23 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 5,735

  1. let’s see… assuming it’s a 1,000 watt iron, and that it’s on only for 36 hours, and electricity costs about 25 cents a kWH — bah, it’s only four bucks. Hell, drop four bucks at Starbucks and consider yourself lucky.

  2. Good lord it could have burned through the floor if it was on that long.

    Of course that’s considering you left it on the floor.. Face down..

    Beh I don’t know where I’m going with this. Good job Dave! 😛

  3. I’ve made a grilled cheese using an iron, just to see if it could actually be done. It can, but it takes a long time.

    Always unplug the iron before leaving the house/going to sleep. 🙁

  4. As a public service, shouldn’t you also list other applicanes or devices that shouldn’t be left on for extended periods of time?

    Like sprinklers, hair curlers, vibrators….

  5. Spray Pam on paperbag then add cheese sandwich, takes shorter time. That’s pam in can not your friend.

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