True story

Earlier this week my 19 year-old brother was laying in his bedroom trying to take an afternoon nap. He heard the front door open to the apartment. He figured our dad had gotten off work early. He hears the fridge open and close and then he hears someone in the bathroom. Then suddenly he hears this extremely loud pounding. Wondering what the hell my dad is doing my brother jumps up and opens his bedroom door! Only to find a naked woman beating the shit out of my dad’s bedroom door (he keeps it locked at all times) The woman was yelling “Oh this shit is gonna stop”. My brother tried talking the woman into leaving and explained that she must have the wrong apartment. It didn’t work! He ended up having to go to the neighbors apartment to call the cops. They live in a pretty small town in Kansas and stuff like this is really unusual! Well, the cops got the naked woman restrained and took her downtown. Afterwards my brother goes to use the bathroom…The woman had taken a crap all over the bathroom and used my brother’s boxers to wipe. All the while my dad is at work!

I have heard from my Dad that the cops believed the woman to be mentally unstable and I’ve also been told that the woman is a big druggie and alcoholic. Either way it cracks me up that a naked woman breaks into a house…grosses me out that she crapped all over though. Worst part…The cops let her go the next day.

I searched the local newspapers but couldn’t find any stories on it. I was hoping to just send you a link but I guess this will have to work. Tonganoxie KS is the town this occured in.

Guest Author: Nina

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  1. Spud

    Incredible, and who did you say declared her fit for active duty?


  2. Oh my… :wtf:

    But how did she manage to get inside the apartment without a key?

  3. She must have scared the door open.:dead:

  4. Cbatdux

    Now we know where Barbara Bush has been since her “underpriveledged” statement…..

  5. Reason #253 for keeping the bedroom door locked.

  6. chzplz

    umm… is the dad running a meth cook in his bedroom or something? Am I the only one who thinks its a bit weird that he “keeps it locked at all times”? Just what kind of crazy stuff does he have going on it there?

  7. I see they’ve located my third ex-wife. And you understand why I use briefs, not boxers.

  8. Nina

    :wtf: chzplz- actually I hate to say it but he keeps his door locked because he has a rather extensive porn collection he doesn’t want my brother getting into. No meth sorry!

    Minnie- My brother never locks the apartment door when he’s home.

    The local P.D. let her loose after some sobbering up downtown.

  9. eric

    new door lock- $24

    new boxers-$11

    having a naked woman in your house-priceless

  10. jeff

    Just one question, Nina, Any pictures?

  11. I so randomly happened upon your blog and it just turns out Tongy is a few miles north of where I live. I’m not surprised. 😉

  12. Nina

    😀 sorry jeff no pictures!!!

  13. cat

    :boxers: boxers: 2000 sheets and never cleen due to the shit we all deal with

  14. pappy

    I feel bad for your brother Dave. :wtf:

  15. Bruce

    You know it just sounds like the justice system 🙄 working like it normally does. 🙁 If she was mentally unstable, there are places where she should had went instead of turned loose to attack again. 😡

  16. Vinny

    :wtf: Just some questions for yah!! Why go to another appartment to make the phone call? Is the phone not connected in your dad’s appartment? And what happened to cell phones?:-? Lastly, why was the front door left unlocked, so that the locals could enter at own risk? Too funny guy, too funny.

  17. That just ain’t right. I don’t care who you are, that just ain’t right. The cops “think” she might be mentally unstable? Ummm…really?

  18. garth

    Hey Nina……..watchya bro’ doin’ livin’ with Daddy anyhow? Ain’t he big enough to leave and have his own condo? And why, if he’s nineteen doesn’t daddy want him to see the porn…………? ‘Fraid he’s gonna corrupt him?

    Wow……this sick lady just put the jack into one sick household………….whoa man!!! She just tryin’ to get home………how you know she don’ know your daddy from when he’s bin takin’ dem pickachewers man? I’d be pickin’ de lock and lookin’ for meseluff if’n ah wuz y’all.

  19. Tonganoxie is just a hop skip and a jump away from Kansas City where I live… ahh…ya gotta love our midwestern freaks.

  20. Nina

    Alright stop all the questions!!!

    My brother is getting ready to leave for the Navy therefore he’s decided to just stay with my dad for a month instead of signing a year lease and trying to get out of it.

    As far as my dad & Porn…I have no idea nor do I want to know :dead:

    My bro called from the neighbors i guess b/c he was a little freaked out about the crazy woman. I don’t think I would have wanted to stay in the apartment with her either!

  21. Themrdoug

    Hmmm 19 lives and home and runs from naked women, no wonder he is joining the Navy…

    Just one question was she stump broke?

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