A roof made of rubber babies

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  1. Bigwavdave

    I dunno – looks like a huge load is ready let fly. :puke:

  2. Cobe

    Ready for the shit storm.

  3. This guy could make a $hitload of dough down here in Chile. All kinds of dwellings need just that kind of roof. I’m wondering if they make ’em out of RECYCLED ones…

  4. DaPopster

    What a shitty ad.

  5. fruf

    Rubber baby buggy bumpers? Where do you get rubber babies ?
    It says “look ma no leaks” ….only if they’re rubber
    For a rubber baby,it looks like it’s concentrating on blowing a hole in the diaper

  6. Sexy Jamie

    Why does the baby have feet for hands, and what kind of mother puts a tupee on a baby? CREEPY

  7. Prrick

    No Leaky? That’s freaky!

  8. Check the mirror – this guy really has things backed up.

  9. A roof made of rubber babies…is leakproof till the velcro rips 😮

  10. paulo1

    And is the driver holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ?

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