Caption Time #135

Caption Time #135

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  1. Spud

    Sign 50 yds back reads…

    Beware of Potholes


  2. Nunu

    Trust me! I do this all the time! 🙂

  3. bhamm

    – How to tell if the Hulk has been in your area.
    – “Well, you fail Driver’s Ed”
    – Old Woman shopping for new car: “Is there anything wrong with that one?”
    – “So THAT’S what the bottom of a car looks like…”

  4. Da Popster

    Oh please, NO bad jokes about women drivers ! ……… unless she was talking on a cell, doing her make up in the rear view and steering with her knees…… 🙂

  5. junkman

    is the guy in the white sucking out the remaining gas so it doesn’t blow?
    is that stitchy mcyarnpants mom in the yellow sweater?

  6. Harry sipped his cappuccino as he gazed at his neighbor’s car. Apparently the car pool would run a bit late this morning.

    Of course, Janice should have parked her car on the next row. Harry had mentioned just the week before about how the cracks in the lot were spreading, and that this row had seemed almost ‘springy’ and ‘soft’ when walking across it.

    Harry noticed the corrosion in the now-exposed storm sewer drain. It appeared that rats or squirrels had chewed their way through the fiberglass or plastic pipe wall in a couple of places, at least. What a savings over steel pipes this line was! Not only was the car pool going to be late, but the condo maintenance share would probably go up again.

    Janice’s suggestion to get her car pulled out, seal the hole, and make it a fountain or fish pond seemed a bit silly, but then Harry’s idea to make a grand hot tub was probably pretty fanciful, too. After all, the other retirement condo owners had voted down Harry’s petition to go clothing optional only last month.

    Yep. Car pool would run late today. Harry considered taking the bus, as he again visualized Janet and her sister nekkid in a hot tub. The cappuccino was good this morning, anyway.

  7. junkman

    harry inflates blow-up car to take janice/janet to nekkid bingo.

  8. Zinta

    A hole in ONE! YEAH BABY!

  9. abbi

    not that not quite how you park, admitedly the car will stay where it is … but we have handbrakes that can do that ….. im afraid youve failed your test

  10. Craig

    “you’re sure i’m ok to park here?”

  11. Mandy

    That’s gonna leave a mark! :wtf:

  12. I think Alice in Chains wrote a song about this guy.

  13. MAn pinching bridge of nose. “Dammitall, I knew i shoulda gone with geico.”

  14. Mitch

    For any Tiny Toons fans, Blue car go Down the Hoooooole.

  15. “White 1992 Honda Accord for sale. In relatively good shape, except for a few small scratches and some minor damage to the undercarriage, but really, it works great!”

  16. Spud

    Brad K. – what can one say, truly an episodic moment in the life of The Car Pool

    *** Bravisimo ***


  17. mikeme

    Oh look! Someone threw out a perfectly good car!

  18. runnineric

    Sudden earthquake, huh? :dead:

  19. wendyfb

    “Marge, I said RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!”

  20. “Maybe if you jump up and down on it, you’ll get it to fit the rest of the way.”

  21. Pappy

    Like my grandma used to say..

    “That’s an ‘Oh shit’ moment.” 😀

  22. Teri

    When the speedbumps didnt slow down the speeder’s,Edgar decided to go with the “hole” trappem’ idea. Seems to have worked.

  23. Drusky

    Just his luck, Godzilla had just stomped down the road minutes before he took it…
    Did you ever wonder what would happen if you left the man hole cover off?

  24. Coley

    Looks like an ad for Carfax… 😀

  25. Patrick

    Officer, I swear, right before the accident he said, “Hey, hold my beer! I saw this on TV”.

  26. C Bannan

    LOIS: George, quite sniveling! I swear you love that car more than me!

    GEORGE: But I just got it detailed! And besides… (in undertone) I DO!

  27. Irene

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of…..*Psst (priest to undertaker) “Don’t you think you made the grave a little SMALL?? “

  28. Kristen

    The guys at triple A will love this one…

  29. Schwag of Tulsa

    Stay The Course!

  30. Wayne

    This damn thing has 4-wheel drive though! ❗

  31. mikeB

    Ford unveils the “Tunnel Rat”, a surveillance sedan to be used in Iraq, featuring a plush leather interior, 6 speaker sound system, night vision and gets 6 MPG.

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