Terms that annoy me for various reasons

  1. Briquette
  2. Numismatist
  3. Brown dwarf
  4. Emo
  5. Bamboozled
  6. Gigaflop
  7. Fatty Acids
  8. Edutainment
  9. Man’s man
  10. What words annoy you?
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  1. Mandy

    batshit crazy. who determined that one? :puke:

  2. AnnieB

    Snarl. Ooze. Ann Coulter.

  3. t1nyturtle

    Donald Trump

  4. Bjorn Freeh

    At the end of the day, our bottom line will be enhanced if we right-size our localized human assets and increase reliance upon off-shore incremental labor contingencies.

  5. StevieC

    awfully – as in “that’s awfully nice”
    are (pronunciation) – this is “are” house.
    Burn – I blame That 70’s Show for this one.

    Terms that annoy me:
    New & improved
    At this price, they won’t last
    Half-mast (when referring to flags on land)
    Think outside the box (yes, it’s still around. I heard it just yesterday)

  6. J

    segway-I dont know why but that word bothers me-segway,segway,segway-aahhhh!

  7. mother fucker = why the hell is this a bad thing?


    cutseyfied words like cowinkydink and cutseyfied

  8. New combo words like “ginormous” make me crazy. We already have words that do the job.

    Of course then there’s a few hundred corporate jargon words that make me nuts, but too many to list here. See my site for a WHOLE bunch of them with definitions.

  9. Bigwavdave


  10. blaster gas


  11. Alex Ballew

    Is a brown dwarf a small turd?

  12. Alex Ballew

    Is a brown dwarf a small turd?

  13. I’ve even been a Numismatist*, and I still think that it is an irritating word.

    It makes you sound like a stage magician who only hypnotizes people to act like the Numa Numa boy or something.

    (*for profit, and yes, I made my money and got out long ago, though I still have a box of foreign junk for the kids.)

  14. Brooklyn R.



    Any other combination of a couples name.

    Plus, my boyfriend and I would be Brat(Brooke and Pat)!

  15. :undies: :thong: :limp: :wang:

    I had a bunch of them, but I got distracted by your underpants and penis emoticons. Anyway, I’m going to go with:

    Having said thatÒ€¦
    Invite (first syllable emphasis, used as a noun)

  16. Jay Laverdure

    “Too” cynical/sarcastic.

  17. Jay Laverdure

    Oh, yes- and Ann Coulter (definitely!)

  18. Drusky

    [Comment ID #203030 will be quoted here]
    Wouldn’t she be the posterchild for the word ‘Trobe’?

    One I heard recently was ‘The Martha Militia’ used to describe her ‘militant’ followers who still believe she was innocent and men conspired to ‘frame’ her…

  19. StevieC

    Any controversy/scandal that the media uses the suffix ‘gate’ with for their catchphrase.

    Ever since Watergate, every scandal has become a ‘gate’. It makes no sense whatsoever and makes the reporter/media sound completely asinine.

  20. Loli


    jumbo jet



  21. J

    I also really thought that “gitmo” was one of the lamest f-in little “newsworthy” terms I had ever heard-funny how little words can just piss you off?

  22. Chris S


    Disoriented is correct but disorientated is commonly accepted as well.
    I guess people mixed together “disorientation” and “disoriented” to create that stupid word. You just sound unedumacated when you say disorientated. I think it’s the word I hate the most.

  23. Kurt M.

    team building, I’m just an electrician I don’t need a team.

  24. Lipids.

    always irritated me in science class, and now in fat-burning scam commercials.

  25. Derek


    (scandal)-gate. I agree, that’s ridiculous.

  26. Brooklyn R.

    I also HATE when people say “supposibly”. It drives me up the freakin’ wall. I guess they do things they’r “supposeb” to.

  27. Clovis

    PENALIZE (I imagine being whipped with life-like dildos)
    DOILEY (Sounds dumb, by etymology is cool.)
    COCKPIT (Does a female pilot sit in a CLITPIT?)
    “I DO DO that…” & “What it IS IS…”

  28. patrick

    “Obviously”, I hate it when, particularly sportscasters, use this ad infinitum. If it’s visible, it’s obvious-don’t tell me, I can see. If it’s obvious, I can see it, don’t tell me what I saw. Tell me what you think, you mindless twit, about what you saw! :puke:

  29. Lake Effect

    Hybrid bank name combos… WesBanco, Ameritrust, Comerica. And what the hell is a “Wachovia”?

  30. Lake Effect

    I’m almost driven to a life of senseless crime over the edge by ‘their’ vs. ‘there’ which seem to be used interchangeably on the internet. GIGO.

  31. blaster gas

    to too and two is another one on the internet.

  32. Flash Gordon

    “Impact” when they mean “affect”.
    “Wearing two hats” meaning to do two jobs.
    “Main Squeeze” meaning “bimbo. :boob: :boob: :thong: :wang: :wang:

  33. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #203084 will be quoted here]

    [Look at your avatar…]

    ‘Your’ & ‘You’re’.

  34. Spud

    Flatulance – I mean really, who ever flatulated? πŸ™„

  35. J

    I agree with Derek Blog is sooooooooooo lame

  36. TimM


    Couture (I get my clothes at K mart)
    George W Bush (and anything from his mouth)
    Insurrection (used for Iraq war)
    Rush Limbaugh (and anyone like him)
    Grass roots organization (What??)
    HDTV (I’m lucky my TV is Color)
    Colonoscopy (not gonna do it)
    Spinal Stenosis (cause I have it)

  37. julesOdeNile

    “bimbo” for “main squeez” hahahah

    “the Africans” when a foreigner is in Kenya talking to me about my fellow Kenyans and referring to something they think they do better.

    “I love you” three words that just mean you are a convenience of the moment and you will be tossed out soon

  38. Phat
    “Junk in the trunk” – Personally, I prefer to call it booty. However, I don’t call it “bootylicious.”

    I hate it too when people mistake “their” for “they’re” and all that. After my mom (who is a teacher) drilled it into me to use proper grammar, it makes me twitch to hear people use the phrase, “I did good.” No, no you did not. πŸ‘Ώ

  39. Almost forgot another one that annoys me to hell:
    Yogilates. πŸ™„

  40. ~Bowel movement
    ~privates, ‘down there’ and any cutsey names for :thong: :undies: :wang: :boob:
    ~Girls don’t sweat, we glow/Girls don’t burp/Girls don’t fart…
    ~”That’s hot”
    ~Estoopid-If you’re gonna insult me do it right!
    ~Bladi bladi bla/bla bla bla/yada yada yada
    ~Whiti/Chicanified spanish words:
    laminar for laminate, it’s enmicar
    Brekas for brakes instead of frenos
    Ponchar to punch instead of golpear
    Checar-to check is revisar…I can go on and on

    ~Phrases like: Orale vato, que ondas guey, bajate pa vajo del carro homes. Dile a tu ruca que mi jefa la busca. Te morreates a mi carnala o que guey? Dejame ‘garro mis chivas y nos juimos. Ay jueputa me queme!

  41. MawMawpurple

    Actually, supposably is a word according to some dictionaries, but it bothers me also.

  42. Chris S

    Yeah the entire “their/there/they’re” thing bugs me too along with “then/than”, “effect/affect” and “your/you’re”. Most politically correct words make me wanna kick the inventor in the balls too. Things like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are so sterile they have no real meaning. And they wonder why youth today is so desensitized… πŸ‘Ώ

    I completely missed the “Gesture Wildly at the Elderly Day”. What the heck is the story behind that? :wtf:

  43. Yucca

    he’s good people.

    Keep it on the downlow.

  44. blastergas

    OOPs I is a knucklehead. That is what I get for using my daughters avatars! πŸ˜›

  45. molisha

    :o[Comment ID #203037 will be quoted here]

    Pablo with a captital “P” you can be funny

  46. I just learned a new one this minute. “Prosumer” – a portmanteau formed by contracting either the word producer or professional with the word consumer.

    God. save. me. :puke: :puke: :puke:

  47. [Comment ID #203364 will be quoted here]

    Damn, I think my brain just oozed out of my ear trying to pronounce that. :dead:

  48. [Comment ID #203456 will be quoted here]



  49. Phreek Master C

    that’s SO atypical
    googol (i fuckin’ hate that word – it makes my skin crawl)

  50. [Comment ID #203459 will be quoted here]

    Thanks! I’ll just pick up my brain here and stuff it back up my nose.
    Yay, me function now better! πŸ˜›

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