Caption Time #107

Caption Time #107

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  1. mikeB

    The ever-watchful ass of Sauron! :wtf:

  2. [Comment ID #44709 will be quoted here]

    I don’t think I can even come close to topping that…good one there…

    Dave…freak watching again…where did you find this…uh…person at…or do I want to know… 😈

  3. nancy

    WTF? πŸ˜•

  4. Tina Marie

    From the burns on that guy’s (?) face and the…um…shall we say tissue around his head, I believe that it must be “Armageddon!” time.

  5. Driver

    Scientist today unvail’ed thier most recent genetic development , the human ,shark , bat , parakete or Husharbakete . A spokesman for the genetics department had this to say . We thought it would be smaller !

    The foam vibrater toys cracks me up . But I still dont think they can be used in public… can they ?

  6. Spud

    John L Buttkiss – For Hire.

  7. Spud

    Sorry, maybe I got that arse about.

  8. Spud

    Okay, that’s the end.


  9. Marcus

    Oh my God I can’t stop laughing. I think he is supposed to be one of the TwoTowers. But he looks like he could be either asshole man or vagina man. He must visit the Homemade Sex Toys web site. He probably has the foam finger vibrator stuck up his ass right now and shouting “Naughty Aragorn, naughty boy!!!! Do me with your big sword!!!! Oh yeah! oooooohh “

  10. Her birthday is a week from today. πŸ˜†

  11. Coleman

    So this is what robin williams is talking about when he mentions flaming assholes… odd i always thought they would be shorter.

  12. Amanda B.

    I agree w/Nancy; WTF!!! :wtf:

    And Happy Birthday Nikki! Today is my Son’s B-Day 2. πŸ™‚

  13. mitch

    Dave, once again you have boasted my self-esteem by showing me that my life is not all that bad. At least I don’t have a hemmorhoid on my head. Thank you.

  14. [Comment ID #44728 will be quoted here]

    How did my iCalendar screw that up? 😳

  15. Your iCal forgot my birthday too! πŸ˜›

    j/k :kiss:

  16. Teehee. Fitting, since I’ll be out of town next week anyway.
    :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: Dave :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    Happy birthday to Amanda B.’s little one. :java:

  17. Alex

    “I don’t know what that is, man!” to quoteTommy Chong.

  18. Mandy

    OMG. Beast! :wtf:

  19. mikeB

    Sharkboy, saddened by the deplorable box office numbers of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, goes on a 9 day bender with Nicholas Cage. :puke:

  20. Bob

    DAD!!! You get back in the trailer NOW!! afore anybody sees you!

  21. Bob

    And be sure to wipe that foam finger off on the grass afore abrinin it back inside

  22. Jennifer

    happy birthday!!!!! :kiss: :kiss:

  23. bhamm

    Okay, here we go:

    1) Sadly, Cleatus did not get the callback as the next villian in the Untitled Batman Begins Sequel
    2) “And this, Jimmy, is why you should stay in school.”
    3) The NYPD displays their new ultra-discreet uniforms.
    4) No, I’m sorry sir, today is a tribute to Beethoven. Tomorrow is the Pagan Day of Sun Worship.

    One last thought…
    Is that a wristwatch or a communication device to the Mothership?

  24. I think we should chip in and buy Nikki a foam finger vibrator for her birthday.
    :wang: :wang: :wang:


  25. Meagan

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! STOP LOOKING AT ME, YOU FREAK!! :wtf:

  26. Spud

    On second thoughts, I reckon this could be a female…


  27. I can only suggest musical accompaniment.

    Black velvet and that little boy smile
    Black velvet with that slow southern style
    A new religion that’ll bring you to your knees
    Black velvet if you please.

    And… I do, please.

  28. Patrick

    [Comment ID #44749 will be quoted here]
    That’s a she, not a he and from the number of kids around I think she’s a grade school teacher who had a really baaaaad idea for Open House night and I think she needs to be fire immediately before she convinces her students to do something that ends up on the six o’clock news.

  29. Nancy

    Spud said;
    ThatÒ€ℒs a she, not a he and from the number of kids around I think sheÒ€ℒs a grade school teacher who had a really baaaaad idea for Open House night and I think she needs to be fire immediately before she convinces her students to do something that ends up on the six oÒ€ℒclock news.

    OMG Spud….now I’m really scarred!!!! :wtf:

  30. Peaches

    Bubba stood in marked disappointment at the Star Trek Convention after being told, “You idiot, it’s Klingons from Uranus, not cling-ons on your anus”

  31. [Comment ID #44753 will be quoted here]

    I seriously cannot come up with anything better than this.

  32. Jilly

    Dudes – It’s a chick…check out the french manicure on her left hand under her vocal encryption device…I mean watch!

  33. Bjorn Freeh

    Welcome home from the hospital, Harry Whittington!

  34. mikeB

    [Comment ID #44763 will be quoted here]

    That’s a man, baby! :wtf:

  35. |nsan|ty

    You can not beat kids in school anymore…. not like when I was a kid, but This is an inventive way to alter there minds for ever…

  36. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #44763 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #44785 will be quoted here]

    Whatever it is, it’s lonely.

  37. Dennis Bookhart

    The Seattle Opena Company reveals it’s new cosutme for Brunnhilde in their upcoming production of Wagners, Ring. And this critic giives it a two puke reaction. :puke: :puke:

  38. [Comment ID #44745 will be quoted here]

    Yeah, the NYPD needed a costime to blend in at night with the cunts on the corner… 😈

  39. The winner of the costume contest…but it wasn’t because of how good the costume was…it was the screw up…this person had a mixed up take on “The Little Shop of Horrors”…instead of a Venus Flytrap, she came as a Penus Flytrap…big enough OOPSY to win…

    😈 😈 😈

  40. Infernos

    Attack of the Killer Vagina !

  41. MrDoug

    Despite her freakish apperance none of the kids of Ms. Lu Lu’s third grade class give her a second look on come as who you dream to be day.

  42. [Comment ID #44787 will be quoted here]

    And inside-out.

  43. [Comment ID #44794 will be quoted here]

    is that really “who you dream to be day” or “What you dream to be day”…just a thought

  44. Cynical Villain

    oh my goodness…what the hell? did someone raid Cher’s closet and decide they are going to become the next America’s top ugliest model? they are well on their way. Darn they need to be shot and set to fashion prison. :puke:

  45. scamper95

    Now thats just ugly gone bad.

  46. Bob

    never thought i’d see anything uglier than my sister charlotte ……HMMMMMMMMMMMM nope still havent.

  47. dawn

    Can anyone say VAG?! :dead:

  48. [Comment ID #44796 will be quoted here]

    I will just sit here and giggle at this. :kiss:

  49. Spud

    [Comment ID #44753 will be quoted here]



  50. Night Queen

    That’s definitely a female. :kiss: Look at her eyes, and look at what would be on her left thumbnail. EEK GAWDS! Its Seaweed-Wrapped Sushi Sally! :wtf: Try saying that fast 3 times!

  51. dougieace

    [Comment ID #44740 will be quoted here]
    im scared too,will you just hold me,wearing your thong,i miss the thong.

  52. lucygoosy2004

    WHAT??? Did anyone go check out the link???OMG!!!! I didnt know you could home-make sex toys! Im off to Wal-Mart to buy some balloons, some Nerf footballs for my boyfriend and lots and lots of lube!!!!!!! :wang: :boob: :boob:

  53. Ace

    That cat’s got the biggest pimple I’ve ever seen!

    After a long night of fighting with herself, Agatha finally decided she wasn’t going to hide who she really was from her family and friends anymore. This is the kind of life style she wants to live. It may be different, but this is who she is.

  54. Randy

    As Johnny Cash would sing: Ò€œAnd it burns, burns, burns; the sphincter (er uh ring I mean) of fire.Ò€

  55. Tina Marie

    [Comment ID #44715 will be quoted here]

    Okay guys–I am entirely sorry. I tried to post, and it appeared to not let me, so I persisted and tried again, and then it was double post, and …

    Neither one of them had the link!

    Sorry about that. ❓

  56. alaskan_passion

    under the microscope this is what a saber toothed crotch cricket looks like :wtf:

  57. Drusky

    Sadly, Pat the 6th gradeteacher, remembered little Billy’s question during science class “What would happen if you made a M-80 into an ‘expoloding cigar’?” a little too late after lighting up that cigar left on her desk… 😈

  58. DaPopster

    After a night of way too many Tequila jello shots, little Jimmy wakes up to …. :puke: :puke: :puke: :limp: :limp:

  59. Meagan

    Oooh, I just love the feeling of foam! :undies:

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