17 thoughts on “This is Idaho

  1. Why you shouldn’t mix drinking and atv-ing. Clem was having the ride of his life with Billy Bob at the wheel of Ma’s LTD before the low telephone wires… 😈

  2. They can’t be that stupid,they got it up there. I’d like to be there when they bring it down.

  3. I’d say the driver of the wagon pulled up about eight feet too late at that last stop light! The driver of the ATV is laying in the intersection even as we speak wondering WTF just happened!

  4. [Comment ID #395567 will appear here]

    These are actually the old icons (finally upgraded my WordPress and it reset the icons to the default ones). The Zilla-fied ones will be back soon. Actually thinking of drawing all new ones, based on suggestions I’ve gotten this year.

  5. WTF? What happened to the site?? Did I drop off into another universe?? What kind of an idiot puts an ATV on the roof of an anchient station wagon??

    I bet it’s stolen.

  6. Nicolette got more than our attention with: And where, for fucks sake, is the blog roll?? (cause you know us Zilla-girls will do anything for a fuck!)

    That’s what helps us ZillaBoys thru the day (and night! :wang: )

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