Reason No. 47 for staying in on St. Patricks’ Day


  1. Patrick

    Which is the same reason even alcoholics stay in on New Year’s Eve- fuckin’ amateurs!
    Violating Number One Rule- No cameras, no recorders; deny, deny deny!

  2. fruf

    now that I have brought up breakfast; the goth bimbo with the holy panty hose looks like she is crushing her partner

  3. Don

    Dave finely found a picture of his long lost older sister. And now knows why he lost her.

  4. DaPopster

    ….. and this is a reason for staying IN on St Paddy’s Day ? What are you a friggin’ monk or something ? If you’re a 40 year old virgin, we know why ……… :wtf:

  5. jdn

    that guy is gonna feel it in the morning

  6. junkman

    wait….i recognise those orange pants and glasses….it’s that drunken pervert dalai lama whooping it up again with his favourite lap dancer “philthy mcnasty the big booted crotch kraken”.

  7. Everyone seems to be sure that it’s a female. I dunno. Sure looks like an adam’s apple. 😈

  8. Okay, she wins. I’m definitely turning green.

  9. Tony

    Erin Go Bragh-less

  10. And then the genie asked the geek, ‘What is it you wish for’?
    And the geek drunkenly replied ‘I’d like a big-ass version of the role-player Gothic to be downloaded onto my laptop’!
    And the genie, who knew nothing of these things, said. ‘Uuh,,OK. Granted!’

  11. Patrick

    Dude said, “I like my monkey funky, drunky and chunky!”

  12. chainstay

    AW mom! why do you keep showing up on the net? You’re off the meds again aren’t you!

  13. junkman

    dammit i thought i had it with Krotch Kraken.

    p.s. how i can haz monkey face back?

  14. In her desperation to appear on ANY reality show, Bristol Palin promised the producers that she could eat the Dali Lama whole and then shit him out on screen.

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