Which is more nauseating?

Which is more nauseating?

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  1. Mandy

    On Tuesday, Jesus was Swedish.

    Today, he glows and rides a scooter on a unicorn’s back.


  2. Spud

    Maybe it’s an Ikea Glow-Ride Chairâ„¢

  3. Marcus

    Both pictures are nauseating, but the picture of the retarded man ridding the unicorn while sitting on some kind of contraption takes the cake or in this case makes you spew the cake. Looks like some one should take away their Photoshop and smack their fingers.

    Mexican children : It is a common misconception that lighting is more likely to strike metal. Some scientist did a study on this subject. They put a lighting maker between a metal rod and a wood rod. They fired lighting 10 times. The lighting hit each rod 5 times. Bang goes that theory. The children were just unlucky and I feel sympathy for their families.

  4. Tell me if I am seeing this right…is that a glowing sheep?!!!?

    Oh my…I think that is the winner…

  5. djemm

    So thats what happened to the sheep and the idiot from next door that I sacrificed last week.

  6. Anna

    The first one is obviously a poster for the upcoming pornflick: The Sheep, The Lion and The Scroll …. what cán you di with those?

  7. Anna

    DO ….. DO …… you moron me.

  8. Marcus

    I can’t insult the first picture because I understand it.

    The Lion of Judah
    The Lamb of God
    The Alpha and Omega

    I, however, think it is a bad way to portray the subject and the artist should be crucified with the picture.

  9. Alex

    I am with you Marcus. Why aren’t we defaming Buddha here?

  10. [Comment ID #46384 will be quoted here]
    Isn’t that an ELO song? 😛

  11. Beth

    I say we take this nausea to the next level and hover the cripple and the unicorn inside a brandy snifter, frame it, hang it on the wall over the console tv, sit back and listen to some Lionel Richie vinyls.

  12. [Comment ID #46389 will be quoted here]

    Ooh, good call, Beth. One could only top that by ensuring it was painted on black velvet. :puke:

  13. bhamm

    I think the first picture is the most nauseating. Jesus never read from a script. He had all of his lines memorized. And I don’t seem to recall a passage from the Gospel According to St. John that said “And Jesus then spake the words that were written on parchment before Him, as the guardian Aslan, from the Land of Narnia, looked over His shoulder.”

    Of course, an old bitty on a motorcart riding a unicorn is pretty creepy too.

  14. Meagan

    It must be too early in the morning for me because I thought that scroll was a diet Coke. ❓

  15. Meagan

    By the way, am I the only one who noticed the blood on the sheeps belly? Very disturbing, indeed.

  16. Spud

    The lion, the lamb & the weird do

  17. prtyprincess

    Yeah, That’s pretty sad on both counts, but, hey, Whatever floats your boat… :wtf:

  18. The thing on a unicorn is beoynd my mortal ability to comprehend, :dead:

  19. Craig

    Always pray to wooden crosses. The worst you could get is a splinter.

  20. Jeffro

    Isn’t that Kurt Russell on the unicorn? That must be the movie poster for “Backdraft 2: The Aftermath”

  21. Alex

    In Luke Chapter 4:

    16And He came to (P)Nazareth, where He had been brought up; and as was His custom, (Q)He entered the synagogue on the Sabbath, and (R)stood up to read.

    17And the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him. And He opened the book and found the place where it was written,

    20And He (U)closed the book, gave it back to the attendant and (V)sat down; and the eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on Him.

    21And He began to say to them, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”

    About the Lamb. Jesus is a pierced Lamb of God. He took a spear in His side. Prior to Jesus, the Hebrews sacrificed animals for sin offering. Their blood was drained and they were burned taking the “hellfire” we deserve. Jesus came to eliminate that practice as a final sacrifice crucified once for all.

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him may not be damned to Hell but have eternal life in Heaven.

  22. Francesca

    the unicorn one is more nausiating… notice that along with the rainbow the unicorn appears to be walking on water. That is one amazing unicorn 🙄

  23. Bjorn Freeh

    Art is art. If it makes somebody happy… what the hey?

  24. evilqueen

    Picking on other people’s are isn’t nice, but constructive criticism is fine. The artist should know that while both of these photoshopped hodpodges are ummm… unique, they would both look much better if they were on fire.

  25. Jennifer

    [Comment ID #46398 will be quoted here]
    no you are not
    they are both pretty bad

  26. Paige

    That looks like an acid trip I had in 1985! Especially the old lady in that chair riding the unicorns back!Dont take the brown acid! I see Jimmy Garcia!! I think im having a flashback! 😀

  27. MrDoug

    When having sex with a sheep it is best to not do it during that time of the month. So is the Lion a Frat boy?

    Now lets see here Cripple, check, Unicorn, check, Rainbow, Check, Ah I get it Ron Ronco is moving into the gay three wheeled scooter market. Hands down the winner. :puke:

    Good to see god sill has a sense of humor and great aim. Killing 5 with one shot and missing the cross in the process? 👿

  28. Bad art is a sin, so sayeth the Velvet Elvis.

  29. scamper95

    Who ever made this and/or owns it must have the hookup on some really good acid.

    As for the cross issue, its very sad. Stupid mexicans should have known better then to be out there with there kids during the storm unless they were sacrafcing young virgins.

  30. Peaches

    The first one I understand…….but I always wondered what was “over the rainbow”……now I know.

  31. Marcus

    [Comment ID #46396 will be quoted here]

    I agree with you, but I still can’t say much about it except that it is corny and maybe even cheap. How dare they cheapen a religion with such a badly airbrushed picture. I would never do that to any religion. The picture is close to blasphemy.

  32. Ace

    The rainbow picture isn’t even religious, it’s the new ad for the rascal scooter. Have you guys seen those things? They are so cool!

  33. liza

    the unicorn w/ the rainbow wins, but that sheep freaked me out too

  34. Spud

    [Comment ID #46467 will be quoted here]

    “…Art for arts sake, money for godsake…”


  35. Steppenwolf

    If wishes were unicorns, Stephen Hawking would ride…

  36. [Comment ID #46537 will be quoted here]

    More Kevin Smith…

    [Comment ID #46404 will be quoted here]

    If the cross is big enough, it could fall over and crush you…

  37. Marcus

    [Comment ID #46537 will be quoted here]

    I will have nightmares after seeing that picture. It’s almost as bad as the baby jesus doll.

  38. Marcus

    [Comment ID #46389 will be quoted here]

    And make the cripple cry for real.

  39. Marcus

    One more comment.

    “Did he say blessed are the cheesemakers?”

  40. Timmmy

    First picture seems to be a legitimate attempt at art, but Jesus is creeping me out. Second picture is what happens when you mix photoshop with tequila and assorted Pharmaceuticals.

    I think the person is in a hoveround(TM).
    I wouldn’t be caught dead using a hoveround and I AM a cripple.

  41. DaPopster

    God WILL get you for that !!

  42. Mjaz

    [Comment ID #46392 will be quoted here]

    …surrounded by red roses…

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