A favor

I have a confession.

I’ve not been very pleased with this site over the past year. No, I am not going to give up posting. I just want to improve the content. I reread some of my older entries and in 2001-2003 I wrote some great entries. Last year, I could count on one hand the number of posts I wrote (not counting pictures) that made me laugh.

The pictures are another issue. I have been posting an awful lot of reader-submitted photos and fewer of my own. Why? Work is interfering. I love my new job at Campbell-Ewald, but the hours are pretty intense, leaving me with less time to write. As this site is coming up on its tenth year, I feel I need to assess it and make some major changes.

That leads me to a question.

Would you prefer to see fewer posts (like 2-3 per week), giving me more time to write something original, or continue as is posting daily, but with less original content? Please comment and feel free to be open about what you like and dislike.

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  1. Fewer posts could help, but what actually what I was thinking is the layout isn’t too great. I liked the way it was last year.

    Now, here are boobs: :boobs::boobs:

  2. You should focus on quality rather than quantity.

  3. personally, I think you should do what ever make you feel the most comfortable.

  4. I’m with Ospy. Fuck us. This is your site for you. Don’t make this about us. Because if you entertain yourself you’ll entertain us. we’re idiots like that.

  5. Esther

    2-3 posts a week is just fine, especially if it would give you less stress. Also, less photos of strange, nekkid women dancing would be just nifty keen w/me, as well. :kiss:

  6. Andrew

    Yea, sqrew us users. this site is personal, and in that respect, u make the choice to change it or not. and if u insist on making it our choice then i choose to have longer funnyer less-frequent posts.

    BOOBIES :boobs::boobs:

  7. I think I’d be down with fewer, longer, more original posts. That’d be cool.


  8. a

    Hey Dave,

    Is this the post you really want to make while voting is going on for the 2005 Bloggies?
    Didn’t our noble leader teach you that hubris and bravado is what this country wants.
    Start claiming you have a mandate from the people! But be careful how you type “mandate”. The typo on that one might be embarassing.

    Vote Dave!


  9. everybody. as a joke, write ME IN FOR THE BLOGGIES! that would be a hoot.

  10. Spud

    You want more time?
    Less stress?
    More of life’s good things?

    Which planet is that again?

    *sets up chant
    Hell no we won’t go
    Hell no we won’t go
    Hell no we won’t go
    Hell no we won’t go


  11. Spud

    Fair dinkum?

    whatever you want to do

    I don’t know where you live…


  12. To be truthfully honest, the content hasn’t been as funny or entertaining as it was when I first started coming here.

    I agree with Tian, go for quality, not quantity.

    But then again, it is your site, it really is up to you. But thanks for involving us with your decision. It really shows that you care about your readers. πŸ˜€

  13. Anna

    Not to be left out:
    you do what makes you happy … a happy Dave makes us happy readers.
    I prefer quality over quantity though.
    BUT, it’s always so nice to read what everybody writes … do that every morning … that a little chatroom type space would be nice so when you don’t have anything to say, we at least can complain about it together (on your site) πŸ™‚

  14. Mandy

    Do what makes you happy. Sounds like you work too much.

    But some naked boy pics would be nice. πŸ˜€

  15. julie

    Better posts and fewer scary photos. My monitor can’t take much more. More Jakob! :kiss:

  16. You mean to say that OTHER people read this crap? Christ! I thought it was just another one of those anonymous leave-a-comment I’m-an-A-O-Alien kewl-dude-with-a-web-page.
    I want to see some hard numbers. I wanna see how many visits per day, broken down by demographic, how many young-males of spontaneous-erection age are out there getting their vicarious jollies while typing one-handed!

    You say that people actually read this?

  17. This is how it always goes. Joe Schmoe struggles to handle his own success. Sells out after being man-handled by publisher to put out a page-a-day calender. Then in a last chance cry for help, he surrenders his life to the will of the people. I say you should take an extended a sabbatical and go live in a hippie commune. Clear your mind, Dave. Clear your mind.
    Great Job. Engaged. Daily Tomfoolery and Monkeyshines. Where do your priorities lie, Mr. Zilla. Take my advice, don’t let the lure of earthly pleasures, such as a satifying job and even more satifying soul mate, distract you from your purpose in life. Amusing me. Now dance, monkey. Dance!
    Higher quality posts are obviously a plus. My only serious suggestion is that you commit to a certain number a week (say 1 on Sunday night, one on Thursday night) anything less extra being a plus. That way you are held accountable to yourself by yourself. Far too many writers, myself included, find themselves in the same jam as you. Steadily the the post counts decrease as days between posts become weeks.
    We are addicted, Dave. Please don’t leave us without at least a weekly fix. My only reason for coming into the office on Mondays is to read your posts from the weekend.

  18. I want HOURLY updates! I wanna know when you have lunch, what kind of cheese sandwich it was, who you were with, what was said to whom and when! I want facts and figures! I wanna see pictures! I want answers, mister!

    Are you sure you have time for this?

  19. jayne

    Definitely fewer, more original posts. Seriously.

  20. Fewer but funnier would be be cool. :java:

  21. I vote for the originality. especially since I’m a lazy bastard and only come here every few days anyway.

  22. Another vote for quality over quantity.
    I’ve found myself seeking satisfaction elsewhere. :wang:

  23. More parodies, and RO Freak additions when it warms up a bit.
    My god, Dave, when was the last time you made fun of Jacob Nielsen!? πŸ˜›

  24. Your Mother

    You asked for our opinion. I would personally like one everyday. I just enjoy taking a break at lunch .

  25. R

    On days when you don’t have anything original. Just put up a picture of Nikki

  26. Just put up a picture of Nikki
    Now that’s a great idea. 😈

  27. mikeB

    Dude, don’t stress over a blog. I mean, we all love your stuff, but really, it’s not like anyone is losing a job over this and it is YOUR site last time I checked.

    But seriously check into naked pics of Nikki. 😈

  28. True Freak

    I would suggest that you do a combination of things…cut down on your self generated content so we get the mega funny a couple times a week. The rest of the time you should set up some automated posting system to fill in the blank days with various user submitted content. You should also set a different style for your stuff vs user stuff.

  29. Poofles

    More pictures of naked midget sex! :wang:

    Or any.:limp:

  30. Spud

    More naked pics of Esther, Mandy & Nikki!

    yeah baby!


  31. malcolm

    less quality posts more often.

    it’s your site dave, do what ever causes ou the least stress.


  32. Bobby Peru

    There were naked pictures of Esther, Mandy and Nikki? Where the fuck was I? :wtf:

  33. Less posts, better content. And I wouldnt mention your work name…Ive read many a bloggers fired for talking about work…

  34. Esther

    Yeah, that was definitely a dream. πŸ˜›

  35. Spud

    Ahhh, but what a dream! πŸ˜€

  36. As already stated several times, I prefer more original content to daily links just for the hell of it.

  37. AHEM. nobody wrote me in for the bloggies. I totally deserve this.

  38. ariel

    quality. . .definitely
    plus, i could do with some naked man pics . ..
    boobs bore me

  39. julie

    Ive read many a bloggers fired for talking about workÒ€¦ Isn’t that only people who bitch about work? There’s nothing wrong with saying where you work unless it’s the CIA πŸ˜›

  40. Pick whichever makes you happy, Dave. As has been already said, a happy Dave makes a happy reader. Personally, I’d go for quality, not quantity, but it’s your decision πŸ˜†

  41. julie

    What about a quantity of Daves? If you clones yourself, each of you can write one post a week! :kiss:

  42. bitch

    more icons :mrgreen::neutral::twisted::boobs::smile::cool::dead::evil::geek::grin::idea::java::kiss::limp::oops::razz::roll::wang::???::eek::lol::mad::sad::wtf::-(:-?:!:

  43. I agree with your mother, but I’m new in these parts and wasn’t here way back then to read your good stuff – sounds like a lot of folks are voting for quality over quantity. I check in daily and get a kick out of the pictures and, mostly, the comments. If I have to cut back to a twice-a-week ‘zilla fix, I’ll manage, but I wish there was a ‘zilla patch to get me through the off days.

  44. Veronica Cole

    I love your site no matter what. You’re funny as Hell! :kiss:

  45. frisko

    Be happy, and de-stressed. I’ll still love you regardless of what you decide.

  46. jen

    Less quality, more often and some pee-pees please.

  47. Mimi

    I for one, think there should be some Natalie pictures.

    And yes, plenty of :wang:

  48. Lurker nº 4

    As one of the many lurkers, and I’ve been lurking from time to time for the last couple of years now, I do miss your old posts. I think too many pictures and captions have taken over the site. You are by far one of the most creative and fun writers I’ve found online, and I’d be glad to see the site a bit more as it was before, even if that means not seeing posts that often (although I always like knowing that each day I’ll find something new here).

  49. anon

    Davezilla’s :wang:

  50. 6:15 am: got up. scratched butt.
    6:17 am: unwrapped new bar of soap. got in shower. dropped soap. discovered why they put that third knob in showers.
    6:25 am: got out of shower. combed over what is left of my bald spot. dried off self.
    6:31 am: chose a green tie today. feeling of foreboding when I notice the stain. opt for the stainless tie.
    6:35 am: while eating my Honey Nut Cheerios, I splash milk on my stainless tie. wipe it off on shirt.
    6:37 am: drink last dregs of coffee. choke on grounds.
    7:00 am: break key in lock of Hummer. Have to drive the PT cruiser. Hope no-one sees me.
    7:02 am: stuck in traffic.
    7:45 am: have crawled mile and a half.
    8:15 am: finally make the last quarter-mile to work. guard is snotty today.
    8:16 am: realize that I forgot to pick up coffee, go back to Cruiser.
    9:05 am: arrive Starbucks around the next block.
    9:35 am: exit Starbucks, back in Cruiser.
    9:55 am: arrive back to work, guard makes snide remark.
    10:01 am: check Davezilla.com
    10:05 am: check gmail account
    10:30 am: check internal mail, see urgent request for 9:00 am this morning. write back to requester that his lame idea won’t work so I don’t have to do it.
    11:14 am: check davezilla.com
    11:15 am: move cubical divider so that it blocks outsiders from seeing me sleeping.
    11:16 am: dreamland.
    1:30 pm: wake up for lunch. I eat a cheese sandwich. it tasted good. I have a Hostess HoHo for dessert. smear chocolate on tie.
    2:30 pm: make important calls to Toronto on company phoneline. Set up weekend of wild yak sex with Natalie.
    3:45 pm: get off phonesex with Natalie. check davezilla.com
    3:50 pm: check BankofAmerica website for balance.
    3:51 pm: check internal mail, see urgent request from dweeb. Blow him off with some double-talk.
    3:59 pm: check into boss’s office. not there, so leave a nice note about the requirement for flex hours. borrow his Jennifer Welles pr0n collection on DVD.
    3:59 pm: call folks in Indiana on company phoneline to ask for a couple hundred. Mom wants to talk. Call myself from my cellphone so that my callwaiting beeps.
    4:00 pm: my work is done! head for the can.
    4:15 pm: on the road again. listening to Willy Nelson. that man can sing!
    6:38 pm: finally make it the two miles back to my apartment. exhausted. order a pizza with extra anchovies.
    7:00 pm: watch “ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT” — good story about some new movie.
    7:30 pm: time for Alex Trebek.
    7:55 pm: screw up Double Jeopardy. What is USEABILITY?
    8:01 pm: slip the boss’s DVD in. Vintage 80’s pr0n, my favourite.
    8:12 pm: fall asleep on couch.
    1:46 am: wake up on couch. scratch nuts. go to bed.

  51. Spud

    ..another day in the life of rust ends…

  52. Anna

    The only disturbing thing about Rust’s day is that he has/drives a hummer

  53. The only disturbing thing about RustÒ€ℒs day
    That, and believing he has phone sex with Natalie while not dreaming, Anna.

  54. Or is there something you’re all not telling me? Her cellphone does ring a lot.

  55. Anna

    I thought the phonesex was kinda “cute” …. let the man have his dreams :wang:

  56. Jes’ to put the record straight, I was writing in my “DAVEZILLA” persona… that is, how I would see a typical Linabury Day.

  57. simoon


    I enjoy venturing to your site and reading when I have time. But, honestly, the content isn’t always amusing enough to keep me coming back daily. I’d rather more quality than quantity… but, if possible, giving the users an outlet to post their thoughts/comments on your off days would be good, too. Your readers are funny folks, too… but that doesn’t mean that we should take over your site… or that we should be the reason that people keep coming back.

    I liked Pickles’ idea of holding yourself accountable to a schedule of writing (maybe twice per week, maybe more), and then if you post above and beyond that amount, then we’re all the more lucky.

    I’m really glad I found this site, and I’m glad your striving to make it better.


  58. the content isnÒ€ℒt always amusing enough to keep me coming back daily
    That’s what’s bothering me. It used to be. I used to get daily emails from readers saying they couldn’t start the day without a laugh from my site. It pressured me into churning out the posts. Things will improve. 😈

  59. Cheap Date

    Rust, you know, they have a cream for your nuts and butt so you can QUIT SCRATCHING!!! OR, you could just WASH better πŸ˜›

  60. Mandy

    LOL @ Cheap Date. [crosses rust off list of datable men]

  61. The problem is that I bought some of that FETO SOAP and I’m afraid to use it!

  62. Poofles

    Fewer logs, no Bush, more shrubbery. :dead:

  63. Spud

    Knight of Ni: We shall say “Ni” to you… if you do not appease us.
    Arthur: Well what is it you want?
    Knight of Ni: We want…..

    (pregnant pause)


    (dramatic minor chord)

    Arthur: A *WHAT*?
    Knights of Ni: Ni! Ni!! Ni! Ni!
    Arthur; No! No! Please, please, no more! We will find you a shrubbery.
    Knight of Ni: You must return here with a shrubbery… or else you will never
    pass through this wood… alive.
    Arthur: O Knights of Ni, you are just and fair, and we will return with a
    Knight of Ni: One that looks nice.
    Arthur: Of course!
    Knight of Ni: And not *too* expensive.
    Arthur; Yes!
    Knight of Ni: Noowwwww…. GO!


  64. boobiemister


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