Formal Wear

Formal Wear

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  1. “See? I told you the size 2 would fit!”

    Sorry, that’s lame, but there are so many things wrong with this picture I don’t know where else to begin.

  2. evilmister

    i’d like to say everyone’s gotta get their freak on, but DAMN.
    oh .. and the formal wear … that there’s The Middle-Aged White Trash Tuxedo complete with Pukka Shell Necklace for the Gents and the Over-the-Shoulder-Boudler-Holder Beige Special with Titanium Struts and Demi-Sized Blue Jean Jacket … wraparound 80’s shades not included.

  3. wtf to both the pic AND the link o the day. my brain hurts…. :wtf:

  4. Tina Marie

    Now this nice young lady would be perfect to help out Mommy Jane. After all, she appears to have an ample supply of milk for all the ABs that Mommy Jane takes care of. Perhaps she could help entertain the babies so that Mommy Jane doesn’t get too tired. :wtf:

    Holy shit.

  5. Anna

    Always wanted to have those kinds of floating devices in an emergency or bad storm.

  6. bishirti

    OMG ! Is that Anna Nicole and her lawyer Howard Stern? :wtf:

  7. Spud

    Bling Bling.

    Something is wrong with Mary Jane.


  8. Ace

    Look at the girl on those boobs!
    Shouldn’t a nipple have made an appearance by now? How on earth are they hiding?

    Is Mommy Jane the one who babysits all aged children from the other day? Finally someone to change my diaper. All this time I’ve been doing it all by myself, like a jerk. Well, no more!

  9. Timmmy

    [Comment ID #46599 will be quoted here]

    I think that’s an ample supply of silicone.

  10. Timmmy

    This photo was taken just seconds before “Janine” walked into that pole. Fortunately,for her, her personal airbags were already deployed from when she walked into another pole one block down.

  11. Stevie C

    Did anyone notice the “KOOL KEITH” on buddy’s jacket? Hey Keith, if you have to tell everyone you’re cool, then quess what? You’re not. As for All-Natural Nancy, it’s nice to see that she can still fit into the same clothes she wore in high school.

    Reminds me of the old joke: Two blondes walk into a bar. You’d think that one of them would have seen it.

  12. is it just me, or does to guy look like a younger Robin Williams gone wrong…

    and as for the…er…woman…I’m speechless

  13. L

    And you know she did that last check in the mirror before leaving the house – yeah, I look gooood. :wtf:

  14. prtyprincess

    That woman’s face in the picture looks f***ed up, and Mommy Jane is a sick, sick person…How did you find that site Dave? :puke:

  15. Driver

    So if thats formal wear is she on her way to the Anual Belly Dancer / Stripper awards .

    I believe Mommy Jane needs mental help and lots of it .

  16. Marcus

    For all you ladies… she will develope severe back problems from those bajungas.

    To Dave

    I made you an appointment with Mommy Jane. I hope you have a good time. Thanks for making me :puke:

  17. [Comment ID #46616 will be quoted here]

    Don’t blame me, princess! Larfus sent me that. 😐

  18. Beth

    Oh damn. The scariest thing about Mommy Jane’s Website is that “I’ve been counted” ❓ I don’t wanna be counted by that chick. I feel violated! Where’s my loofah?

    Plus that bra top on Kool Keith’s sexy lady just looks like it’s hurting her :limp:.

  19. mikeB

    From Hollywood:
    A new David Lynch movie is being filmed in Royal Oak, Michigan.

    The part of Kool Keith to be played by Dennis Hopper.
    The part of Minxie the One-Eyed Whore will be played by former punk rock singer, Wendy O. Williams

    Names for the film are still under consideration, but some of the working titles have included Twin Jugs, Wild at Chest, Eraserbra, Blue Velvet Bra, and Breast Highway.

  20. bhamm

    – My first thought was “Huh. Anna Nicole’s sister that no one talks about ’cause she’s even more trashy than her older sister.”

    – Kool Keith: “Okay, hun, come on, I don’t see any cops around!”

    – Does anyone else notice that the woman is oozing ‘cheap’? I mean, her hair is a cheap bleach job, she is wearing very tacky, very cheap costume jewelry, she obviously got a cheap boob job, and her clothes were bought at Goodwill on the “Nothing Past 1987” rack. Oh, and let’s not forget the shades.

  21. Craig

    Where to begin…Mommy jane looks like she had her pic taken by the local police dept., and for those 2 in the picture, WOW! It’s not to often you see a guy in a visor with sunglasses, a fanny pack, bling, AND his name on his shirt! And she better get her ass back to great clips, her roots are starting to show. :limp: :puke:

  22. tres

    dress for success

  23. |nsan|ty

    :wtf: :puke: There went my breakfast…….

  24. Laurie

    Wow!! What else can you say. Ya gotta feel as good as ya look, I’m sure they’re feelin it! 🙄

  25. I just now checked out the link…and I have two things to say…

    What the fuck is that…and why is Larfus looking at this shit?

    And I didn’t know that Bob Newhart had a sister that looked like him…
    Look at the picture in the link closely, and you will see it too…

  26. oh. my. god. well, my brain is f-d. i was ok till i looked at the pictures. whoa. by the way that white trash babe in the picture…..two teabags and a shoestring would probably cover more. she should give her daughters training bra back

  27. Cynical Villain

    Well damn…can those breasts squeeze any tighter in that damn thing. I mean that shirt must be made from industrial strength fabric. Cause they damn near bout to spill out. But damn I was about to say Damn Anna Nicole really done let loose. But then again…she was loose to begin with! :boob: :boob: But she knew better to wear something like that.

  28. I’m going to regret this, but what do AB/DL/CD mean?

    And am I to understand that these grown adults actually make use of their diaper and not because they are old and incontinent?

  29. Meagan

    And I thought I was already woozy from giving blood this morning. As far as that link goes, oh my fucking god!!! :wtf:

  30. cbatdux

    Once had a bitch with a tiny bra

    …and BLINGO was ner name-o.

    C’mon, sing it with me…..

    I’ll be she’s got an annoyingly high-pitched sqeaky voice….

  31. [Comment ID #46634 will be quoted here]

    Or a deep and raspy voice…

    Hey Dave, I think this picture answer the “Which is more nauseating?” question from yesterday’s post… :puke:

  32. bricknee

    my brain can only handle so much white trash in one day. I’ve met my limit for the week. :wtf:

  33. Duke

    If sights seen could kill you, I’d be very cold dead right now. I was hoping the nausea was one day only, now it has escalated and my brain is cringing.

  34. Bob

    She reminds me of that cougar you had some time back. I wonder if they are related and the guy is going for a threesum with them, and then out for a quick diaper change at Mcdonalds wile being spanked.Wow what a life :wtf:

  35. Bob

    threesome and while sorry about the spelling lol

  36. Bjorn Freeh

    Dow Corning’s dream couple: She with the enhanced hooters and he with a silicone caulking tube in his pants.

    Chemicals for better living…

  37. [Comment ID #46630 will be quoted here] I was asking myself the same question when I stumbled across this site. Why am I looking at this? :wtf: , but then I quickly snapped out of it and spammed Dave with my find.

  38. Damn it that was meant for Master Solace ❓

  39. I need more alcohol before I can continue here.

  40. Flash Gordon

    I saw that same bilious couple in a small North Georgia town yesterday. they
    get around! I’m almost positive the guy is an illegal Mexican. Excuse me, I have
    to change my diaper. 😕 :puke:

  41. dougieace

    “birds of bad feathers stick together” other than :puke:thats all i got

  42. Goth Princess

    Ummmm, yea, i don’t know what to say to that except, maybe, WTF :puke:

  43. Swade

    OMG(oodness)!!! If the picture above wasn’t bad enough – that link has made me very very afraid! I live in CA, in the East Bay – too close to Pittsburg in fact. That woman needs mental help – maybe I should give her a referral? I just finished a shower, but I think an acid bath is necessary now :wtf:

  44. Lena

    Usually everyday I just read the comments and laugh b/c I really like your page dave and i have been reading it for a long time. but that link was wrong on so many levels, larfus, that was sick dude! i was waaaay to sober for the pic and then the link! I am in need of a drink right now :wtf:

  45. Meagan

    [Comment ID #46634 will be quoted here]

    Actually, I think Bimbo was her name-o.

    :boob: :boob:

  46. alaskan_passion

    :wtf:THATS SOOOO WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS :wtf: The link that is….. :wtf: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha hee heehehheee

  47. prtyprincess

    Larfus, what were you doing to find a site like that? You bad, bad boy…
    Now you get a spankin’… :puke:… :puke:.. :puke:… :wtf:

  48. prtyprincess

    😈 I am sooo sick sometimes, sorry

  49. Cereal

    Oh my Jeebus! Who let the dogs out. Ok, so we must all love our selves but this is criminal. Poor, poor little shirt. And BTW everyone seem to be commenting on the pretty lady, but wut about midlife crisis man next to her. He looks like poor mans version of Robin Williams made over by Snoop….am I right….am I right…. or wut?

  50. Jen (yep, me too)

    The only thing I have to say about the picture is: wow.

  51. Jen (yep, me too)

    Holy fuck-that was for the link. It reminds me of a CSI: Las Vegas episode that they had this season. This rich guy was into that sort of thing and he had built a hidden room with all of the normal baby stuff, but in adult size and he had his mistress play as his mommy. She went so far as to breast feed him after she had their baby. Eeeeewwwwwww :wtf:

  52. Paige

    The picture looks like bike week at Myrtle Beach. And the link-well, I think i need a long shower and a scrub brush because I feel so dirty. Is there really a need for this kind of service?????????? :wtf:

  53. [Comment ID #46642 will be quoted here]

    That’s okay, I have bad aim too…uh…yeah…moving on

    [Comment ID #46754 will be quoted here]

    Where is MY spanking…I need one to… 😈

  54. Teri

    :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I saw that CSI:las vegas episode too…OMG!!! THEY REALLY HAVE PLACES LIKE THIS!!! PEOPLE THAT ARE INTO THIS!!! :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:As for the couple in the pic…We actually have people like this in my town.. :puke: :puke: :puke:

  55. Drusky

    Is it just me or is the only thing missing from ‘Mommy Jane’s’ picture the little sign she should be holding with the arresting police department’s name and prisoner number?

    As to the picture, why aren’t we sending our troops to Iraq in gear made from the fabric of that bra? I would guess it’s stronger than hell and just as bullet-proof as kevlar but somehow very easy to take off! 😆
    Heard from across the street:
    “Mommy, look across the street. Those people scare me…”
    “It’s O.K., Honey. It’s just White Trash. Don’t make any sudden Monster Truck noises and they’ll go away.” 😈

  56. Amber

    ok…i live in a small rual town where freaks and weirdos alike run ramipd but never in my life have i seen something like that……..that is redneck gone urban moron and terriably fucked up….and by the way Dave,as for the link I am currently in the fetal position under my desk…thanks for the years of therpists bills i will have to pay to correct this mind screw.. :wtf:

  57. Mandy

    [Comment ID #46760 will be quoted here]

    Bend over, honey. I’ll spank ya good. :wang:

  58. [Comment ID #46800 will be quoted here]

    when and where…just say the word and I’m there… :wang:

  59. Kate

    Aaah yes once again dave you never cease to amaze me with the people you congragate with and an a more stupid note HOW THE HELL DID LARFUS FIND THAT SITE ew ew ew ew ewww i will have scares forever i am only a teenager how the hell did that happen when a person wants to do that ICK. unless of course you are like that. :troll: :puke:

  60. DaPopster

    And yet ANOTHER reason for swearing off jello shots !! :puke:

  61. LovlyBrown1

    Anna Nicole’s half sister – Darling Nikki! :boob:

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