Caption time #10

Caption Time #10


  1. Im first Im first!! I have nothing to say as I cant see a pic posted yet?

  2. kermit

    “Mecca’s in this direction”
    “No, it’s this way!”
    “You’re both fools. It’s this way!”


    “If we all thrust our asses in the air, it’ll discourage the aliens from levitating us to their space ship. We might as well get the anal probing over with as quickly as possible.”

  3. moose

    “This year’s US Olympic Synchronized Sidewalk Swimming team is practicing day and night for their shot at the gold in Athens, despite reports that the sport will once again be denied recognition by the Olympic Committee.”

  4. “The Anual Superglued On Noses Peanut Pushing Olympics Gets Off To A Slow Start”


    “…and if you listen very carefully you can hear Bill Gates curse as he looses another IE user”

    or “forget coke! We’re on the hard stuff! Snort Tarmac!”

    … I’ll get my coat :-S

  5. Mumenschanz performs their famous “Frightened Ostriches” routine.

  6. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    IM BACK!

    Well first I’d like to say that I’m BACK and have successfully managed to overcome my bosses new security system using all my IT skills, daring and a pioneering technique in blame displacement.

    Well actually I just wait for the bloke behind me to go to lunch and use his terminal thus avoiding detection, whilst also finding out how long you can abuse the system without being sacked.


    So what do we have here? A dropped contact lens? A faction of tarmac junkies? Or people suffering from a disease that turns their legs into a school of jellyfish?

    Nope, all of the above are incorrect, but good guesses all the same!

    The people in today’s photo are ACTUALLY auditioning for Quentin Tarantino’s long awaited PULP FICTION 2!

    Remember guys you saw it on Davezilla first!


  7. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    P.S Bring out the GIMP!

    But the Gimp is at lunch and probably being sacked soon!



  8. Spud

    *tap tap tap*


    *tap tappity tap tap*


    *Tippity tap tap*

    Who is it?

  9. If you listen very carefully, you can hear stampeding wilderbeest… keep listening… no, thats not me stealing your wallet and running off into the distance… keep listening!

  10. Frisko

    I think they are listening for the bored children from another country whose Mothers told them to dig their way to somewhere else. On the other hand they could be listening for Nomes, or alligators in the sewer.

  11. Hobbit

    “Guys! I think there’s a fossil in this concrete!”

  12. Esther

    “Alright! Whose brilliant idea was this?”

  13. Cheap Date

    oops…….excue me!


  14. Cheap Date

    that should REALLY be excuSe me!

    ok, now it’s not even FUNNY!!


  15. a

    “Get ready… On the count of three… one… two…”

  16. simoon

    “KICK ME!!”

    I think that he with the highest arse wins….

  17. mikeB

    “We were trying to decide whether to do outdoor Pilates or breakdancing. Instead we’re just laying here like dead fish.”

  18. dead bastard

    Jimmy, Johnny, and Joey are listening to the latest in the Underground Music movement.

  19. TinaMarie

    The guy on the left (in the blue) seems to be taking the yoga “childs pose” just a little too seriously, unless Bikram yoga has added thumb sucking to their list of better-than-regular-yoga moves.

  20. Dave, you simply must find a way to enable voting on these. 23 is my fave . . .the undergound music! All good, though. Very good.

  21. mikeB

    On the count of three… F-A-R-T-!

  22. Anna

    There is this new agency that creates jobs for the unemployed. Here are three of them. They have been rented out as bicycle stands.
    (don’t know if that’s the correct word ‘bicycle stand’)

  23. Norf Sir Killa

    Which way to mecca

  24. DaveO

    Actually it’s the most magnetic point on the face of the earth. These three tourists, each with a metal plate in their heads, had to discover it the hard way. Other passing tourists think it’s an art piece and leave them undisturbed. As night falls on their third day they wonder if they will ever be free again.

  25. I so disappointed that in 30 posts, noone came up with “DON’T DO CRACK.”

  26. Mr P

    Suddenly, without warning, everybody found that their heads became magnetic to concrete…

  27. “Damnit! Someone needs to stop putting the glue next to the eardrops!”

  28. Barbapoppa

    Guy on right: 4 cyclists, one wearing green jacket, one with a discman, one with a pronounced overbite & the last has a shoelace untied.

    couple on left: You mean you can tell all that just by putting your ear to the ground?

    guy on right: NO! Those are the punks that just rode me down!!

  29. urchinator

    The new scratch-and-sniff “monuments of the forefathers” attraction was less popular than expected…

  30. verago

    They took a karate class…their sensei told them to listen to what is around them…
    Maybe they took it out of context…?

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