American Badass

American Badass
Image via Larfus


  1. Spud

    Which one are we talking about???

  2. TinaMarie

    That little guy on the right looks like a reject from the Average Joes in “Dodgeball”

    The guy on the left looks like Geddy Lee dressed for bondage biking.

  3. plopsie

    I do like the shorter fellow’s Bra-dolero… is that a string of chicken legs hanging off his belt? How smart! That leopard cumberbund should be worn ONLY after 5pm, however.
    And WHY in the name of heaven the nametag???? So tacky!

  4. Frances the Cockatoo

    Cripes Dave,
    All week I’m thinking, “Jeez, these pics are OK, but not up to Dave’s usual level of freak-show.” I thought maybe you ran out of local color and might have to change your Starbucks. BUT NO. I’ve been visiting here for quite a while and have been in the archives. I don’t pretend to have seen everything, but I feel safe in saying that this is perhaps the finest single collection of pixels in the entire portfolio. Where does one begin? I am sqworrkless. This will take days. I mean, a one-gloved biker midget with the mullet, leathers and studs, wearing leather studded shorts, arm bands, bandoleros(what?) and a handful of barbequed chicken legs on a string? With an attitude? And let’s look at his squeeze, the freak with 2 watches and a white-leopard cummerbund? With his sweat-sock poking out in front and his cute little vest? Makes me wonder exactly what kind of event this could possibly be? Maybe these guys are the headliner at the local comedy club tonight. Then again, maybe it’s a dog show and they sell pit-bulls.
    I feel so normal, again….thanks Dave.

  5. Mandy

    The short one is mine, girls.

  6. Looks like Legolas and Gimli in a parallel universe.

  7. Hobbit

    April, that is so true I can’t even begin to comprehend.


  8. Mandy

    There’s a mullet Middle Earth? 😯

  9. I don’t know if Tolkein had spandex and high-tops in mind when he created Middle-Earth…

  10. Robbie

    Mini Me????? No, no, no…. Lorel and Hardy??? No, no, no….Jack and the Bean stock…..

  11. Frisko

    Whats with the skinny dude and his tie-dye spandex package, along with his trusty side kick biker budda. Could this be a new breed of super heros, or rejects from the sci-fi convention.


  12. that defiant glimmer in the flaccid one’s eyes!

    almost as good as the transvestite’s package.

  13. Tom Sawyer

    They look normal to me. What’s the big deal? Is there something I’m missing?

  14. lucky larry is the tall thin one and the small one is a midget version of mullet man from scuzz i take it none of you guys are british?

  15. Esther

    No frank, just frightened. 😯

  16. Sorry, Frank. Irish-American. We don’t get those fancy shows in the D.

  17. Niemel

    Another point in the column for commercial sale of midgets to the average man. The little guy looks like the results of an “If they mated” between Gary Coleman and the neighbor from Office Space.

  18. Bruce

    Rip Mullet Man:-?

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