Celebrating 25 years of clean humor and filthy comments

Celebrating 25 years of clean humor and filthy comments.

And as a special tribute, I decided to ask ChatGPT how I am described. This was the response: Davezilla is a humorous blogger who is known for his witty and often sarcastic commentary on various topics. He has a unique writing style that blends humor, satire, and pop culture references, and his blog is widely regarded as entertaining and engaging. Davezilla's writing is often described as witty, incisive, and insightful, and his humor appeals to a wide range of readers, including those who enjoy political satire, pop culture commentary, and social critique. Overall, Davezilla is known for his ability to…

Shout out

I noticed today that in my Wordpress stats, it said I have some followers who have been there for six years. That's not accurate. I have some followers, like April, Minnie, Pablo, Lung, and Faith that have been following my site for over a decade, in some cases, over two. I want to thank you for staying with me. No, this is not a sign off, rather it is a recommitment to you. All of you. More posts, fewer memes. More Dave.

Now you can send me pictures!

I get a lot of email from you readers. A lot a lot. Most of it is really entertaining and I'd say 50% of it is too naughty for this site to publish. That said, many of you want to send me pictures and links, but don't have my email address, and to minimize spam, I don't publish it. I've made a new contact form that lets you add pictures and links, leave me messages and even tell me if you love or hate the site. Because I care. And 'cause I really like the weird things you all send…


Apologies for the down time yesterday. It wasn't the server. For some reason (that is still not resolved) the company that I purchased the domain Davezilla.com from assumed my ownership had expired, when in fact it expires next year in 2011.

Oops, the maid cleaned up

So things may not be in the same place you left them last night. But you know, things got a little crazy with you last night. We've never done it like that before. I hope you still respect me. By the way, you left your socks on my bed.


You may have noticed a lot of hiccups on the site lately. This is due to several things: Asshole spammers hitting the server at an unbelievable rate The Recent Comments feature is suddenly eating up server resources, meaning lots of you are getting 403 errors Extra long comments. Spammers leave lengthy comments and the spam-catching software looks for that. Some of you have been getting rather chatty, lately. Try breaking the comment up into a few comments, or email it to me directly and I can manually add it. viagra free viagra buy viagra online generic viagra how does viagra…


Apologies for not posting. You'll see why. It is so worth it. Back Friday night (I hope). Don't break anything while I'm gone. Mind Darla's whips.viagra free viagra buy viagra online generic viagra how does viagra work cheap viagra buy viagra buy viagra online inurl viagra 6 free samples viagra online viagra for women viagra side effects female viagra natural viagra online viagra cheapest viagra prices herbal viagra alternative to viagra buy generic viagra purchase viagra online free viagra without prescription viagra attorneys free viagra samples before buying buy generic viagra cheap viagra uk generic viagra online try viagra for…

OK, OK. You can upload pics of your butt.

I've received numerous comments and emails requesting the ability for you lovely readers to upload photos. That's coming, believe me. In the meantime, I started a fan page on Facebook for Fans of Davezilla, the Zilla Girls and Zilla Guys. Feel free to upload all manner of personal pics there until I get this site rehauled.