My bathtub is a cat toybox

My bathtub is a cat toybox

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  1. Rock, scissors, ppaer! Do I win a prize? 😛

    Wonder what’s so fascinating about the tub. Mine has never done that. She loves to steal the caps off my bottled water (once they’re off , of course) but other than that she just plays with the shitload of toys that are everywhere.

  2. I bet this is exactly what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. At least your bathtub isn’t a boytoy-box… :wtf:

  3. [Comment ID #223302 will appear here]

    omg i love your icon, annieb! want to tear those :thong: off and slurp those hips up. :kiss:

  4. Spud

    Oh yes? please do… :wtf: 😆

    I don’t know, but maybe your being a trifle reticent there Mandy…

  5. Spud

    Oh yes, the cat story, sorry Dave I was distracted there awhile, but no matter, I’m back and focused now… sorry what was the question again?…. oh yes the cat, um tricksy little bugger isn’t it.


  6. Betterthan what my cat brings me….. Dead squirrel, dead bird, dead frog, & dead lizzard. I amwaiting for a dead neighbor next…. so far, no luck. :puke:

    (I guess I should mention that theses were NOT found in my bathtub.)

  7. [Comment ID #223307 will appear here]

    Hold on, I’m coming … :kiss: :wang: :thong:

  8. [Comment ID #223336 will appear here]

    I’m thinking a triple decker: A Nicolette-Annie-Mandy sammy. I’ll bring some meat & mayo. :wang:

  9. Drusky

    [Comment ID #223340 will appear here]
    And for those who like a little spicy salsa, a helping of Astryd…


  10. Why do you have pecans lying around your house?

    And I’m going to steal your kitty.

  11. [Comment ID #223361 will appear here]

    How about some whipped topping? 😈

  12. Flash Gordon

    For some reason I feel horny after reading these posts. WE missed you, Mandy..
    AnnieB, whose hand is that, hon? :thong: :wang: 😎 :kiss:

  13. [Comment ID #223382 will appear here]

    Can’t you hear me saying I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours? 😛

  14. Drusky

    [Comment ID #223377 will appear here]

    Some people like to suck the whipped cream right from the can… 😈

  15. janeeto

    [Comment ID #223398 will appear here] I’m a right out of the can kinda woman!!

  16. I’d like to comment on what the cat dragged into the bathtub but the semi-pornographic avatars on this comment section are distracting me. Give me thirty minutes and I may come up with something.

  17. Bigwavdave

    Speaking of toy boxes…Astryd, where are you, baby? :wang:

  18. Flash Gordon

    I had a cat that brought in body parts, so I let her out on Market Street in
    Chattanooga and bade her bon voyage. She was a sweet little thing. 😳 🙁 🙄

  19. Sher

    The flair pen seems a little random……

  20. [Comment ID #223398 will appear here]
    Look at what drew me out of hiding! I can always count on you guys! Pass the whipped topping, spread the wealth…and legs. :wang: I definitely have some spice for everyone!

    I’ve been extremely busy at work and with the house hunting. I found many very beautiful homes but none that really blew my skirt up until recently. I still need to get financing (yugh) but I have high hopes.
    Keep in mind I was raised in homes with extended families and now it’s just my son and I. I hate city living so despite the beautiful homes in the city, the lack of land and having my neighbors 5 feet away didn’t thrill me. This is a 1700 sf doublewide mobile home (hit me with your best redneck joke, I’m Mexican, it amuzes me) on half an acre of land with a tall fence (required for Sgt my yellow lab that seems to sprout wings to jump fences). Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big bay window in front, large garden tub with separate shower and a fireplace! Love the fireplace! With my organization and driving skills I can fit average size cars (not boats or slugbugs) in the garage. Not surprizing when I fit 7 people and 2 houses worth of furniture in a 2 bedroom home. This home excites me! The closest Albertsons/Smiths is 10 minutes away and Walmart is 20. Work is 17…the way I drive…in the morning. I think it’s supposed to take 30 min.
    Anyway, I sold my property to my renters to have a down payment to give. So wish me luck! Pray or chant or dance naked under the full moon or do whatever you do when you ask for things and help me get in this house, please?

    BTW: Besides the sex, I don’t like this growing up stuff so far…

    My son has a sandwich baggie that he’s putting away his change and money gifts from people (aunts, uncles, grandmas) to help me save up for the house…awww. 😳 It’s heartbreaking sometimes. Specially when I’m stressing out and he brings it to me to count to see if we have enough. 😕 He’s my angel. 🙄 :kiss: 😀

  21. SORRY…I can fit 5 (FIVE) cars in the garage.

  22. [Comment ID #223609 will appear here]

    Mind if I back mine in? :wang:

    Congrats on the house hunting. I wish you well on the search and future negotiations in getting your won place. The home that you described sounds wonderful and like a great place for you and your mini-dude.

  23. Drusky

    [Comment ID #223609 will appear here]
    Sounds like a little of your dad in your son…good deal! I’m so glad that sucking cream from a can got your attention… :wang:

    I knew I like you for a reason. A yellow lab named Sgt., huh? I have two Chocolates, myself.

    Hey, Dave. A thumbs up icon would be a nice addition!

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