I was reading in the news that Britney Spears finally pushed out a puppy. Preston Michael Spears. I fear for this child having the initials “PMS”, while his mother’s are “BS”.

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  1. I’m sorry, but that is THE gayest name. I see she’s as good at picking baby names as she is at singing…i.e.not very

  2. As trashy as BS has become she most likely planned his initials to be PMS!

    Didn’t her hubby claim he thinks it’s funny everyone thinks they’re white trash!

    What better way to prove it then by giving your son initials like that!

  3. Okay first of all the baby’s name is Sean Preaston Federline, Her boobs are real so yes she can Breast feed an she is not a slut hello she married the guy she’s having a baby with unlike half the people in this country who need to actually get their shit checked because they are prob carrying somthin… So Britney will be a great mother an she has the money to be a great mother an provide whatever her Son will need…..

  4. Yes, sorry Ian, Ms. Spears is a musical genius who is at the forefront of modern pop music. In twenty years time, she’ll be remembered as a worthy successor to such luminaries as The Beatles, The Monkees, Bachmann Turner Overdrive, and Milli Vanilli…


  5. Ian, you are saying that the woman who had the song “Hit Me Baby One More Time” is not a slut? I mean for heaven’s sake’s, all anyone ever saw in any of her videos was :boobs::boobs:.

    Wow. You are either completely obsessed with her or just really dumb. :wtf:

  6. Ian, honey, listen: Perhaps you’re stuck a few years in the past. When BS started out, she was sweet, a good singer, had a nice, athletic build, and, hey, she was pretty hot, even I can admit that. But after some time she fell away from her roots, and started doing what every other pop star did just to keep her name big. As far as her boobs go, if you look closely (which I’m sure you have) you’ll notice that even without wearing strapped bras (which are the only ones that provide any kind of support, take it from a woman) she still has that pushed-up “cleavatious” look. One of many tell-tale signs of silicone implants. However, wheather she has implants or not, she can still breastfeed; they don’t actually REMOVE the mammary glands. I wouldn’t though, for risk of it leaking and poisoning little Preston.

    Either way, I feel sorry for the little sucker. Sure, he’ll have all the money he’ll ever need/want, but if YOU could choose your parents, BS might not be my LAST choice, but…

  7. Well, at least he won’t be stuck with the initials forever. He could always drop the M, and when he gets his gay marriage, he can change his last name. So, there you go, some hope for littls PMS. And as for BS being a good mommy, the nanny service can work wonders:roll:

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