Many of you have emailed me asking what happened to the Freak Watchers site. Well, it is temporarily down.

The site was compromised some time this weekend by a rather unscrupulous hacker. Every time you went to the site, Career Builder came up within my domain. Career Builder! Ridiculous.

So… the site will remain offline until I can get a spare day to rebuild it in WordPress.

In other news, Sarah Palin is a complete attention whore and should immediately start partying with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

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16 thoughts on “Where’s the freaks?

  1. That guy needs a sign, “Not Safe For Human Observation”. What a pelt!
    Another victim of God’s most cruel trick on guys- take hair off the top of our heads and add it to our backs. Our shit be sliding south and that shit ain’t funny!
    I agree re: Sarah Palin. Someone needs to tell her that her fifteen minutes is up. And she’s not particularly intelligent either. The person that is next to the person who could put his finger on the button that blows up the whole world, I don’t want that person to be the kind of person who thinks, “Hey, pull my finger” is high comedy.

  2. I got more than an eye full of hairy, overweight men in bathing suits last week. :puke:

    I’m now on a permanent diet and have bought my own waxing machine. 😯

  3. Regarding the teenage name change: “There’s always one more idiot than you’ve counted on.” would have been a better choice. :wtf:

  4. If Palin is an attention hound, what does it make “Scooter” with that new name of his? :troll:

  5. Wouldn’t you think that he’d go to the doctor and have some of that fur coat of his transplanted to his head? Talk about someone in need of a drive-by Nairing… 😯

  6. OMG, is that Bigfoot? 😯

    As for the teenager who changed his name, I believe DC and Marvel would like to talk to him about copyright infringement. Cool name, though. 😎

  7. On the plus side, that guy would never need sun cream.

    On the negatory side – malting would be a problem.

    Chicks dig hairy guys…


  8. Dude, I totally know that guy in the photo! We went to college together. If my memory serves me, his name is ‘Doctor Fuzz Hairier Than Werewolf Yeti King Kong The Bee Gees and Sarah Silverman Combined.’

  9. It amazes me that somebody would actually wear a fur coat in this day and age. I hope PETA stages a protest of this guy, I mean talk about insensitive to the…huh, what? You’re saying that’s his back hair? Now that’s just fucking wrong. What we didn’t see a picture of was the guy behind him picking out lice as a snack to go along with his Milwaukee’s Best. :puke:

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