You find the strangest things on Google

Man dressed as an aerosol spray can


  1. Note to self: do NOT read Davezilla right before going to bed.

    Can’t sleep, spraycan will eat me. Can’t sleep, spraycan will eat me. Can’t sleep, spraycan will eat me.

  2. Spud I was saying to Dave here one day, hey I have a plan to market the new air freshener, you know, he kinda looked at me funny, but I say hey! look at the results!


  3. Ms. Z

    Kind of looks like a walking :wang: with teeth.

  4. Nina

    :wtf: There are just so many things wrong with this picture!!! I don’t know where to start!!!:wtf:

  5. Nina

    😆 My 5 year old just saw this picture and says “Mom…What the heck is that…It looks like a thing the fireman get water out of (fire hydrant)…Why is it so scary looking?”:lol:

  6. He’s horrified of the damage he’s causing by not being a spray pump instead.

  7. Y’all weren’t supposed to find out about that!:wtf:

  8. GrumpySimon

    …see these trees, Spraycan guy? Even you and your ozone-hole causing CFCs couldn’t kill them. Prepare to die.

  9. beemin

    and this,kids,is why you shouldn’t do drugs!:lol:

  10. tinamarie

    That look on Mr. Spraycan’s face says that he is either very afraid of the camera man, or that the fellow next to him has very cold hands, if you know what I mean!

  11. Nina

    😆 beemin I knew there was something educational I could have gotten out of this to tell my son!!!

  12. jess

    this is what we call “unintentional porn”

  13. Kermit

    Hey Mom, can we keep him!?

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