Annual Thanksgiving Day List

Longtime readers know that every year I write a list on Thanksgiving of what I am thankful for. This year is no exception. Please let everyone know what you are thankful for in the comments. I am thankful that… …Sarah Palin is back to being America's prettiest moose hunter. …cats cannot manipulate Plutonium. …unlike killer bees, poutine has not managed to cross the border into the US. …Uggs are not mandatory school uniform wear. Nor are Crocs. …Paris Hilton has disappeared from the media spotlight. …icebergs cannot fly. …mullets are popular again. Just for the comedic value I require. …people…

Where’s the freaks?

Many of you have emailed me asking what happened to the Freak Watchers site. Well, it is temporarily down. The site was compromised some time this weekend by a rather unscrupulous hacker. Every time you went to the site, Career Builder came up within my domain. Career Builder! Ridiculous. So… the site will remain offline until I can get a spare day to rebuild it in Wordpress. In other news, Sarah Palin is a complete attention whore and should immediately start partying with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.