Caption Time #172

Caption Time #172

Image via the lovely Astryd

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  1. Russ

    They coundn’t do that again if they tried.

    Valet parking in California.

  2. CaffeineAddict

    Tex Fury “#6 infinity” was in the lead at the annual H.C.F.P.R. (Hick County Fence Post Race), when he took an unusual dive. They usually land in the canal, but Fury, our red devil, veered to the south of the fence and his rear left tire just hung on for dear life. What an embarrassing ordeal this could have been. :geek:

  3. Anna

    Damn, really, I aimed for the ugly guy on the bicycle … the one in those awful orange lycrapants with the sock in it so we all see how “big” he is. That was the one I was aiming for. :limp:

  4. Unfortunately when Doug explained the principal of the 50-50 grind to his hillbilly cousin, he forgot to mention one key fact……… it should be done using a skateboard.

    (PS – I think I’m in love with that Craiglist girl)

  5. Junkpile the Autobot transformed midtrick to the surprise of everyone watching, coming down on his axles before losing balance and catching himself right in the wheelarch. Despite his screams of pain, the rest of the autobots thought this was hilarious.

  6. Spud

    Firstly, Valet Parking is a terrific moniker for this pic.

    Secondly, I think I also could fell in love with the Craiglist girl.

    Thirdly, an explanation is required or translation – “127. I can gleak when I eat sour things. (and pretty far too) “

    Somebody care to espouse on what this means?

    Anybody… anyone… Bueller?

  7. sledge

    A car like that deserves a fate at least as bad as that.

  8. Picklemon

    [Comment ID #174185 will be quoted here]

    Its a form of spitting.
    I haven’t seen anyone do it since jr high school.

    Spitting isn’t exactly a turn on for me, but it does show good oral control!!

  9. StevieC

    Hot dang, them Duke boys made this look easy! C’mon, Bill Bob Fudgepacker, let’s go find another used car to test drive.

  10. BryGuy

    (Confused look out right window, confused look out left window, hang head in defeat) aww, dammit.

    how embarassing that must the bullet holes have anything to do with it?

  11. junkman

    “mexican car attempts to jump bushes homeland security fence.”
    United States Border Patrol

  12. “I know when Pirate Day is.”

    I think I like this Craiglist girl too! :kiss:

  13. Bjorn Freeh

    Loretta couldn’t decide… Vegas or Phoenix, Phoenix or Vegas. She was clearly on the fence.

  14. Bjorn Freeh

    Puppy or Chicken? That’s a very important distinction. At Kim Fung’s, Puppy w/nuddles (#31) is $14.95 while the chicken fooey (#47) is only $9.95.

    Don’t order what you can’t afford.

  15. Anton

    Joe’s attempt at grinding didn’t fair so well as his friends with skateboards.

  16. “–and it’s so strong, it can stop a speeding car!
    Call Al’s Fence TODAY! If anything gets through one o’ MY fences, I’ll eat it!”

  17. Russ

    Are you tired of wrecking your wreck? Here at Billy Bob’s stunt driving school we will teach you all the fundamentals of driving so when you wreck you don’t wreck your wreck.

    Here is an example of what some of our advanced students are capable of. This perticular student just two long days ago hit the culvert and rolled his car so many times he’s now training for NASCAR as a track clown (You know the guys that create that “WOW is that car going to come back down this year” effect on the audience). After only two days of training at Billy Bob’s stunt driving school we have taught him how to use props such as the fence, guard rail, other cars, ect… to add sooo much more to that WOW factor.

    You too can drive like a clown. Just call Billy Bob’s stunt driving school now. Our operators are standing by. If you call in the next 20 years we’ll knock off the last payment.

  18. Russ

    Jimmy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

    Why do you say that John?

    Well this road is so narrow it’s difficult to stay beteen the lines.

    What lines John? I don’t see… Oh shit John keep it going as straight as possible.

    Jimmy what are you talking about? We’re f i n e(jerks the wheel to the left).

    John you’re an as*hole. You never listen.

  19. Russ

    Darwin exists to weed the stupid people out of the gene pool. Is that just a red interior or Darwin at work?

  20. [Comment ID #174157 will be quoted here]

    I don’t know…You know how most people LEARN from their mistakes?
    I’m sure they’ll try anyway, “Check this out! I found out I can do a neat trick with my car the other day. Hold on!” :dead:

  21. Abbi

    car going cheap … £6.00 if you can get it off the fence

  22. StevieC

    Okay, I admit it, that’s my car hanging from the railing. I’m 😳 to admit it, but it happened like this:

    Astryd and I were on a road trip and were reminiscing about the mind-blowing time we had at Beaver Lick. She was so excited about heading down to Bald Knob that she was practically drooling. The next thing that I know is that we were just about to approach Climax and :wang: bam!, we’re hanging from a fence.

    I guess that’s what we get for trying to make it to all eight Climaxes in one night on our way to Tingle.

  23. harry

    [Comment ID #174205 will be quoted here]

    Yeah, in China ‘wokking the dog’ means another thing entirely…

  24. [Comment ID #174230 will be quoted here]

    OMG! (true reaction in the office!) Ear to ear chesire grin, I’m blushing uncontrollably with my hand over my mouth in shock…

    True. It was fun and had our adrenaline pumping as well as other things but next I suggest we join the mile high club…Whaddya say?

  25. StevieC

    [Comment ID #174239 will be quoted here]

    .[Comment ID #174200 will be quoted here]

    She had me at #54

  26. Drusky

    Scientists in Montana announced the semi successful combination of sheep and V.W. Rabbit D.N.A. One scientist was quoted saying “It sure is a fast little sucker but it can’t jump a fence worth a damn! Besides, do you know how many times we’d have to shave those wool seatcovers to make a sweater?”

  27. Mikeme

    The new Lexus— It parks itself! 😛

  28. [Comment ID #174240 will be quoted here]



  29. Boscos Queen

    More specifically, gleaking is streaming saliva from the glands underneath the tongue. Gir’s got serious talent.

  30. StevieC

    [Comment ID #174248 will be quoted here]

    I’ll see your #49 and raise you 10.

  31. [Comment ID #174272 will be quoted here]


  32. Driver

    Honey the bad news is I had an accident, the good news is I did’nt put the car in the ditch. But we will need more than an ordinary tow truck to recover the car.

    Reason #61 is my favorite because it proves she’s not snooty. This list makes her the perfect mate. Now here’s my problem…nobodys PERFECT so she’s gotta be lieing about something.

  33. Steve, Meagan & Driver-All good points but the one that hooked me, 70 and of course you can’t ignore 99!

  34. Driver

    #99 though very important is probobly one she’s lieing about :dead: but only if the guy does’nt meet the terms listed at the bottom and contacts her anyway.

  35. ducatisti

    [Comment ID #174204 will be quoted here]

    Vaaaary funny stuff!

  36. [Wow. That sure looks like my home north of Goodyear, AZ, just west of Phoenix. The hills look like the White Tank Mountains, and the irrigation ditch and welded pipe fences. I might even recognize the house. Please tell me that isn’t at 7720 N. 181st Street West, 85355.]

    John walked out of the house that morning, with the world bright and shiny after the rains. A bit muddy, and last night had been ‘irrigation night’, including a two hour ‘stomp in the gopher holes through the field berms’ shuffle. Simple, but tedious after the first 10 minutes, feeling for ‘soft’ mud under the irrigation water. Looking out over the newly irrigated front yard, it looked good. Just enough water to wash to the front berm without breaking through of running over — the homeowners association frowned on that, and billed for any damages from runoff water. Checking the pasture, John noted the strange sillouette on the back fence. ‘Oh, crap,’ John stated. The neighbor behind John’s pasture has two kids, 12 and 14, and the 12 year old (did a year in state detention) was apparently teaching his sister to drive again last night. In the mud. If that little pipsqueak doesn’t get the part about ‘donuts’ being about a center, and not a contest to see how far to skid the car, John figured he might have to show the girl the right way. That made 4 irrigation nights in a row that those kids planted that blamed junker on his pasture fence.

    On the other hand, John grinned and headed to the shop. He guessed he could cut the fence to drop the car flat, and tow it home again. At $350 each time, John figured it would likely be another couple of weeks before those two got the car fixed and gassed up again.

  37. Driver

    cool avatar I love classic LOONY TOONS and Marvin Martian makes me very angry. 😆

  38. Lake Effect


    64 89 59 [she can’t be real…]

  39. Scrawny Cat

    that craigslist girl can’t be for real. just have to look at 96 and 113 to know that.

  40. Picklemon

    [Comment ID #174289 will be quoted here]

    Angry? How can an insane megalomaniac who wants to destoy the Earth make you angry?
    😈 😆

  41. Driver

    did you find Marvin on the web and if so what’s the address?

  42. patrick

    FAMOUS LAST WORDS “Hey, hold my beer! I saw this on TV. I’m pretty sure I can do it”!

  43. Flash Gordon

    That craigslist girl had me at 21 and really sealed
    the deal at 54. :wang: :wang: :java:

  44. I think the one we’re overlooking on this list is number 2.

  45. Don’t mean to be a bummer, just seeking solace… ❓

  46. Picklemon

    [Comment ID #174359 will be quoted here]

    I found it on the web, but unfortunately it was before my hard drive crashed. I haven’t been able to find the website again. I can email you the file if you want.

  47. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #174280 will be quoted here]

    I think most of us gals do most of what’s on this list. Only thing is … I’d never put it in writing. lol

    Hey, what about you guys coming up with your own list? Do we have to do ALL the work around here? 😈

    BTW … anyone know where the heck Pablo has been? I’d like to see his list! I know JM, SC and Drusky could provide us ladies with some food for thought, not to mention sweet dreams.

    Meagan … Vavavoooom on your new pic!

  48. Why thank you! I took it just for you guys. :kiss: :boob: :boob:

  49. Wayne

    [Comment ID #174189 will be quoted here]

    it’s actually an uncontrolled spit/spray that shoots from your glands.

  50. Timm

    When my buddy “Henry” was 19 he got his moms station wagon stuck in a tree. Going too fast on a gravel road along the side of a hill, he slid off and landed in a tree down hill from the road. A cop looked up at the car in the tree and said, “I don’t know how they are going to get that out of the tree.” The tow truck driver came and said, “I don’t know how I am going to get that out of the tree.” They got it down O.K. and his mom drove the car for a few more years, even though it had dents all over it.

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