After my recent post about cougars, many of you demanded to see examples. Flickr to the rescue. This woman is easily the best example of a cougar I’ve ever seen.

36 thoughts on “Cougar, redefined

  1. πŸ™„ not only have those breasts been enhanced by copious amounts of silicone….but
    that hair color is not found in nature (unless you’re a 2 yr old) and all the tanning has given her facial skin the appearance of an alligator purse :wtf:

  2. Oh and I thought a pic 3 caption might read – “…and this moi taking a crap”




  3. Did you read any of the comments on her photos? Apparently there are some serious loser guys that are drooling over her. Ewwww…. I thought she looked really, really well-used, if you catch my drift…

  4. CroneWynd – She does look like a walking petri-dish of STDs. 😳

    As for the loser guys drooling there? Like attracts like. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Can’t believe you were brave enough to look long enough to read the comments!

    We think Barbie dolls are unrealistic but women like that are becoming the norm!

    Or so we are told by the media…:evil:

  6. My first instinct was to check out her hand and foot size in the photos. I used to live in a bario where there was a fair amount of transsexual prostitution and that was the best way to suss out any suspiciously tall cougar. Old habits die hard, and this particular cougar has a trace of Adam’s apple.

  7. Like, I looked at the picture of the ‘cougar’ whut’s the best example you ever seen man……..why didn’ somewun say……….when I was a kid and later a cop, we din’t call ’em “cougars”……we called ’em whut they is……….”cheap sluts”

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