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  • Spud

    Gee wiz, what’s missing? 😛

  • junkman

    well it does come between a couple of buns!

  • Marley's Mama

    And that the video of the day is “Behind the Underwear” is a riot

  • The Peach Tart

    That’s not very appetizing.

  • Patrick

    Okay, but I’ll pass on the ‘special sauce’! :puke:

  • Coley7367

    Finally, truth in advertising :puke:

  • Nicolette

    I thought that burger tasted a little funny! :puke:

  • Don

    Can I get that with pickels and cheese with a side of thighs.

  • dwasn

    And a side order of fish – sandwich that is.

  • fruf

    If I ordered one would that make me an as* ?
    nice to see Mickey D’s selling holes again

  • pablo

    Wait till they start offering the footlong with mcnuggets. Avoid the taint sauce.

  • DaPopster

    [quote comment=”635984″]I thought that burger tasted a little funny! :puke:[/quote]
    My little butt muncher ?? 😯

  • Meagan

    No thanks. But I think the laptop butt catcher guy from yesterday would like one. 😯

  • ShiftyTim

    Not nearly as good as the pink taco… :wtf:

  • StevieC

    Not surprising …. everything at McDogFood tastes like shit.

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