Jedi Pope
Despite news stories that he is in ill health and receiving last rites, Pope John Paul II is starring in several action films this summer, including Lucas’ newest effort as an ancient Jedi master. This summer, he is slated to appear in the next Harry Potter film, and finally, he will appear as The Thing in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

“The Pope isn’t sick. Far from it,” said Vatican insiders who described his manner as “spritely” and “looking rather buff”. John Paul, or “Killer P” as the Cardinals refer to him, is spending Spring Break in Cancun with some fly bitches where he is making a guest appearance in the next Girls Gone Wild video with rapper, Chingy.

27 thoughts on “Pope to star in upcoming Star Wars film

  1. Heh!

    I’ve suspected for sometime that the Vatican was actually a Jedi training ground.


  2. Wow, that’s a pretty full schedule Killer P has there! I guess that’s what happens when you have a Blackberry blessed w/holy water, and a good agent.

  3. I hear you are the Father of all Bloggers! You really do have some great stuff here! keep up the good work! Poor Pope, I’ve seen him in so many cropshot jobs lately, he has received more press sick than he did healthy…well by the cropshot folks anyway! ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. “Going to bless the new starship, Pope Vader is.”

    –Arch Bishop Yoda :mrgreen:

    “This ain’t no picnic fuzz ball! Flying through a meteor storm without my St. Christopher medal on!”

    –Han Solo :geek:

    “We eatsa fishies onsa fridays, Massah Pope.”

    –Jar Jar Binks :limp:

    “I say R2D2, the priest in the confessional tried to give me a lube job!”

    –C3PO ๐Ÿ™„

  5. Anyone remember seeing a Pope that wasn’t bent over and extremely old??





  6. A letter to the MS WHEELCHAIR organizers:
    (see )

    What can I say? You people just shot yourselves in the foot and you haven’t a leg to stand on. Congratulations on your latest decision to strip the “Ms. Wheelchair” title because she could stand up.

    If you want to send your own personal message, here’s the address as published in the HTML source on the “contact” page: [email protected]

    Oh, and I almost forgot, GO POPE GO!

  7. Dude, no jokes on the dead or dying. It’s tactless. Besides, the Pope might be conversing face to face with the Big Guy right as we blog and you don’t want to piss off the Big Guy, now do you?

    P.S. Besides, if the Pope was going to play any part in a movie, should he be in “Yellow Submarine” or “Hard Day’s Night”, considering his name? And wouldn’t it be cool if the next Pope christened himself Pope George Ringo I?

  8. I’ve always loved the Pope’s hats! Especially the big pointy ones! Maybe that is why he’s in the movie business now…COSTUMES!!!!

    One other thing>>>>> Knowing the recent news regarding the Catholic church, one would think that the Pope would be in the Guys Gone Wild videos instead !

  9. Spud – I’ve thought about it and I’m convinced the Pope is an animatron. I saw him decades ago in person and he’s exactly the same except for the new added “drool” effect…

  10. gee, dave, getting a little petty there for being such a “big-shot”. seriously, I don’t get it; why not try explaining it to me instead of getting all testy… i mean, for christ’s sake, it’s just the internet and you know i find your site amusing. have a skin graft or something.

  11. See there’s this guy named Pope John Paul II. He’s rather Catholic. He has a funny white hat and drools a lot รขโ‚ฌยฆ ๐Ÿ˜›

    Relax. I was just messing with ya. It was April Fools Day, you know.

  12. Forget John Paul II starring, Pope Benedict XVI
    has been in them ALL. Check out my url to see what I mean – HE IS PALPATINE!:evil:

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