Virgin Mary appears on turtle. Pope yawns.

Virgin Mary appears on turtle

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  1. Someday I’d like to see someone make headlines by claiming that the Virgin Mary appeared on their Virgin Mary statue. 😈

  2. Zinta

    Yeah the virgin marry on a belly of a turtle… and you should see the image of GW Bush in the bottom of my toilet. 👿

  3. Tina Marie

    Zinta! LOL 😀

  4. Spud

    All hail The Turtle

    we need a worship icon.


  5. Ace

    Holy-chested turtle Batman!
    Last night on TV I saw a lady get a tatoo of a grilled cheese sandwich on her breast because it had the image of the virgin mary on it. But that turtle sure is convincing!

  6. Quin

    Hmm… actually, that looks more like Purple Tentacle from the old game Maniac Mansion…

  7. bhamm

    I’m just reminded of the scene in Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ where Brian drops the gourd and everyone follows it and him around thinking he’s the messiah and the gourd is a divine instrument.
    So, we should all “Follow the TURTLE! Wherever it goes, it will lead us to the Promised Land!”

  8. Now I have to turn over my hamster and see what’s under there.

  9. Da Popster

    Zinta has it right, how come we con’t see more of that ? :wtf:

  10. I don’t see it. I guess I’m just not delusional enough.

    Cute little turtle, though.

  11. junkman

    if that’s the virgin mary then that big hand must be god’s. god’s hand therefore must smell like a turtle. there may be faulty logic in there somewhere but look what we’re dealing with here.

    R.I.P. Pumpy, R.I.P. Baby Fee, R.I.P. Crazy Lizzy :dead:

  12. Marcus

    When I first saw the picture I hadn’t read the title of the post yet, so I thought it was a condom (where’s my head). I then read the title and concluded that it was the Virgin Mary in a condom. Nough said.

    Zinta, I don’t see GB in my toilet.. I see the cast of Friends. I see GB in my vomit after a night of drinking. On my toilet paper I see the Pope. On my foot fungus I see Condi Rice Krispies (snap, crackle, pop)

    Love the tarot cards.

    Happy Dead Pet Day !!! :wtf:

  13. valley of the dolls…. i saw it for the first time when i was like, twelve or thirteen on VERY late night television. do you suppose roger ebert will pick up the tab for the meds i’ve been on since that night? holy geez.

  14. Nunu

    Actually, I think if you turn it on it’s side, it looks like a condom… But maybe that’s just me 😛

  15. mikeme

    My God!I It’s full of stars!

  16. dougieace

    i once knew a virgin named mary,and thats no virgin mary
    blessed be the cheesemakers

  17. If the Virgin Mary actually looked like the underside of a turtle, then yeah, I guess I see it.

    Rest in peace, Basha and Cinder.

  18. Spud

    Very funny mikeme.


  19. mikeme

    If you turn a condom on it’s side, it looks like the Goodyear blimp! ( at least on some people!) :wang: :wang: :wang:

  20. Irene

    Oh, the indignaty of it all! Poor turtle turned on it’s back for the sake of an image that may or may not be the virgen mary, depending on A) How delusional you are B) How much weed you smoked today C) How long you’ve been off your meds and D) Just how well you do on the Rorshach test! I say, leave the little guy in peace, as it is, HE needs the blessing more than WE do! lol

  21. Mandy

    It looks like a bay leaf swished into a tangerine. The legs? Those are the sweet gherkins.

  22. Jinx

    I think I have the image of Larry King in some gum on the bottom of my shoe.

    In Memorium to Ming-Roo, the Siamese cat. After 20 years on this earth his soul has winged its way to the land where kitties are eternally blessed. Rest in peace.

  23. Spud

    I can see it, but the one on the toast was better

  24. So, the Virbin Mary likes turtles. What good does that do for us?

  25. if i were to even HINT where i’ve found the virgin mary lately, it’d be excommunication and angry popes swinging incense burners at my head and all kind of seraphim dive-bombing me with flaming swords and stuff.

  26. cbatdux

    Fear the Turtle….

  27. erthane

    The Turtle Moves…..

    (Small Gods reference for you Terry Pratchett fans….:)

  28. Jilly

    To Cotton, Corky and Jake…See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge my furry little friends!

  29. mikeB

    Wasn’t God a big turtle in Steven King’s IT? :wtf:

  30. mesmereyes

    if you look at the ‘virgin mary’ image from bottom to top, there seems to be a white line closely resembling a missle. the two fin thingies at the bottom. I am i the only one who sees this?

  31. kenya

    i want what ever that person is using that must be some good suff 😳 :boob:

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