Um, really?

Um… really?


  1. Avalon

    First!In case of emergency break glass. Hey Dave, Where did you take this? I live close to the real Metropolis, Il Home of Superman

  2. that’s not the real superman. he wears his cape BEHIND his shoulders, so that his massive pecs show.

  3. OK, much to funny….what with Comic-Con just having passed and all!

  4. Ahhhhhhhh….. now I am logged in.
    Man, Dave…. warn somebody when you’re gonna f-around with things!

  5. Logged in, but no avatar. I look like I’m in the witless protection program. Would ask Superman for help but he can’t even find the door to the phone booth. Comic-con must have really messed his ass up but good.

  6. julesOdeNile

    “Er, i think I’ll just watch this one from a safe distance, I’m still smarting from the last time iI tried to explain to Louise,that the guy wasn’t calling her fat…”

  7. julesOdeNile

    ➡ for a fat fresh can of “whoop Ass” follow the sign:!:

    OK I saw this and couldn’t resist 😆

  8. It’s nice to know in this age of cel phones there is still one place to change your clothes.

    I mean honestly, when was the last time you saw an actual phone booth?

  9. Not sure what’s up with the avatars, but I will investigate. I know this new theme allows Gravatars, so if you have one, it will (should) show up here automatically.

  10. My gravatar is showing….. but I bet you guys would rather have my old Zilla-avatar to look at! 😉

  11. Link Of The Day….

    This guy needs to stop staying up, waiting for people to show up with money. If he’s going to be up anyway, he should really invest in a typing class or a spell checker, a pair of glasses or whatever it takes to make his b*tching make sense.


  12. Don

    Maybe link of the day guy should just take his crap to the dump, and then get some sleep. New layout is nice but size 4 font just don’t work for us older folks.

  13. junkman

    is superman really ken? his costume obfuscates his identity but i think i recognize the plastic hair. ❓

    p.s. hey stevie did you mean to say witless? har har.

  14. Bigwavdave

    😯 Breast implants, chin implant, fake hair, fake belt, wait a minute…Why so serious?

  15. busterumps

    Like the change Dave, checking out my new
    gravatar. You should put out an album of old Zilla-girl avatars.

  16. Come on out of the telephone booth, Superman. We know you’re gay. :gay:

    I’m gone for a day and everything changes around here. I want my “spank me” avatar back! 😥

  17. ooh fancy digs, dave!!! me likey. 😀

  18. Drusky

    Like the new layout, Dave. Logging into my account on the site will not let me pull up my avatar or change it. Will this new layout accept moving avatars? Does this mean the return of the Davezilla poll?

  19. janeeto

    OMG! The POLLS! One of my first paying jobs was working with the LA Times and their PRESTIGIOUS Times Poll!

  20. Polls will likely return (I miss them too) providing they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

    Avatars are now being handled externally at Gravatars. These ones are nicer because they will automatically show up in any blog that supports Gravatars (about a million blogs do).

  21. julesOdeNile

    the new life-size collectible doll? no large packaging cartons available? ❓ 😡

  22. Secret Agent Man

    Being a secret agent I already knew that the Man Of Steel was really polystyrene.

  23. cbark

    does that mean im gonna find the million dollar man wandering around the street too?

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