Halloween Costume Suggestion #1

Halloween suggestion #1

All week I will be offering suggestions for Halloween. They will only get weirder as the week goes on. You’ve been warned.


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  • StevieC

    Socks with sandals? Now there’s a fashion fauxpas if I’ve ever seen one.

  • P..rick

    The long long lost brother of the singing cowboy in New York City ❓

  • rust

    Hmmm… what’s wrong with this picture?

    What’s right?

  • Bec

    Getting weirder as the week goes on? This is going to be a fun week Dave, can’t wait! 😀

  • russ

    I wouldn’t pay for that hooker.

    The cops couldn’t find anything else for their latest prostitution sting.

  • Da Popster

    My daughter when she was young used to say “Gag me with a spoon”. Seems appropriate.
    Dave: Where’s the green “HURL” icon? Coulda used it.


    Jimmy Buffett – before the salt.

  • i had a pony but i ate it.

    Ah yes – a classic look for winter.
    Note the brown belt to hold up the Invisible Pants, as well as the mini-handbag to carry the Invisible Dignity.
    Okay – no more shopping at LOL-Mart for you.

  • Alison Headley

    That’s Leslie Cochran, Austin’s most famous cross-dresser and occasional mayoral candidate. I’ve never seen him in the underwear, but the rest of it resembles what he usually wears.

  • Meagan

    Might be good for warmer climes, but here in Canada, you gotta have a costume that fits over your snowsuit, especially since it’s snowing RIGHT NOW! I want summer back!!! 😥

  • Sherri

    Just one word………..EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!

  • janeeto

    It’s Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday is Halloween. Thank God you started on Tuesday and not last Friday. I don’t think I can take that many more pictures. Then on Saturday, you can start on the Election pics. That’ll give you four days!

  • zinta

    Ok.. this is LESLIE a FAMOUS homeless person in Austin Texas.. my home town.. this guy actually ran for mayor here and got on the ticket.

  • Stefanie

    Hey…..It’s LESLIE!!! WASSUUUUUP!!

    You should see the back view……..he’s usually wearing a thong!!! 😯

  • Drusky

    Now you know what Mr. Peanut was wearing UNDER the outfit… 😯

  • Spud

    No, no need to go any further Dave, you are already looking at your Halloween costume!

  • julesOdeNile

    😐 is evil milk got from sucking on man boobs much like the ones portrayed in this pictographic evidence provided by MR. DAVID ZILLASKI for education purposes only 😕 ❓

  • Chris S

    Where exactly do you live Dave? I just want to be sure never to come within 200 miles of the place.

  • Nicolette

    SOMEONE cared enough to wax, I see! 😉

  • fruf

    OMG Foghorn Leghorn

  • Spud

    [quote comment=”464035″]SOMEONE cared enough to wax, I see! ;)[/quote]
    Thanks Nicole, you made me look again… 😕 😛

  • junkman

    i see the utility belt but i didn’t know barry gibb was a super hero. why does he need 2 purses? what’s with the german sock sandal look? who would have thought that wearing children’s under wear might make one’s package look larger? 😐

  • J

    It’s a fairy nice outfit.

  • AnnieB

    [quote comment=”462936″]Jimmy Buffett – before the salt.[/quote]

    Looks like he spent one too many days wastin’ away in Margaritaville…

    Dave, you’ve absconded with my favorite icon again! 🙁

  • Bec

    [quote comment=”464192″][quote comment=”464035″]SOMEONE cared enough to wax, I see! ;)[/quote]
    Thanks Nicole, you made me look again… 😕 :P[/quote]
    Ugh, I unfortunately did too… 🙁

  • Avalon

    Nice legs?

  • junkman

    [quote comment=”464327″]Nice legs?[/quote]
    shame about the face ❓

  • Rufnkdnme

    [quote comment=”463139″]Hey…..It’s LESLIE!!! WASSUUUUUP!!

    You should see the back view……..he’s usually wearing a thong!!!

    I have to disagree…I for one am thankful that that rear view was not included. Thanks Dave.

  • Rufnkdnme

    Am i seeing Man Boobs? I wish I would have waited until after lunch to log on…

  • junkman

    [quote comment=”464339″]his bro

    i know i have to assume some responsibility for clicking on the link but i did not need to see the bro. thanks (not) for sharing. (if a puke icon was available it would be placed here now)

  • Don

    Oh darn Clydes out of jail again

  • Keefer

    As the recession takes it’s toll, Jim works hard for the money 😉

  • Elle

    Good heavens, socks with mules. Tacky tacky.

  • Tammy

    I told Bono that outfit did not match.

  • Mark

    Matching Shirt with Panties, Priceless

  • Time Tracker

    I think I just threw up a little. 🙂

    But seriously…this might take the cake as best (worst) halloween costume ever.

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