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  1. Chris S

    I always thought that was a dumb name for a product. Well, this and the “I can’t believe its not butter!”

    My computer isn’t butter either but that’s not too unbelievable. The day they make a computer out of butter will be awesome. Imagine using your hard drive to butter your toast… :wtf:

  2. Alternate translation:

    I can’t believe they think this crap is butter.

  3. crash

    If they don’t know what it is then i ‘m not going to try it …I know lets get mikie he’ll try it he likes anything! :wtf:

  4. John was the Walrus, not Paul. John was just saying that to be nice.

  5. I like how GodTube depicts the end of days here on earth. To quote Jesus: “Behold, for I am coming quickly.” Maybe he’s already here… in butter form. :wtf:

  6. sledge

    This is not butter it’s crap.Package looks like sardines

  7. Drusky

    From the makers of “I Can’t Fuckin Believe This Is Jelly!” 😈

  8. Junie

    When you open it a bunch of fake snakes jump out.

    The disclaimer on the lid keeps ’em from being sued in the event of a heart attack.

  9. Bjorn Freeh

    Apparently, what the Chinese deemed too dangerous to put in toothpaste, they packaged as spread. Fortunately, before anyone could actually eat any of the product, the entire shipment (480,000 packages) was bought up by the good folks of Cincinnati and used to construct Big Butter Jesus.

    Yes, Jesus saves…

  10. Nicole W.

    Reminds me of cheesefood. What the hell is that stuff and why don’t they have the truth in advertising like these people!! :wtf:

  11. Spud

    [Comment ID #193889 will be quoted here]Anybody notice how quickly this thread went down the toilet… anyone? … bueller?

    I would never have thought of butter in the same context as anal lube, not that I know anything about that sort of thing or anything…

    Anybody got a ladder…

  12. AnnieB

    … it s’not! :puke:

  13. Tater Salad

    That’s what she keeps telling me, at least its not cheese.

  14. Tater Salad

    That’s what she keeps telling me, at least its not cheese.

  15. Mikeme

    [Comment ID #193913 will be quoted here]

    A Bob & Tom fan?

  16. Flash Gordon

    I can’t believe the dearth of good translators. 😕 😕 :wtf: :kiss:

  17. Lake Effect

    Unbelievably, this ain’t a breadstick I’m slathering it on, either!

  18. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #193966 will be quoted here]

    Can’t say as I’ve heard of ’em. Heywood Banks, however, I’ve heard of…

  19. Maddog

    [Comment ID #193878 will be quoted here]

    I,m with you Bro, thing is may not want to know what it is! And that’s a scarey thought! Hey wait a minute, could it be a new type of C-4? That’s even a scarier thought!!!! :wtf:

  20. [Comment ID #193878 will be quoted here]

    It’s the lard sucked from bellies during liposuction.

  21. Sweet T

    [Comment ID #193878 will be quoted here]

    That is the first thing that came to my mind when read the labek myself. lol :wtf: 🙄 😆

  22. Sweet T

    [Comment ID #193878 will be quoted here]

    That is the first thing that came to my mind when read the label myself. lol :wtf: 🙄 😆

  23. pablo

    New from the folks that brought you “Unbelievable, this is not butter”

    You crazy bitch, it’s tampons

    It’s only a dollar, what did you expect?

  24. pablo

    [Comment ID #193889 will be quoted here]

    Brings new meaning to buttering ones muffins

  25. officeratt

    Better meaning…..buttering your :wang: eh Pablo 😛

  26. tinamarie


    This is not tasty.

  27. tinamarie


    This is not tasty.

  28. If they don’t know what the hell it is I am not going to eat it :puke:

  29. I wonder if Fabio does this commercial as well…..

    Spud, of course this stuff is anal lube, haven’t you ever heard the expression “buttering one’s corn”….. :limp:


  30. Drusky

    [Comment ID #194164 will be quoted here]
    Isn’t that what ‘non-stick’ spray’s for? 😈

  31. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #194099 will be quoted here]

    Hey Pablo … I think someone is in luv with you! You better not be two-timing me you bastard! :boob: :boob: :thong: 😛

  32. pablo

    [Comment ID #194099 will be quoted here]

    Quit hitting on me

  33. officeratt

    not hitting on you. please. wake up and spread your butter 👿

  34. Jay Laverdure

    Natalie: I don’t know you. And I am not “familiar”
    with the religious cult that you have exemplared.
    Would you tell me (PLEASE!) what the Hell you mean by this?!

  35. [Comment ID #194224 will be quoted here]

    Well, last time I checked, it did come in a spray too……….wait……I’m refering to Fabio’s product placement…not the…..”non-stick” spray you would be talking about……

    I personally prefer a more natural lube……. 😈

  36. [Comment ID #194807 will be quoted here]

    Water based in the clear bottle with lilac top… 😆

  37. [Comment ID #194820 will be quoted here]

    Nah, I was thinking more along the lines of my partner’s spit……. :wang: 😈

  38. Drusky

    [Comment ID #194906 will be quoted here]
    Wouldn’t that be an entirely different product?
    “Unbelieviable This Is Not Spit”… 😈

  39. Dehydrated Spit
    Directions: To activate ingredients drool over container until full to rim. ❓

    By the makers of Dehydrated Water 😀

  40. [Comment ID #194940 will be quoted here]

    Yes I think that would be…

    [Comment ID #194960 will be quoted here]

    To activate ingredients drool over container until full to rim……..almost exactly what I was talking about…… 😛 + :wang: = 💡


  41. James

    Years ago there was a comic showing a fly spreading something out of a little plastic tub onto what looked like toast.

    On the side of the tub it said “I can’t believe it’s not shit.”

  42. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #195051 will be quoted here]

    Almost? Exactly what DID you have in mind?

    You know I could really “warm” up to you if you’d change your fucking avatar.

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