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  1. First Post! Maybe I’ll post again once I’ve thought of something meaningful to say… not that there’s much to be said about that. I can’t wait to see how jellybaby handles this one.


  2. For all us grrls!!!
    There’s only one word wrong here, and that word is ‘husband’. It should ofcourse be ‘wife’.

  3. I thought it strikes the right chord :mrgreen:

    On the matter of the chain mail thingomabob, um um ummm

  4. Ahoy, There Shipmates!

    Well after reading this fabulous cartoon supplied by the main man Dave. I have decided that I am too lethargic to be apathetic, but then again its Friday so what the heck.

    It is often said that we live in a permissive society, but that’s partially untrue, especially for you guys under the Bush-Cheney administration, but we still get a lot of freedom (more than Saddam at the moment anyway) and that’s why its up to us to make wise and moral choices with regards to our everyday lives.

    This is also the reason that GOD (probably) invented guilt!

    From the moral to the immoral we all feel guilt at various times in our lives, but what level of guilt, is really up to you.

    You see I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever with regards to my ex, as we both agreed that we would allow each other to be unfaithful in our relationship with only one pre-nominated person.

    She chose George Clooney.

    I chose the babysitter.

    I won.

    My best friend is a Catholic and his life is basically run by guilt. One minute they tell him that he must not “spill his seed on the ground” and when he obeys this by sleeping with the local trollops they moan about that as well!

    So does his wife.

    Bloody cheek if you ask me.

    My advice is never feel guilty and always lie.

    Just like God intended us to.


  5. P.S On the strength of my previous post, Mr Bush has asked me to run his election campaign.

    Something about “Having the right qualities for the job.”

    See you all on Monday, play safe and have fun.

  6. Sorry Parl,

    But I think Dave isn’t quite at the “WILL WORK FOR FOOD” stage yet.


  7. The cartoon creeps me out, but not as much as the guy in chainmail…hot fun in the summertime not to mention, the potential rash.

    Happy Friday!


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