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My mother used to call me a fussbudget when I was being grumpy. I was always afraid to ask what exactly a “fussbudget” did, and how much their budget totaled.<

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  1. Heh. “Hey ma, I gotta use the fusspot!”

  2. Bob Boyn

    Hmm….my mom said something similar. She used to say, stop being so grumpy, YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE…..BEFORE I SELL YOU TO THE FUCKING GYPSIES!
    I think I prefer fussbudget.

  3. rumba

    $1.89, Dave:razz:

  4. I was was sent to my room because I said “Suffering Sucatash”. She thought I was nasty and I had no idea what set her off.

  5. Just for the record…..I use that word but not exactly as you have. It is a fussbucket or someone who is full of fussiness. Are you sure you didn’t just misunderstand her?

  6. jess

    In the car w/ my mom when I was like 7 she told me to ‘hold on’ & as I had just seen my favorite cartoon character say this I said,”hold on to what”- my dad laughed, my mom smacked the shit out of me, and now we have no relationship. Way to parent, mom

  7. She didn’t say fussbucket, she said fussbudget, Jerri Ann, which she used liberally (and improperly, I might add). 😐

  8. Most people brought up by those devils of society — parents — are forever scarred by their outrageous behaviour. We were “nothing but a bunch of vipers” and “sons of bitches of kids” (nice way to describe one’s self — thanks Dad!) but we turned out well enough. Well, except for my ex-sister married to the Chat-Room Pervert from New Jersey. And maybe Matthew, he just got fired from another thankless job… (you want fries with that?) … or maybe my older sister Patti-Ann who got knocked up as a teenager by Dat Boy Roy, dah franch Canadian guy who play dat hockey and play around at da same time. Maybe my brother Mark is ok. Except that he suffers from terminal boredom. I turned out ok. Sure. Frikkin Bastards scarred me for life.

    Maybe it was all those times my Sainted Mother would tell people to “oh, go fuck yourself!”

  9. Anonymous


  10. Spud

    fuss·budg·et also fuss-bud·get

    n A person who fusses over trifles. Also called fusspot.


  11. tinamarie

    Fussbudget beats Fuckhead hands down. Of course my mother never called me Fuckhead. She called me Sarah Heartburn (instead of Sarah Burnheart the actress.) I guess I was a little over-dramatic about things. Not that I’m that way now. No. Not at all.

  12. Anonymous

    :-(:mrgreen:every time my mother called me a fussbuget i would just call her a fuckbuget(she never knows the difference anyway):razz::limp::wang::roll::twisted::grin::idea::cool::!:

  13. jay

    My mom used to tell me, “boy you better quit it before I rip your arm off and beat you with it”
    I would have preffered fussbudget, or bucket, or even FUCKHEAD, because she usually said that right before, she BEAT MY ASS!!:boobs::grin:

  14. Ariam

    My grandmother (1925-1980) used both fussbudget and fussbucket interchangeably.

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