Purple Specialized RockHopper

Purple Specialized RockHopper

I am onto you


  1. Spud

    What exactly is a ” Purple Specialized RockHopper”

    Funny how that actually looks like a book cover.

    And if I may, if person 1 is on to person 2, why advertise the fact.


  2. justjim

    I had a rock hopper once… long long ago… and the only thing that ended up purple was me… and blue… and black… and often red…. let the thief have the damned thing, you’ll live longer! ❓

  3. Why do I get the feeling that the town in question has a population of 800 and that they’re all cousins?

  4. Anna

    Us foreigners want to know what a RockHopper is.

  5. marcus_learn

    Oh Anna, I am not a foreigner and I want to know what one is. It may be a bike that jumps rocks? It seems as though it must be expensive otherwise he/she wouldn’t have made the sign. Howver, I think if the theif had been known, he would have been caught by now.

    Oh my, I used to read the books as a kid. They were a stepping stone for me. From them I became interested in reading books like ‘Friday’, ‘The Swiftly Tilting Planet’, ‘The Mote in God’ Eye”, and my favorite “Dune.” It was interesting to remember those chose your own adventure books. The rejected book titles are πŸ˜€

  6. mitch

    Cutbacks at the Office of Homeland Security were becoming more and more glaring.

  7. mitch

    Fran, I love you

  8. bhamm

    I just want to know… if the Rockhopper was specialized, why would you get it in purple?

    (As a side note)
    WARNING: Do NOT touch that paper. The Skull and Crossbones means it’s poisonous. Or written by a pirate.

  9. Bjorn Freeh

    The purple specialized rock hopper is a rare breed of bipedal lizard indigenous to the Galapagos Islands. What makes it “specialized” is that they are the only orthopedic surgeons covered by most American HMOs. But you still need a referral from your participating doctor. Travel expenses not included.

  10. Zen

    If you google rockhopper bike, from the very first link you’ll see that the name of the company is specialized, and that they are extremely heavy duty bikes made for rough terrain riding. I believe they typically cost at least $500. Probably much more if it is a special model.

  11. Lace Valentine

    “Purple Specialized RockHopper”

    That’s one of Wonka’s candy confections.

  12. Craig

    Will post a comment later, this guy is apparently “on to me” so i uh, need to drop something off. Be right back… 😈

  13. Specialized Rockhopper – 3rd on the scale of Specialized’s 4 level mountain bike line. Entry level, good for mountain bikers just starting out in the sport.

    1) S-Works
    2) Stumpjumper
    3) Rockhopper
    4) Hardrock

    If you ride a Rockhopper, you’re typically either a beginner; someone who can’t afford a lighter and higher quality bike; or a guy who collects bottles on a bike he stole from a high school during the day.

  14. Paul

    I’m sure the perpetrator is telling everyone that the name of the bike is a Leg cycler and it’s actually Lavender. They got it from the Pimp my Bike show.

  15. franklito

    Crack head: Someone keeps jumpin over me with some purple bike, mutha fu–er almost ran over my crack. im a f– him up if i catch him, better yet im just gonna steal his bike and get some more crack, yeah , little punk. 😈

  16. Craig

    So, as it turns out, he WASN’T “on to me”. That sign was just a ploy to get me to stop stealing their bicycles. Son of a bitch! :boob:

  17. DaPopster

    Waaaayyyyyy more information than I really need …….. :wtf:

  18. Duke

    Uh oh…looks like a lawsuit, he/she forgot the fine print disclaimer.

  19. JFLY

    Arkansas newspaper headlines? πŸ˜›

  20. laceylegacey

    [Comment ID #26177 will be quoted here]

    Damn it lace get out of my head!! you keep stealing my thoughts. πŸ‘Ώ

  21. logan

    [Comment ID #26153 will be quoted here]

    a rock hopper is a tyype of penguin but in this case i have no freaking idea maby its a :wang: good thoughts good thoughts

  22. logan

    notice all the bad thoughts are the good ones that com from when the mind goes into the gutter.
    Bjorn Freeh, you need to get out more

  23. mitch smith

    “Old Stuff Day”….I can identify and represent.

  24. Peaches

    Mitch, you took the words right out of my mouth!!
    “Because I do have “Old Stuff”

  25. Coley

    When I first logged on, I thought it said, “purple speckled rockhopper”. 😳
    That sounds like a new type of rainforest tree frog.

  26. MrDoug

    Oh shit what am I going to do now? You have any idea how hard it is to hide a purple rockhopper? I guess that this sign will teach me what a bad idea it was steal this muthers bike!

    All those other bikes I sold for cash so I could buy more crack, who knew that purple piece of crap would be my down fall.

    To the Davezilla list I ask for your help what the hell should I do now?

  27. mikeB

    Purple rockhopper sounds like low grade acid from the 70s. :mrgreen:

  28. Peaches

    Forget about the Purple Rockhopper…………….
    I want to read, “Everyone Wants To Touch My Giant Snake and Jewels”
    My kind of book. 😈

  29. Jen (yep, me too)

    Since it’s been determined that it’s a bike I can safely say that he probably spent hundreds of dollars on it to ride it across campus. Oh wait, that’s what they do at Arizona State ( I can say that ’cause I went there. :D) I wonder if the sign worked. Also, you all crack me up and I πŸ˜† at least once a day because you all are freakin’ funny.

  30. It is my goal to be #1 on Google for purple specialized rockhopper by the weekend. 😈

  31. In that case, purple specialized rockhopper. 😈

  32. Detroit Dave

    I’ve solved the mystery. Its Master Po on the rattan with a scalding kettle. (Check the wrists of David Carradine)

  33. poisonwisky

    was told that “specialized purple rockhopper” was the original name for what we now know as brokeback mountain. πŸ™„

  34. poisonwisky

    thusly the i am on to you.

  35. laceylegacey

    here is another one for you Dave…purple specialized rockhopper.
    We are here for you.

  36. PJ

    extremely heavy duty bikes made for rough terrain riding. I believe they typically cost at least $500. Probably much more if it is a special model.

    Wow. Someone must do ALL their high quality super-cool mountain bike shopping at Wal-Mart.

    Yea, $500 would buy you a Specialized brand Rock Hopper from Wallyworld – but anything I’d even start to designate as ‘extremely heavy duty’, and a ‘special model’ would start at $500 for the frame – not including wheels, cranks suspension or brakes. Start at about 4x that price for something that’s really up to hopping rocks on a regular basis.

    Funny sign though – I can just imagine some 14 y.o. kid coming out of his last class and finding his bike missing from the rack. Notebook paper would have torn too easily, and not been big enough – so he rips the .29 cent cover off his $100 history book and write his ‘death to all punks’ message – and probably used chewing gum or a piece of bandaid to attach it to the bike rack. Yea – I like it.

  37. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #26166 will be quoted here]

    Limit one per household. You must be 13 years of age to play rockhopper theft. Void where prohibited by Schwinn. Taxes, title and tags not included. You or a family member must not have stolen a rockhopper from DAVEZILLA in the last 30 days. Promotional considerations paid for by Trek. By stealing this rockhopper, you agreed that your name, likeness can be used in future promotional materials for DAVEZILLA or a number of other seedy (and likely illegal) marketing ploys or in a vintage sepia image in your local post office. You futher absolve DAVEZILLA, its owners, managers, staff, relatives, neighbors, assigns and roadies from any damages due to negligient use of said purloined rockhopper. Please see side of rockhopper for ingredients and nutritional values. Always wear a seatbelt.

  38. justjim

    oh here we go again……… some fool put that damned bike back! :limp: :wang: :limp: :wang: :limp: :wang: :limp: :wang: :limp: :wang:

  39. Marcus

    [Comment ID #26162 will be quoted here]

    Avast me hearties! Some land lubber is using me name in vain. If any of ye bilge rats could see ye would know tis not written by a pirate. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!!

    :wtf: πŸ˜† :wtf: πŸ˜† :wtf: πŸ˜† :wtf: πŸ˜† :wtf: πŸ˜† :wtf: πŸ˜†

  40. Ace

    Well, it looks like the person who took the thing is in for it by the looks of the remians of some other poor bastard who wronged him. But if you’re the kind of person to post something like that you deserve to have your bike stolen!
    It looks like something a 6 year old you do.

  41. |nSan|ty

    Dear Mr. Skull and X-bones,,
    I am glad Dave found your poster, I witnessed it being stolen. It was stolen by an elite terrorist cell, and given to the leader, his name is Osama Bin Laden, and your bike has been taken to the mountain ranges in Pakistan. I hear there is a reward for him, so not only will you get your bike back, but enough to upgrade to a bigger better hopper. PS, dont bother contacting the government, you will find him much easier with out there ‘help’. Also, I would recommend you have your attorney present when you hand over Osama…or you will never see the reward money. :mrgreen:

  42. Just cut off the oxygen to Neil ArmstrongÒ€ℒs spacesuitÒ€¦Ò€¦.thatÒ€ℒll get you your Purple Specialized Rockhopper.

  43. Susanne

    sounds to me like it needed to be stolen….I’m guessing the bike belonged to a guy…purple? Specialized means it “fit” him to a T….musta been a banana seat. Rockhopper, i think its a subliminal message, trying to say jockchomper….DING DING DING….. HOMOSEXUAL TOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :puke:

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