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  • Russ


  • J

    That’s hot

  • junkman

    thing #1 oh..geez..there is really something important i have to to tell you.

    you are so fucking gross i don’t want to be with you anymore.

    thing # 2 thank god you said that. i didn’t want to be with you anymore either.

    thing # 1 what are you by the way?

    thing # 2 i don’t know

    thing #1 i know you don’t know what you are but where is annie b?

    thing #2 ummmm…….i don’t know

    thing #1 then what good are you?

  • junkman

    perhaps experience lets people drop without comment to their passing. i am not experienced in this way and am hurting in the absence. gotta say. miss you. perhaps vacation? whatevvha.

  • Chris S.

    so the doctor says…. “Actually you have Mole-aria.” AHAHAHAHAHA!

  • StevieC

    I know! Let’s go to Davezilla and get molested!

  • ME

    Did you hear the one aboot The Rabi, the Priest and the the Marsupial??

    Ohh yeah that one was a doozy!

  • patrick

    Brief Jerky- seemingly, a rather disturbing counterpart to edible undies. But I’ve never met a woman who cared enough about jerky to chow down on a pair of briefs. For the gay guys, maybe?
    Best Finisher Ever- lame, and then some.

  • Meagan

    “Too fat… arms too short… can’t… hug you!” 😛

  • Memphisbandman

    A Moleman prayer group requires blind faith.

  • Drusky

    1 “I got a blister on my paw from digging, so I got some moleskin for it.”

    2 “Wow, how does that affect using your mole-ble phone?”

    1 “The numbers are mole-ded into the keys. You’d have to be blind to miss them.”

    2 “That must make it a T-Mole-ble phone.” 🙄

  • Mandy

    i dig this picture, dave. it’s really grounded. (sorry all the mole puns were used up)

    also, who knew moles could be so cute?

  • janeeto

    [Comment ID #395371 will appear here] You haven’t met me, Patrick. I enjoy putting a relatively hard piece of meat in my mouth, sucking the juices out of it for a few minutes…. Flavored ones work fine, too, but not the teriyaki. It’s just a differnt kind of sweetness….

  • janeeto

    Best Finisher Ever: I was waiting for the guy’s junk to land squarely over the prone guy’s mouth, and then finish…. Oh, it’s not a porno?

  • janeeto

    Dave: did you see the link on the Brief Jerky: about Playgirl Magazine’s decision to stop publishing? Check out the slideshow, and the various mag covers. Maybe the Zilla girls will find some of them exciting, but mostly, it’s such a sad walk through Memory Lane.

  • Betty W.

    ” Ok now,,,,open wide and say Ahhhhh ” !! :mrgreen:
    ” Yup, We’re gonna have to do a root canal on that
    one there ” !!

  • Drusky

    [Comment ID #395464 will appear here]

    Only until you see them trash a lawn… 👿
    [Comment ID #395475 will appear here]

    Shudder… Thank god for Zillagirls! :wang:

  • tinamarie

    Monday morning at the water cooler at Mole Industries.

  • Spud

    “so’s I wuz tellin ‘er wot ad happened, when boom! I falls over on me arse see, and then we just laughed and laughed and laughed”

  • Timm

    Mark and Mike Mole got real excited when the local game arcade got the game called “Whack-A-Person”

  • kkkkathryn

    That’s Moe and Lester Open-Hynder…

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