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  • mikeB

    Dave. Really. C’mon. Clearly a lady’s eyepatch.


    Dave, it looks like a little sack that my grandmother use to carry her crack rocks around in.

  • tinamarie

    I think it looks like a blindfold.

    Bambi is a naughy fawn. Naughty Bambi. Bad, bad Bambi. You deserve a spanking. Get down on your knees with your butt in the air and tell me what a bad boy you’ve been. I think I need to get out the nipple clamps and teach you a lesson. 😎

  • Dante

    A jellyfish or an orange.

  • dr4g0n

    :twisted:to hell w/ bambi , can i get tinamarie’s number?!?:wang:

  • JFLY

    Bambi was a stag, not a doe…which makes it even more disturbing.

    And Dave…what has happened to the scroll bar on your site? Maybe it’s just me…

  • Kenn

    🙄 That’s Bambi’s purse. He’s been hanging out with Tinky Winky and Spongebob.

  • Spud

    First things first

    Shoot the bloody deer


    cool game link dave 😀

  • Frisko5

    Was this photo taken outside your neighbors apartment?

  • Jimi

    :wang:is it just me or is bambi hot??? damn i must live in WV…..

  • Garth

    It’s a large strawberry……..Bambi dropped it on the way to buy an even larger can of whipped cream

  • Davezilla

    what has happened to the scroll bar on your site?
    What browser, version, OS? My assumption will naturally be that you are on IE 6 for Windows, but I could be wrong. 😐

  • plopsie

    Why, that looks like an unattended bag…
    RUN! it’s Bombi!

  • missy

    :limp:It’s his jock strap, It fell off and he can’t pick it up to put back on.

  • JFLY

    Yes Dave…IE is my OS and SBC/Yahoo is my ISP :limp:

    This has only recently occured and I’ve only noticed it on your site so far.

  • anbdaisy

    :razz:Its the new UNI-BOOB bikini top*:undies:

  • Esther

    Who’da thought that Bambi was a whore?:wtf:

  • Mandy

    That werewolf game is fucking great! Thanks!!! :kiss:

  • Keith Burgin

    It’s a dried up placenta.

  • wayne

    little reds been riding in the hood:wang:

  • Anonymous

    Bambi was invited to Michael Jackson’s neverland, but was stripped before ever getting inside.:!::!:

  • jay

    well at least they took their chances with a statue, instead of the real thing
    THOSE HOOFS HURT!!!:boobs::grin:

  • silver

    😳 It’s his colostomy bag!

  • Mia

    Bambi was cheating on Faline. Cheaters caught the evidence on tape.:razz:

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