Grandson: “Do you have a conscience, grampa?”
Grandfather: “Of course I do, Ronnie. Everyone does.”
Grandson: “Oh.”
Grandson: “How big are they?”


  1. Anna

    Wow, ik ben de eerste!!!! I’m so excited (for being numero uno) that I even start babbling in Dutch.

    Anyway, nobody ever told the kid that size doesn’t matter?

  2. wat ? Davezilla is nu nederlandstalig ? Et pour les franophones la mΓƒΒͺme chose ?

    Anyway, conscience can sometimes be heavy little things…

  3. Spud

    I don’t have a conscience…

  4. Nina

    πŸ˜€ What’s a conscience? πŸ˜€

    Oh wait! is it when the mini devil pops up on one shoulder & the mini angel pops up on my other shoulder? πŸ˜€

  5. I used to have a conscience, then I started writing contracts for clients.

    Heh. Fuck ’em all.

  6. Mikel

    Anna, I always heard that size does matter.

  7. Dawn

    yes it does :wang:

  8. pappy


    Does your conscience care if you care if size matters..?

  9. cbatdux

    I gave up my conscience (and my new year’s resolutions) for lent….

  10. charlie

    According to my sister (slut), size does not matter…however LACK of size does…

  11. Ms. Z

    I have a conscience. I :wang: him everynight.

  12. How big are they? Depends on how enmeshed in politics you are. Karl Rove’s, for example, is practically nonexistent, while Dick Cheney’s is laughably tiny. So I’ve heard.

  13. hippychick

    Don’t know why size matters. Guys lie about the size anyway. :limp:

  14. jay

    good call rust, I do the same thing, make your money and fuck ’em!!!:twisted:

  15. Paige Dalton

    Im semi-conscience-or is it conscious?????:dead:

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