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  1. crash

    mmmm. chocalate and bannana moon pies gets me :wang: just thikin about emmm

  2. Pictur reminz me o’ Bush, Gonzalz, Wolfowiz an’ Chayny, coz it showz thre litl’ dicks an’ a snaik.

  3. Tater Salad

    My dog’s bigger than your dog :wang:, My dog’s bigger than yours :wang:, My dog’s bigger cuz it’s just meatter :wang:, Mine is bigger than yours!!!! :wtf:

  4. Tater Salad

    moon pies and a coke, now your talk-n 😀 nothing’s better, well almost :wtf:

  5. Chris S

    Why does it always seem like Greeks were on ‘roids? :wtf:
    They always have the most muscular and athletic bodies but the :limp: of a newborn. Professional athletes should take notice.

  6. [Comment ID #194029 will be quoted here]

    I read that the Greeks and Romans considered a huge :wang: to be a sign of low intelligence and poor breeding. Tiny :limp: were considered “civilized” and a sign of education.

    Whatever. I guess I don’t mind being uncivilized. 😈

  7. Spud

    Caption – “Give it a tug…”

  8. sledge

    is that a snake the’re fighting or a big barbarian?

  9. beyonduplication

    [Comment ID #194037 will be quoted here]

    interesting how people still believe that, in terms of boob size

  10. beyonduplication

    after pondering this much too long, i have three things to say:

    1 – why are they naked, and with a snake? how do these things happen?
    2 – um, the guy on the right seems to be missing a hand…
    3 – i realized too late that i missed an opportunity in that last post to use the :boob: :boob:

  11. speedy

    Judging by size alone that looks like 2 naked boys with a naked man. What’s with that?

  12. Chris S

    [Comment ID #194037 will be quoted here]

    AH, so I guess my parents were right all those years about how uncivilized I was. 8)

    Apparently there is a correlation between brain size and :wang: or :boob: :boob: size. Someone should do a study on this. I got dibs on the :boob: :boob: study!

  13. Bjorn Freeh

    In the link of the day, how come the UPS guys isn’t wearing shorts? That’s just wrong.

  14. Guy on the right is looking in horror at the spot where his hand should have been.
    The guy on the left is screaming in agony for the serpent has taken his entire arm.
    This was a plan gone so wrong to get the snake to kill the Big Friendly Giant (BFG).
    BFG is so not impressed and now streatching from lack of stimulus after being rudely awakened with a snake in the ass!

  15. thewhiteknight

    [Comment ID #194055 will be quoted here]

    oh please…we all now you wish you were in his position…. waking up with the big slippery slimmy snake wrapping itself around your waist….

  16. [Comment ID #194048 will be quoted here]

    According to the “Collected Dialogues of Plato”, in “The Symposium” Socrates gets drunk and goes on and on about how love is the pure emotion a man has for a favored boy-toy, while the law requires each man to marry a woman to bear sons for the army. Sounds strange to me.

    The statue seems to give new meaning to “I would give my right arm for a snake big as three men’s!” Ah, so much for wishing for the moon.

  17. [Comment ID #194056 will be quoted here]

    If I ever woke up to a snake in my ass I’d have to cut off it’s head. 😈
    But waking up to a big slippery slimy snake pressed up against my body…definitely! 😛

  18. pablo

    [Comment ID #194048 will be quoted here]

    It’s an old joke but it bears repeating

    How do Greeks separate the men from the boys?

    With a crowbar!

  19. pablo

    For the SNL fans

    Are you looking at my bum?
    Are you looking at my bum?

    Bum lookers!

  20. Before there was “Brokeback Mountain,” there was “Mount Olympus.” Starring Heath Ledger as Zeus and Jake Gyllenhal as the mortal he loved… but couldn’t have.

  21. Spud

    I like the “Motherfucking snakes on the Motherfucking Galley” caption.

  22. Tater Salad

    was it cold there or is it the real jest of it :limp: :wtf:

  23. mikeB

    Greek Spring: Manly yes, but they like it too.

  24. Tater Salad

    dont know bout you but if I woke up wif a snake in my ass it would be dead 🙁 cuz that what happens when things get close to my ass it DIES!!!!! :wtf: :dead:

  25. Drusky

    [Comment ID #194065 will be quoted here]
    Slimy? Well, not at first… 😈

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #194053 will be quoted here]
    Funny… Our UPS guy wears the shorts, too. Says he gets alot of action from the girls… He even has brown socks with UPS logos on them.

  27. How did the guy who made that ever even think of that the Greeks are screwed up! :wtf:

  28. TimM

    [Comment ID #194037 will be quoted here]

    No wonder people talk to me as if they think I’m retarded!

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