dinner afterwards.

    With coupons.

  13. Cheap Date

    Women that POO in the work restroom!!!

  14. Esther

    How rude of them to not use the toilet!

  15. I’m putting G.W. Bush at my own personal #1 spot.

    And at #2, I’m putting this girl I used to know, she’s a hairy hippie who is an ultra feminazi that gets offended by EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING, and HONESTLY BELIEVES that she was JANIS JOPLIN in her former life, and gets seriously mad at you when you don’t believe her and make fun of her for it. HA HA HA HA!!

    //I got my picture taken with the Vagina Tree today! It’s on my site! ///plug

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