Circumcision causes what?

circumcision causes brain damage
Circumcision causes brain damage

Image via Lung the Younger


  1. julesOdeNile

    and so does holding up two fingers on a stormy night with lightning striking…

    or just holding them up too long!

  2. julesOdeNile

    LMFAO! is all i have to say about the link of the day. 😉 🙂 😀

  3. Russ

    Maybe that’s why he fucks dogs too!

  4. junkman

    is he wearing a white and red shit box?

  5. Drusky

    That sign helps explain the idea of ‘screwing your brains out’… 😉

  6. You mean a snip of the wick
    means synapses won’t click?

    PS: Feel free to wish me HFB

  7. HFB Stevie! Many :boob: :boob: to you!

    That guy looks like he has more problems than just a circumcision going for him!

  8. Pervy1

    Mohel: “OK just a tiny little cut here and we’re d…. OOPS! I nicked his cerebrum. Dang, thats the third time this week.”

    Must be pretty awkward to have a penis on your head but at least you can buy a snazzy Jurassic Park hat to cover it up.

  9. The funny part is when they have meetings, everyone shows up wearing turtlenecks.

  10. The Other Boleyn Girl


    Big Dick Johnson and his dog Nueter go balls out after his barber took a little too much off of the top.

  11. I always knew there was a benefit in being UNCUT.

  12. AnnieB

    And I highly recommend it… I did it twice!

    Hi JM! :kiss:

  13. patrick

    Circumcision causes brain damage. Masturbation causes brain damage. Dope causes brain damage. Alcohol causes brain damage. No wonder I’m so stucking fupid. I’m dain bramaged! But I had a good time. Life’s been good to me so far.

  14. Spud

    Hip Hap Happy Birthday Stevie! 😉 :gay: :gay: :gay:

    A nip and a tuck makes for a better …

  15. Happy birthday, Stevie! Here’s a few spankings for ya. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK! 😛

  16. Nikki

    LOL at Pervy1’s comment.

  17. Lake Effect

    Knife goes where?! :wtf: ➡ :wang:

  18. Jay Laverdure

    True- but only if you’re a dickhead…

  19. Cheeto Jesus

    Hooray for freaks!

  20. how come this site always makes me think of :wang: :wang: :wang:?

  21. Funny, it always makes me think of eating out. 8)

  22. chainstay

    Doctor: “Circumcision? I thought the chart said lobotomy;well the guy in room one won’t care, but but I don’t know what to tell the dude in room three.”

  23. julesOdeNile

    HFB StevieC.

    Spud, i think you just gave the winning line to convince all the [straight]boys to get one (in countries where you have to wait until you’re 13 so you know what’s happening to you).

  24. Timm

    Well,,, women have complained that “men think with their penis.”

    Happy Birthday, StevieC!

  25. Bigwavdave

    Mandy – Are you sure it’s the site?
    StevieC – Are you sure it’s the site? Oh yes, and Happy F’n B’day

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