All right, who befoozled the Intraweb again?

Tech Support Person in Bangladesh: “Good evening and hello today. I am please to help you very much.”

Clueless computer user in Duluth: “It’s morning, sonny. Do you know stuff about computers and all cause I don’t know a thing.”

Tech Support: “Yes, sir. I am having the Microsoft Certification last year.”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “It’s ma’am, not sir. Microsoft huh? What if I have an Apple?”

Tech Support: “I am sorry sir, but this is a technical help phone is. We are having Microsoft problem helpings daily every day. We do not service the Apple computers is. I do know something about them. Are you on OS X?”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “Oh Ess Who? How th’ Hell should I know? I just bought the thing.”

Tech Support: “Did you pay more than one thousand dollars US for it?”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “Hell no! Got it on sale at the Costco for $400.”

Tech Support: “Then it is not an Apple! You are having the Windows are.”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “Oh. Yeah, that’s what I thought. But it don’t work.”

Tech Support: “Please to tell me what it is doing now.”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “What?”

Tech Support: “What is your computer doing is.”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “It is doing nothing but laying there. Is.”

Tech Support: “There is power in the home?”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “Of course! Got the A/C set on Yukon.”

Tech Support: “And the computer is receiving the power is?”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “Look, no speakee Chinesee. What’s wrong with th’ damn thing?”

Tech Support: “What is the monitor is doing?”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “The Cha-Cha for all I care. It’s all dark and useless. Like you.”

Tech Support: “Ahem. I am thinking you are not recalling to plug in the hard drive. Yes?”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “No. I am not forgetting. No one told me to. Seems to be working now. You must have fixed the Intraweb from befoozling again.”

Tech Support: “I would like very much to kick you.”

Clueless in Duluth: ] “Is.”


  1. Anna

    Yeeeeeeeah. I’m one of the lucky 7 readers.
    I really missed you his morning, Dave. Usually I get to my place of employment (can’t call it WORKplace since I’m a cicil servant) and start with a can of coke and Davezilla. My whole schedule was OFF … thank you very much.

  2. Anna

    Ofcourse I’m not a cicil servant!! I’m VERY civil!!

  3. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Hooray for Dave and his posts!

    Didn’t realise how much I miss a new chance to comment in the morning.

    If I lick Anna. Can I have a prize?

    Im sure im one of the first 7!


  4. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Sorry Dave, your right (as always!)

    It just came out….it was on the tip of my tongue so to speak.

    Sorry Anna I am bad. I just wanted a prize thats all.


  5. Anna

    @ Rev: So you’d only lick me for a prize?
    My feelings are hurt!!

  6. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    I would lick you all over prize or not.

    P.S Is that a date then?

  7. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Ask Natalie Moxie!


  8. Esther

    Ok, I licked. What’s my prize?

  9. Moxie

    Whats with the frown face REV? Defensive much?

  10. Spud

    I really don’t want to draw this picture, however if I must I must.

    We have gone this week from asses to licking.

    The correlation would be?

  11. Spud

    I suppose we should add the lighter trick thing to the above as well.

    Lighters and asses go together…

  12. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Lighters and farts.

    Midnight Pyrotechnics!

    Sorry Moxie but my smiley face doesn’t work properly. No offence intended.


  13. I’m getting sick and tired of winning and never gettin’ any stuff.

    WHERE’S MY STUFF? I’m still waiting for my prize for guessing Al Capone was in your fridge.

  14. Esther

    I think your year’s supply of Rice-a-roni is in the mail, Ice Queen. 🙂

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