No more radiators!

No matter how nice it looks, the next time we paint a room, we are not painting the bloody radiators.

32 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 7,014

  1. I don’t know … crank ’em up and the smell of baking paint can help get rid of unwanted guests really quick.

    Link of the day: since when has guitar cruelty become entertaining?

  2. Dude, I’ve got to ask: Who’s room are you painting purple?!?

    Oh, and StevieC? I totally agree with you about the link of the day. Notice you don’t see and Gibsons. I sure as hell wouldn’t go anywhere NEAR the bathroom with my Les Paul!

  3. [Comment ID #203093 will be quoted here]

    It’s not purple. That’s my camera with no color correction. It’s closer to the light slate blue I use as a link color. ❓

  4. Mmmm, I sort of agree on the guitar abuse — or, at least, I think the picture would be better if the model were playing air guitar…

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    Play my Ovation in the shower and this relationship is down the drain. Play with my standing ovation (:wang:) in the shower and I’ll provide the gel. 😈

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    Well, he did say that one of the terms that annoyed him was man’s man … 😛

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    I agree…Something like the Cheshire Cat in Disney’s Alice In Wonderland…

  8. I SPRAY-PAINTED all my Mom’s rads GOLD!!!
    They look awesomely antique now.
    Much easier than jabbing a brush in there, although they do make a long crooked paintbrush for such tight places.
    And yes, I did have to pick gold dust boogers out of my nose for a day.

  9. Why not try for the real challenge? Paint each tank fold a separate color? From the picture, you could have 12 different colors…

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    Mmmm, gold dust boogers … I wonder if they’d be as good as chocolate covered ones?

  11. Jesus, dude, that sucked.

    Today is “International Squish The Toady” day!

    Scroll down to the post on Tuesday, October 9th and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    There’s also a pretty cool “Fuck You” post at the beginning.

    Of course here in Zillaland, EVERY day is “Squish The Toady” day since we ALWAYS say what we think!

    :boob: :boob: :wang: 😛

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    Not you silly. That’s what “squish the toady” day is about. If blogs you regularly go to are boring, etc. and you still leave a butt-kissing comment, today you should just say “Jesus, dude, that sucked.”

  13. You could just buy radiators that face 90° the other way so you only have to paint the front. Unless you enjoy spending countless hours lovingly gazing between radiator folds. :wtf:

    Either way spraying is easier. Don’t sniff too many fumes though or you may become disorientated.

  14. Oh, fuck all y’all! I’ve never read such
    rodomantade, except yours, AnnieB. Yours are
    always incisive and intellectually stimulating.
    :kiss: :wang: :wang: :boob: :thong: 😕

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    Rodomontade – isn’t that from the Lion King?

    Ah, rodomontade! What a wonderful phrase.
    Ah, rodomontade! Ain’t no passing craze.
    It means no placating for the rest of your days.
    It’s our modesty-free philosophy.

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    Very good! I was trying to remember exactly that! :kiss:

    Flash, you’re such a brillant, witty and handsome devil. 😈

    Here’s to always “stimulating” you. :boob: :boob: 😛

  17. Four words for the painted radiator problem:

    Plastic Sheeting
    Power Sprayer

    I used to paint rooms for a living, and trust me, NOTHING will save your ass in a Victorian house with 1,793 radiators than those four words.

  18. “It’s not purple. That’s my camera with no color correction. It’s closer to the light slate blue I use as a link color.”

    “Ah come on, we can all see its girly man pink…”

    “I’m really sorry Dave but that truly looks Periwinkle to me.”

    Sorry Dave, I’m with Spud and Astryd on this one. Why don’t you just admit that you’ve renamed this room ‘The Barney Wing’.

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    Sounds like my old place: 1,000 bedrooms, 300 living rooms, 200 kitchens, 200 dining rooms, 89 sitting rooms, but only 4 bathrooms. The morning line-ups were brutal!

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    😆 It’s too early in the morning for you to be so damn funny! 😛

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    [Comment ID #203149 will be quoted here]

    AnnieB, how long are you going to force Flash to suck up for his transgressions? I’ll bet you keep toying with him, not quite crushing his spirit. Kinda like your other men… 😈 🙂

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