Really? Also, um OWWWW!


  1. Flash Gordon

    And they said we’d never amount to shit! :gay: :wtf: 🙄 😛

  2. DaPopster

    There is just soooooo much wrong with that video, the “talent” that went into the execution and production, etc., will someone please just flush !!! :wtf:
    ….. and for the love of God, make sure everything goes down this time !! :puke:

  3. Coley7367

    I’m more impressed by the kid with the perfect aim. He should be playing AA ball at least. 😀

  4. DaPopster

    Don’t tell me, the lifeguards were effin’ around again …….

  5. Russ

    So that’s what was ment by ” Intel Inside”.

  6. Really? Cuz I can get men to buy me drinks with my butt. :kiss:

  7. Spud

    Why on earth, or more precisely, how did they come up with an idea to catch a laptop with your arse?

    Apart from from that, it was bloody well done and I’d give it a 9.8 out of 10! 😉 😆

  8. freckleface

    [quote comment=”635954″]So that’s what was ment by ” Intel Inside”.[/quote]

    Hey, what can I say? Russ has already brilliantly summarized the thin aspect of this laptop….well done!!!

  9. tina beans

    hey nice deletion of the internet….that was fun! 😉

  10. fruf

    OK where did they get all the laptops?
    The catcher would be a sure fire hit at the gay pride parade

  11. [quote comment=”635954″]So that’s what was ment by ” Intel Inside”.[/quote]
    Nice! 😀

  12. Jim

    If he doesn’t wear protection, he could catch a virus!

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