There was a spamming attack on this site from midnight through 1am. Apologies to all who were unable to get through.


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  • wantwit

    yeah, that’s right, dave. apologize. i had to cry myself to sleep last night. sheesh. heh.

  • Poofles

    kill the fuckers 😈

  • frisko

    Dare they!

  • Anna

    Captain Proton to the rescue!!!

  • Minnie

    Dave, I nominated you and Nikki in the Bloggies. 😀

  • Esther

    Dave, if you like, I can send my drooling horde of Mutant Ninja Hamsters(tm) their way. Just let me know, and I’ll give the signal.:evil:

  • Davezilla

    Send ’em, Esther. I had another attack this morning. 👿

  • Esther

    Oh, the carnage should be spectacular, and it shouldn’t be too difficult for the Hamsters to break into the basement window of these wankers.:twisted:

  • Mandy

    I don’t know what this means, but it sounds bad. Do they send email right to your website? :wtf:

  • Spud

    *Dispatches A.S.S.
    (anti spammer squad)

  • Davezilla

    Sorry, Rust. As funny as you thought that comment was, I don’t need Google caching it, so it’s gone. Don’t make me smack you. 😛

  • Spud

    heh! 😈

  • rust

    aw geez! that was some of my best stuff, too.:dead:

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