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  1. Okay, just looked at the link, and I’m glad my grandmother never got a chance to see it. She might seriously have made herself a plastic bra and actually have worn it.

    They’re probably more ideal for plastic breasts, though.

  2. Richter scale day …LETS GET READY TO RUUMMMBLLLE !!!

    I wonder what happen’ed to her foil hat , without it Ramton from the planet Ramzilion knows she’s thinking …I wonder if his other horn is curled ?

  3. didnt you guys realize that it is Scotish Folklore Day. you dress up as your favorite folklore tale. I mean come on you have a redhead in a cape, a topless nymph and a scotsman in the background.

  4. Geez guys, isn’t that the oldest joke ever? You know, Pan, a wood nymph and a scottsman walk into a bar. The bartender says, “have you seen the new wonderful plastic bag bras?” That joke is so old I’m sure everyone here already knows the punchline. :puke:

  5. [Comment ID #46133 will be quoted here]
    Couldn’t help yourself could you… ya dun stole the best line/caption.


    “Walk this way…”


  6. Maybe they been a smoking the wild weed n decided tis time to frolick. Smoking like a genie…

    Me plastic bra is de wrong size mhan.

  7. First off… it’s way too early in the morning for me to see a shirtless guy wearing horns and walking down a path and try to make sense of it.
    That being said, here are my thoughts on what’s goin on:

    – A Redneck Midsummer Night’s Dream.
    – A really really weird party that no one will ever speak about again. Ever.
    – A Hick Wedding in Narnia.

  8. Follow the grey concrete road!

    Follow the grey concrete road!

    Follow the grey concrete road!

    Straight to the WT super hero trailer park. πŸ˜›

  9. OK, bad mental image for everyone: Picture those two in bed. Now picture the sheets they would own. :dead:

  10. Call NOW for your copy of “BIKERS GONE WILD IN NORWAY” DVD…..only 3 easy payments of $9.99 {plus tax and shipping…… πŸ˜†

  11. Looks like a D&D live action game gone really really BAD!

    The fairy princess gets ambushed but a pack of wild children. (must roll a panic save…)
    The highlander fears his intelligence roll and cowers in fear!
    Everyone dies…game over

  12. C’mon guys and gals… It’s trick or treating at the local mental hospital. See the candy bags they are carrying? I wonder what “treats” they give out?

  13. Do I make you horny, baby(done in a terrible Austin Powers impersonation.) And wheres that guys shirt???If it looks that bad from the back could you imagine what the front looks like????? :puke:

  14. Good news: The scottsman is wearing :undies:
    Bad News: The red head is a guy
    Worst News: ‘guy’ with the princess lay me horns is not a guy.

    Lame Richter day joke:
    Overheard on the trail: Did the earth just move?

  15. Mary Beth knew it was going to be a classic redneck wedding. The trailer house was washed; Mary Beth was excited, but concerned that her ass would look large in the silver cape she had chosen. The appearance of a large butt on her wedding day would be a travesty. Gina Lou suggested that she have Billy Bob go shirtless, his love handles would show. Gina Lou was also aware he had a big tattoo, knowledge gained from a bachelor party the night before. For she and Billy Bob had done something nasty, it felt good Gina Lou thought. She reassured her friend. Yes, Mary BethÒ€ℒs ass would look fine.

  16. That’s a common sight here in north Georgia. I do believe they’re
    Mexicans. πŸ˜•

  17. It looks like Princess Lay-ya here has made her cape out of one of the solar blankets you keep in your car in case you get stuck in a snowstorm.

    Wonder what her underwear are made of. :wtf:

  18. I also wonder what would happen if Mr. Goatmeister (Mr. Rammstein???) gets aroused.

    Do his horns uncurl and :wang:?

  19. I believe that’d be the Witches, Demons and Druids Pride Parade.

    And shouldn’t that guy be wearing his plastic bag bra?

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    Those ARE the sheets that she’s wearing! πŸ˜†
    Stay tuned for another exciting episode of The National Park Service’s ‘Goat Man & ReynoldsWrap Girl Protect Yellowstone Park’ as they search for terrorists dressing like Scottsmen… 😈

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    Don’t believe him. Tami is on the left, Dave is on the right. 😈

  22. I was going to say this looks like Michigan Renaissance Festival to me. I go every year, too, mostly to see stuff like this.

  23. Every one who goes to Renaissance festivals say the same thing; “I go to see all the freaks.” Guess what… you’re looking at each other.

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    [Comment ID #46539 will be quoted here]

    Thanks…maybe I should try and send that to Kevin Smith….More Jay and Silent Bob… πŸ˜†

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