Grandson: “Do you have a conscience, grampa?”
Grandfather: “Of course I do, Ronnie. Everyone does.”
Grandson: “Oh.”
Grandson: “How big are they?”

17 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Wow, ik ben de eerste!!!! I’m so excited (for being numero uno) that I even start babbling in Dutch.

    Anyway, nobody ever told the kid that size doesn’t matter?

  2. 😀 What’s a conscience? 😀

    Oh wait! is it when the mini devil pops up on one shoulder & the mini angel pops up on my other shoulder? 😀

  3. How big are they? Depends on how enmeshed in politics you are. Karl Rove’s, for example, is practically nonexistent, while Dick Cheney’s is laughably tiny. So I’ve heard.

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