Nevar forget!

Flight 93

Guest author: Optimus Crime

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  1. Mandy

    So THAT’S what Elvis Hipster is driving these days. :wtf:

    The preacher farting was fucking hysterical! 😈

  2. JFLY

    Of course he’s flatulent…it’s Garlic day!

  3. family jules

    Well, now I can prove definitively that tele-evangelists are full of hot air! Thanks Dave!

  4. The preacher is a real gas…

    He will save you or send you straight to smell…
    (That was stupid)

    I Got It!!!!
    A quote from John Leguizamo as The Clown from the movie “Spawn”
    “Everytime somebody farts…uh…uh…a demon gets it’s wings…”


  5. Timmmy

    I could wait to post this, or not post it at all and keep thinking about it, or I could just post it and “get it over with”

    I don’t like the license plate, I do not consider it a tribute, I know this is for personal reasons. I do not need a reminder because I will never forget.

    I live in south-western Pennsylvania. It was loud and low, my first thought was maybe New York wasn’t the only city to be hit and that plane was headed for Pittsburgh. I stood and stared in the direction of Pittsburgh for either 30 seconds or 3 minutes, I don’t know how long, wondering if I was going to see a plume of smoke.

    Flight 93 flew over my house.

    I’ve heard about Vietnam veterans who jump into bushes if they hear a truck backfire, I think I understand them. Whenever I hear a plane, I stop breathing for a few seconds.

    Dave, I wouldn’t mind if you delete this for being too much of a bummer. I just needed to “vent.”

  6. [Comment ID #44480 will be quoted here]

    We all to vent sometimes…it’s cool…completely understandable

  7. Spud

    I think that may be the reason Dave put it up here Timmmmmmy.

    I could be wrong, as it may have happenned once or twice before.

    And in other news, in honour of today being Garlic Day, I shall consume one lightly toasted garlic bread loaf.


  8. Alex

    I am with you. Today is April 19th. In Oklahoma City, where I live, we remember another tragedy today, the 1995 bombing. I’ll never forget. I lost a good friend with the US Secret Service in that tragedy. My daughter had 2 classmates lose parents.
    Your tragedy deals with the enemy from outside. Oklahoma City’s deals with the enemy from inside.

  9. mitch

    Idiots who want to prove their bravado, with such lame tributes are losers. The only way to honor those who died, is by getting rid of the retarded madman who instigated the whole thing. Unfortunately we’ve become a bumper sticker world.
    I’ll get down off of my soap box now. Fart on , Reverend. Fart on.

  10. prtyprincess

    I whole-heartedly agree with mitch. bumper stickers don’t honor people the way revenge does, so I say, kill the m.f.

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system,
    that preacher is hilarious…I laughed my ass off!

  11. djemm

    I’m not American but could relate alot of friends and family there.That just seems to belittle what happened what nex coffee mugs
    To the paster better out than in :puke:

  12. Bob

    let it out Timmy its ok. mitch sut the f$%# up

  13. bhamm

    I have personal feelings about that license plate, that I would prefer not to share at this time…

    However, I will be more than happy to say that Farting Preachers and Garlic Days are very very funny. I just hope the Preachers didn’t eat Garlic today. :dead:

  14. mitch smith

    [Comment ID #44491 will be quoted here]

    I caught your meaning, brother man. Peace and love.

  15. Man, I just thought we could laugh together at the guy who turned his midlifecrisismobile sports-car into a rolling 9/11 tribute showcase, and at the tackiness of turning a national tragedy into the subject of a vanity license plate.

    Guess I was wrong. Apologies, all. Enjoy the stirring Camero tribute.



  16. bhamm

    And that, Optimus, was my exact personal feeling about the license plate!

    So, for me, no apologies needed!

  17. Jennifer

    [Comment ID #44481 will be quoted here]


  18. Lace Valentine

    I wonder if the front of the car has a Holy Spirit license plate. Get you some descending dove.

  19. Elektra

    They have gone too far with milking the whole event. There is a movie about 9/11 coming out soon. Leave it to America to use a horrific event to make money. How about a resolution…wait no let me just buy this magnent for my car. πŸ‘Ώ

  20. wunnybabbitt

    I too was in oklahoma city on April 19th, I worked just a couple of blocks from the bombed building. It was just so awful that I can never forget . I will not go see the Flight 93 movie because it is just to close to the same thing. On the lighter side I have seen the farting preacher in real life and he is just as hilarious as the link.

  21. Bjorn Freeh

    Devil’s advocate time… maybe, just maybe, the person who owns the license plate lost someone on that flight. Not saying that’s what this is, it’s just a possibility. Grieving people do those things.

    Of course, he may also be a jackass, trying to claim someone else’s grief.

  22. Duke

    Ditto, just ditto. optimus might be right, or maybe timmy too. Yes lets kill those responsible. And yes the movie will not be watched by me. There – my own vent. While i’m agreeing with everyone, I guess i’ll think about what mitch thinks, somehow this is the republicans fault. :mrgreen:

  23. Driver

    Is anyone here not smart enough to know that {to make a vow} means GIVE ME YOUR MONEY ?
    They think thier SSSOOOOOOO clever.
    The farting was timed perfectly with his face expresions , totaly fucking funny .

  24. MrDoug

    Fight 93…Hmmm could this be the way the guy drives?

    gallows humor folks

    out of tragedy comes humor….

  25. scamper95

    the plate is tacky and sould be destryed along with the car and money grubbing basterds that made the movie. a legal holiday would be honerable.

    And might I suggest beano for preacher man.

  26. lucygoosy2004

    How can we forget how a bunch of tareists took a beautiful Tuesday morning and turned it into the most horrific day of all Americans lives.? I dontknow anyone who died and I live in rural Virginia, far away from the crash sites. But, every time I see the Twin Towers in an old movie or t.v. show, I am automatically drawn to that day and my co-worker coming in to tell me that they were bombing New York and my Egyptian (muslim) boss crying his eyes out because he had become an American citizen the month and he loved this country so much.Always remember the families and the victims of 9/11 in your prayers.

  27. JFLY

    That date is personnaly disturbing for me. 9-11 (the day after my birthday) was also the anniversary of my father’s death…he passed away with his hand in mine back in 1998.

    The very day of the bombings was also the day we were enroute moving from Chicago here to Wisconsin. I wondered if Chicago was next and I took a good look at her skyline as we drove, thinking it might not ever be the same again. Passing O’hare Airport and not seeing a single plane in the sky was surreal. Seeing as that license plate is from New York, chances are the person knew someone hurt or killed at the World Trade Center…perhaps it’s the relative of a firefighter. Witnessing the tragedy first-hand is unthinkable. Sorry, but I don’t find it funny. 😐

  28. Tragedies are not funny. Assholes are. C’mon. It’s a Camaro! What more proof of mulletude do you need? $10 says the tape deck has Molly Hatchet in it.

  29. IamCuriousPlaid

    Nevar forget to read Davezilla. He da man. :kiss:

  30. Jake S.

    I personally didn’t think that someone with a self-proclaimed IQ of 130 would misspell personally. πŸ™„

  31. Dennis Bookhart

    Too bad someone forgot how to spell “Never!”

  32. [Comment ID #44604 will be quoted here]

    That’s the intentional Intarweb spelling. Like “ur”, “teh”, “moran”.

  33. Jeffro

    JFLY, I Feel for your loss. I have no more grand parents left and I miss them much. Flight 93, however, did not hit the World Trade Center. It crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.
    Also, Optimus, the car is a 6 cyl. camaro. No self respecting man would buy this for a midlife crisis. It’s more likely a teenage girls car.

  34. family jules

    Thank you Dave, for putting the humor of this back in perspective.

    How close to the tragedy are you required to be to make this a tribute instead of a misguided expression of uber-patriotism? Everyone feels differently about the date in question, some will handle it differently than others, and we are all entitled to handle it however we feel we have to. Rock on, Timmmy.

    Chances are just as good that this guy bought the car in red just because it matched the plates so well. It’s funny for a lot of reasons, even if the point of reference is not funny at all.

  35. JFLY

    [Comment ID #44601 will be quoted here]

    Ever hear of typos? :wtf:

  36. Again, people. I am not belittling the tragedy. Mitch nailed it. License plates are not tributes; they’re shallow bravado and chest-pufferyÒ€”and that is funny.

  37. Tina Marie

    Right now I am seeing a client (I am a mental health counselor) who’s brother was killed at 9/11, and she is still pretty screwed up by it. She’s actually looking forward to the movie because she wants the story told–after all–it’s the story of her family. The rest of us may be horrified by the idea of making money off the story of Flight 93, but for the families who lost someone, it has been 5 long years and a little glory for their loved ones might feel pretty good. Maybe it will even help some of the families get a little more closure. I don’t know that I will be able to go and see it (it sounds so morbid) but I respect the families who lost people on 9/11 and their wishes are that the movie be released. And no, I am not globalizing my client’s attitude to the entire group of survivor families. Believe it or not, these folks have kept in touch–after all there is a class action suit going on against the Saudi government for providing the money to fund the attacks.

    Having said all that, and knowing how much grief and sorrow ‘ol Bin Butthead has caused, I personally think we should attach his balls to the back bumper of this lovely camaro and let Mr. Tribute drive him around town. For starters. Then we could get out the grill and…

    I can dream, people, I can dream.

  38. mitch

    Peace to everyone. We’re all in this together.

  39. family jules

    So, how do we all feel about those white plastic rear windshield memorials to those we have lost? Do you think dedicating your car’s rear view to your loved one is proper ettiquette?

    Just wonderin’.

  40. [Comment ID #44597 will be quoted here]

    And the trunk contains a cooler full of Milwaukee’s Worst.

  41. It is no doubt that 9/11 was a tragedy, people will never forget it, some people are effected by it more than others…it is good to remember to…it is understandable to feel the pain…it is great to pay omage to the fallen heroes…

    But this Vanity Plate is pathetic…this person needs to get a clue or get a life…simple as that…no more about it…

    It is a reality that will haunt this nation for years…it happened…nothing can be done to reverse time…

    If President Boy George needs to do one simple thing…pull the troops out of Iraq, that have a step in the right direction, wherever they end up…and he needs to finish the fucking job…Osama needs to play for what he did…we got Saddam…big deal…we got him…and I know he had something to do with it, a facilitator of sorts…but Osama did it…and he needs to pay…with more than his life…torture sounds good to me…but his head on a stick…that sounds good…

    This guy’s vanity plate sucks ass and he needs a reality check.
    The troops need to finish the job with Osama.
    and there is one more…oh yeah…I remember…
    Our President needs something more than a six grade education…or borrow Dan Quayle’s Hooked on Phonics…either way…how long is it to the NEXT election!?!!!?!

    The rant is now over…thank you… 😈

  42. mikeB

    and I know he had something to do with it

    He had nothing to do with it. He is not a member or supporter of Al Aqaida. We went there because Iraq has richer oil than any country on earth and because there are certain phosphates that only exist in Iraq. Period. Want to find the source of any war? Trace the money. It always leads back to oil. :dead:

  43. [Comment ID #44668 will be quoted here]

    It has been document that the highjackers were linked to the former Iraqi government…and Saddam…I remember that from when they finally indentified the highjackers near the start of all of this, long before we entered Iraq…something tells me there might have been more…leaves you to wonder a little

  44. Hey, I was on Flight 93, and I want to tell you, I will NEVER forget the crummy service, the total lack of attention on the part of the stewards, and the horrible way the plane was flown.

    Is that good enough for everyone?

    Also, don’t forget that the whole thing was a CIA-FBI-PNAC-BushDaddy-Dubya conspiracy to free up real estate in Baghdad and to raise gasoline prices. Anyone who thinks it was Osay Ami Apatsy and a bunch of carpet riders is livin’ in a fantasy world where Dick and Don are kewl dudes just out to be public servants. Just how much are those two bozos worth now?

  45. Marcus

    The liscence plate and the car are tacky. I also think flag shirts, team shirts, and all those goodies are garbage for the bin. This liscence plate beats them all. I remeber the day it all happened. I was living and working in Thailand. I had lost both of my grandmothers, one month apart from each other. This new event made me explode. I stopped work and used my office computer to get as much information as possible. I also sent emails off trying to contact everyone I knew. However, I did one thing on that day that was important to me. I printed a picture of the WTC right after the second plane hit. The print-out is dated 9/11. I can’t look at them right now, but maybe later.

    I have seen the farting preacher 2 video… Fart Harder. Isn’t that something… isn’t that something.
    [Comment ID #44479 will be quoted here]
    Nice Spawn quote. Now guess this one.

    “because I smelt it I would forever more be he who delt it. Let me illustrate…let’s see…distance……. pull my fingers. S. B. D.! Silent but deadly.”

  46. [Comment ID #44708 will be quoted here]

    Damn…I’m usually good for movie quotes…but I think you got me…go ahead and tell me, and let me relish in the fact that you got me…

  47. Timmmy

    How about this for my tribute? I’ll have “Flight 93” shaved onto the back of my head. πŸ™„ πŸ™‚

  48. Timmmy

    I meant “Flight 93” and maybe a little airplane?

  49. Timmmy

    It’s supposed to be an endquote after the 93

  50. Marcus

    [Comment ID #44711 will be quoted here]

    Drum roll please. Are you ready? Paul Reubens, PeeWee, in the movie Mystery Men. He plays a superhero called the Spleen and his farts were SBD. Silent But Deadly. I couldn’t resist seeing as I know how you love PeeWee so much. Since we are on the subject of smells here is another quote.

    “Oh my God! What’s that smell?”
    “That’s the smell of desire, milady.”
    “God no it smells like — a used diaper filled with Indian food.”

    :puke: :puke:

  51. Marcus

    Oh my, someone named Timmmy. Did you get the nickname from South Park? Timmy was the mentally challenged kid in a wheelchair. He would only respond to questions with his name.

    Question: “Hey Timmy. Do you have a dog?”
    Answer: “Timmmmmmy!!!” Means ‘Yes’

    Q: “Timmy do you like spinach?”
    A: “Timmy!” Means ‘No.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not calling you mentally challanged. I just think your nick is cool because I am crazy about South Park.”

  52. [Comment ID #44724 will be quoted here]

    “Mystery Men”…I need to pull that movie out and watch it…I haven’t watched it since the DVD came out…but I do remember Paul Reubens playing the Spleen…that was a good movie…

    He was good in “Mystery Men”…but that’s enough torture about PeeWee…the madness is killing me…not really but the memories suck… 😈

  53. Ace

    That preacher almost made me piss myself!
    …alright…I did.

    P.S. Timmmy rocks!

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