Scream until Daddy stops


  1. Nickers

    Truth in advertising? 🙄

  2. DaPopster

    You scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream …… is this where it comes from ?

  3. Chris

    Why stop when you can speed up and push them out.

  4. gemgrrl

    Really, REALLY disturbing.

  5. Patrick

    This is so wrong. However, in a twisted way appropriate on so many other levels! 😈

  6. Cobe

    WHO’s your daddy.

  7. fruf

    show me a gay bull and I will show you a Dairy Queen
    That way he’ll know you’re alive
    daddy, the gay bull and his intrepid daughter dilly Q……….

  8. Marcus

    Stops molesting you, or farting in the car

  9. DaPopster

    Thought a gay milkman was a Dairy Queen ………

  10. Well look who just won the Homeland Security contract for the new black site franchise?
    Ever been waterboarded with a Blizzard Treat?

  11. junkman

    why for does sideways capitol g be on where is sposed to be my little monkey face with glasses?

    p.s. i can stop haz butt buddy bar dad?

  12. AlexBallew

    Keep screaming kids–I need more ice cream so I can fart more.

  13. Sithspawn

    And IF I had kids and this billboard started them screaming, I’d go right in to see the manager and beat the crap out of him, until HIS kids started screaming.

    THEN … I’d stop.

    Dumb sons-of-bitches!

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