25 thoughts on “Circumcision causes what?

  1. and so does holding up two fingers on a stormy night with lightning striking…

    or just holding them up too long!

  2. Mohel: “OK just a tiny little cut here and we’re d…. OOPS! I nicked his cerebrum. Dang, thats the third time this week.”

    Must be pretty awkward to have a penis on your head but at least you can buy a snazzy Jurassic Park hat to cover it up.

  3. The Other Boleyn Girl


    Big Dick Johnson and his dog Nueter go balls out after his barber took a little too much off of the top.

  4. Circumcision causes brain damage. Masturbation causes brain damage. Dope causes brain damage. Alcohol causes brain damage. No wonder I’m so stucking fupid. I’m dain bramaged! But I had a good time. Life’s been good to me so far.

  5. Doctor: “Circumcision? I thought the chart said lobotomy;well the guy in room one won’t care, but but I don’t know what to tell the dude in room three.”

  6. HFB StevieC.

    Spud, i think you just gave the winning line to convince all the [straight]boys to get one (in countries where you have to wait until you’re 13 so you know what’s happening to you).

  7. Mandy – Are you sure it’s the site?
    StevieC – Are you sure it’s the site? Oh yes, and Happy F’n B’day

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