Unfortunate CD art

Unfortunate CD art

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  1. That’s one dick I Would run away from! :wtf:

  2. Bjorn Freeh

    This guy looks a tad short in the funk department to cover the Esquires’ “Get On Up”.

  3. Jay Laverdure

    More like “Shha-wing!” music! (Nods to Mike Meyers)

  4. Russ

    It’s a “Wild Stallions” CD. Can’t you guys see past the :wang:? God…what children. 😛 That’s Ted Theodore Logan; Bill S Preston, Esquire must have been absent during the photo shoot.

  5. Amanda B.

    Re. Link of the Day; Who the Hell makes up this stuff anyway????? :wtf:

  6. Amanda B.

    Re. Link of the Day; HIL-FUCKING-ARIOUS!!!! 😆

  7. Flash Gordon

    I thought John Holmes was :dead: :wtf:

  8. snarfles

    He looks big but plain (in relation to his size) Small and frilly is an option.Blood seems to be the operative word today,maybe take our man with the schlong and make him frilly then you could have more blood

  9. The Natural EMP

    What’s his number? :wtf:

  10. The real Elvis Presley that we never knew…

    …OK we had a pretty good idea

  11. Mikeme

    Di :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang:

  12. Anna

    NOw last night there was the documentary/instructive video “the best orgasms” (like last time: i am not kidding) … thank the Godess I watched that too …

  13. junkman

    linger ficken good music? stand aside revolting cocks!
    anna where do you find all these documentaries? do you live in porno valley or something? :wang:

  14. StevieC

    Hey Dave, when you said that you were using our pics for a special project, I didn’t know that mine would end up like this.

  15. Steve, you look a lot taller in person! 😀

    [Comment ID #174393 will be quoted here]
    Yes, Anna, please share with us your resources… 😆

    [Comment ID #174370 will be quoted here]
    We have a difficult time seeing past the :wang: without making sure it’s tucked away safely in a nice warm spot. 😈

    [Comment ID #174385 will be quoted here]
    I know you said it was big, but this isn’t at all what I had in mind! Ok, here goes nothing.
    The key is not to choke…you do know the heimlich right. 😳

  16. dougieace

    a pinkie dick and blood pillows,great dinner conversation for my date.thanks dave!

  17. ADLS vs. WiFi 🙂

    Dick vs. Disk 🙂

    man vs. woman 🙂

  18. I fully endorse poisoning of mimes. Carry on, good people. Carry on.

  19. [Comment ID #174383 will be quoted here]

    I wish we had documentaries like that here in Canada. But then again, I could make my OWN documentary about orgasms. Yay, new project!


  20. Driver

    I know this guy is playing air guitar but it kinda looks like he’s about to attack his truoser anaconda.

    Death to mimes YES but I prefer the bullet to the head method, it’s much more instantly gratifying and the noise is sort of poetic justice.

  21. 🙁 Just found out from my sister in Houston aboout an hour ago that my father is in the hospital in Texas. He was diagnosed with Type A Diabetes when he was 18 and has struggled with it since then. This time is different and I’m not coping.
    Now at 45, my father has been laying unconscious since 7 am after one of his (becoming more frequent) attacks. His blood pressure was too high and now it’s too low. At 1pm he had a seizure and to this moment is not responding. Dr’s fear a stroke.
    I don’t have the means to travel at this time and I’m overwhelmed with sadness, worry, frustration, hopelessness, etc. The persistent what-if’s will not leave my head but in spite of everything I have hope and faith.
    My weaknesses have been temporarily exposed and I can no longer hide behind my usual happy, quirky, go with the flow, natural demeanor (she’s still there but is no longer a shield for the rest of me). I’m feeling extremely vulnerable and useless at the moment.
    I understand that he may not survive and if that is to be so, my father and I have been close enough to have spoken about and understand that God will have chosen only what is best for him, he will always be with me. He is a very stubborn man and he may also pull through this, like he has done so many times before, he is my hero. But though he refuses to admit it, it is obvious to those of us who surround and love him that it is getting more difficult each time …either way, I don’t like to see him suffer. ❓
    So I ask (plead) through streaming tears, Please help me pray for my father…
    Thank you all, Blessed Be

  22. Don’t mean to be a bummer, just seeking solace… ❓

  23. StevieC

    Hi Astryd,

    So sorry to hear the news. You know that we’re here for you.

  24. Ummm …. This guy looks like Antonio Banderas. Wonder if Melanie approved? :kiss:

    To Astryd: Wishing you peace and spiritual strength to pull you through this storm. Just reflect on the better memories you had with your Dad,and know that one day,you will join him in a place where suffering is no more. Its what got me through when my Dad succombed to cancer. If you don’t mind me saying so (just to help comfort you)read John 14:1-4.

  25. Drusky

    I wonder what kind of drive THAT disc would go in… AND you’d probably better virus check that thing before insertion… 😈

    Astryd, I would think that having our support would be a given, but, hang in there kid! 8)

  26. Drusky

    If a tree falls in the forest and it lands on a mime and there’s nobody around to hear, Does anybody really care?

  27. Driver

    May god be with you and comfort you in this time of distress. I lost my pop two years ago last december, I know it’s hard but have faith in god to know and do whats best. I will pray for your dad’s recovery. I wish I could help you get to him and I’m so sorry I can’t.

  28. Thank you all, your support is a given, I’m grateful to have you all here for me, but it helps to voice (type) out what it is that you need. ‘We can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broken’ type of thing…
    Night Queen-I’ll have my nose in that book tonight…
    Driver-You’re terribly sweet. I’m afraid to go to him…I’m lacking intestinal fortitude and that’s something I have to find on my own.
    Thank you all. Your prayers, comfort and advice is greatly appreciated and acted on wholeheartedly in my attempts to overcome this and ‘make it better’ (or make it go away).

    **Drusky-We don’t care if the mime dies, just want details on how, I’ll bring the popcorn**

  29. junkman

    hey astryd,
    i lost my mother and my father to cancer. they were both tough customer’s that kept pulling it out at the last minute time and again. i was surprised in both cases when they didn’t. i had the opportunity to thank them for everything they gave me. it’s the only redeeming factor with cancer it gives time to say things that normally might not be said. my heart goes out to you. crying alone sometimes is all there is but telling someone is more. thanks for telling us about your dad. i get how much you love him. when you said he’s your hero i get that he must be a great man in being a part of raising a great person like you. it’s evident in your words about him and the way you let us know what was going on. it may sound corny but i do a ritual every now and again where i thank my dad or mom for the qualities they gave me and and then i say to myself that i will endeavor to live my life that way in order that they may live on through me. i’m not a pray-er but i wanted you to know i’m with you. spare no expense and ask for help to get to him if you can. no regrets. say everything. if you can’t be there send a note that someone can read to him. even in a coma. let him know he did a good job and you love him. with you on the shitty emotional roller coaster. steve.

  30. junkman

    also thinking about annieb. you were pretty down 2 nights ago at the end. no wonder given the circumstances. wouldn’t want to think about that happening to me with the love of my life. can you say hey to connect.

  31. Spud

    [Comment ID #174423 will be quoted here]

  32. Anna

    [Comment ID #174393 will be quoted here]

    Holland ……… enough said?

  33. family jules


    I lost my dad two years ago too and it was sudden and scary and overwhelming, so I know what you are going through. I am so sorry you aren’t able to be there, and I have lit my special request candle that always works in impossible situations for something to come to you out of the blue to take you to him. You never know.

    Is it possible for your dad to have a phone in his room? Even if you can’t be there, you could possibly call and have the nurse hold the phone near him so he could hear you even if he’s in a coma. Tell him everything you want to say, tell him how much you love him and how much he’s meant to you all this time and how much of him lives inside you. If nothing else, it will make you feel connected to him and there is a lot of evidence that people in comas can hear when they can’t respond. It’s worth a try.

    At the very least, he knows you love him and he carries you around in his heart every day, even if he never says so. That’s a dad for you. And when my father finally died after years of suffering with a failing heart and bad lungs, I told God that if someone has to be suffering, I would rather it be me because I was stronger and I could take it, but he couldn’t take anymore. That thought has sustained me when all others would send me over the deep end. Keep us informed, and let us know if there’s anything we can do.

  34. Astryd, I am so sorry to hear that. Keeping your father in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know further updates. And take care of yourself! :kiss:

  35. Kkkkathryn

    Astryd, Bless you and your father.

    If he has a television in his room, have someone turn it on with little or no sound…It may give him a sense of not being alone, and stimulate him in a gentle, familiar way by brightening, then dimming his surroundings. I think that this helped my mom when she was in a coma…she came through it…I think that the comatose time helped her to “rewire” and heal.

    There’s stuff that you can do, even if it is long distance…


  36. Kkkkathryn

    Astryd, Bless you and your father.

    If he has a television in his room, have someone turn it on with little or no sound…It may give him a sense of not being alone, and stimulate him in a gentle, familiar way by brightening, then dimming his surroundings. I think that this helped my mom when she was in a coma…she came through it…I think that the comatose time helped her to “rewire” and heal.

    There’s stuff that you can do, even if it is long distance…


  37. AnnieB

    Hey J-Man … thanks pal. Getting back in my safe zone.

    Astyrd … I love you hon. You’ll get through whatever happens and we’ll help you … along with the rest of your “family”. You can lean on us.

  38. Mandy

    Sorry to hear that, Astryd! ❓

  39. Drusky

    Dave, just in case you ever think about really ending this site, first consider the caliber of the people you have visiting this place. You’ve collected quite an assortment of people here who show more compassion for others than I’ve seen in some families. At times like this, I feel kind of humbled to watch this on-line family work together. 8)

    Oh yah, it’s also kinda fun watching the virtual bitch-slapping, too. Kinda balances out… 😆

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