26 thoughts on “Thass how I roll!

  1. 1) Great tan…
    2) One of the world’s greatest oboe players…
    3) You’re going to be very popular in prison…

  2. I am banking heavily on some time in the future, hosebags like the one depicted with his man-pout, will have to explain to their son or grandson why he looks like a freak. Srsly. WTF is up with this look?

  3. ❗ the perfect poster boy for anti manscaping… too pretty to be a real thug… barbie’s illegitamate son

  4. i bet what’s not in the picture is her Lesbo lover going at it like mad. that’s her “i’m getting thereeee!” face ❗
    nice beard cut miss, they kept it tight ❗
    in your deep soft eyes i can see “thug life” inscribed ❗
    peace out Coco ❗

  5. “mommy!, mommy! look!.. am thugged out biatch! now go make me those nice whole bran cookies i love so much…”

  6. Let’s see… Darkened face, burned hair, big pucker… looks like he’s fresh from suck starting a diesel… 😈

  7. Whats wrong with this picture?
    Hair band to keep his gelled hair up
    fake orange tan
    kissey pouty look
    dorkey line beard
    fake jewellery
    OMG it’s either Paris Hilton or ????????

  8. This is you on meth just after the pipe blows up right in your face.


    This is why you should show restraint when blowing the foam off your Starbucks Latte’.

  9. Kind of looks like Corey Haim….now, if I could just figure out how to put the two side-by-side to compare.

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