More people we can safely dislike #15

  1. The owners of American Girl dolls for being such bitches
  2. Mothers who ignore their child when it screams so loudly that banshees flee in terror.
  3. Mel Gibson, for proving once again, he is an utter bastard
  4. Mysoginistic Moroccans
  5. People who call me up and then immediately put me on hold.


  1. Gladia

    Dave said, “5. People who call me up and immediately put me on hold”

    6. The guy who came up with the idea of those pre-Recorded messages that call me up and tell me, “this is not a sales call please hold and a representative will be with you shortly”
    7. people who call you on the telephone and then carry on ten different conversations with people where thy are at, meanwhile, completely ignoring you, and the fact that you really need to get off the phone now…… πŸ™„ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ˜€

  2. em

    Poor little Etta!
    B*stard Mel!

  3. Anna

    People who, in chatrooms, start privat mails with the sentence “hi sexy, want to see my 15 inch on cam?”

    People who, in chatrooms, start privat mails with the sentence “hi, how are you” followed by “you want to see my 15 inch on cam?”

  4. pablo

    People who fart in their cubicles and it smells like they shit skunks & squirrels.

    People who start their conversations wit “Yo Bitch”

    People who need 2 more letters added to their name i.e. INsultan of cleavland

    Sorry, that guy just bugs me

  5. Char

    People who are talking to you on the phone while having another conversation online to someone else.

    People who start their conversations with “Just so you know…”

  6. sparks

    People who say “Now, don’t take offense but…”

    Or people who deliberately whisper about someone when that person is within clear earshot… πŸ‘Ώ Then continue to look at that person out of the corner of thier eye while still whispering-almost just so you know they are talking about you!

  7. URLs fixed. Sorry kids, Thanks for catching that, Nik. :kiss:

  8. Bjorn Freeh

    People who interrupt a conversation with “I don’t want to interrupt…”

    Bigots who a) wrongly assume I agree with their crap and b) whisper it to me because they know it’s crap and c) cop an offended attitude when I say they’re full of crap.

    Blog trolls.

    People who refer to politicians by their first names.

    People who have never read Terry Pratchett.

    People who think Chuck Norris is obviously better than Elvis.

  9. Thanks Mel, for giving me yet another reason NOT to watch Apocalypto. Jackass.

    And shame on you, American Girl Dolls, for making poor Etta cry! She’s only 6-years-old, for crying out loud! They should call them American BITCH Dolls instead.

  10. Mandy

    [Comment ID #165341 will be quoted here]

    People who don’t ask and force you to see the 15″ on cam, which is more like 5″ with a tailwind. :limp:

  11. pablo

    [Comment ID #165341 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #165641 will be quoted here]

    You see, that’s the reason women can’t read maps. Men are the the only ones who can look at something and think that an inch = a mile

  12. People who design web site with contact links, which you use and never hear back from the ‘person’ who takes care of reading the inbound mail.

  13. scamper

    people who’s phone messages say “please listen colsely as are menu has changed” a year after it changed.

  14. poisonwisky

    [Comment ID #165641 will be quoted here]

    WTF Mandy LMFAO But, boys will be boys

  15. Mikeme

    Born again Christians that begin a conversation telling you how “HOLY” they are, and then proceed to lie their ASS off. 😑

  16. AnnieB

    People who say “to make a long story short” … and never do.

  17. Mjaz

    People who clip their nails in public. (It’s called PERSONAL hygiene for a reason!) *twitch*

  18. Bigwavdave

    The biggest cry-babies in the world who start their outrageous request with “I don’t think I’m being unreasonable by asking for…” :puke: :puke: :puke:

  19. Spud

    5. People who call me up and then immediately put me on hold. This one has just started recently in these parts, I am seriously considering the best attack method to deal with this new problem.

    Air horn or whistle?

  20. Anna

    [Comment ID #166628 will be quoted here]

    Whistle ….. easier to carry around in your pantpocket. Except ofcourse if you want people to wonder what you have in your pants … :wang: or air horn.

  21. Zinta

    Women that think that the size of a mans penis matters when there isn’t really much he can do about… except expensive plastic surgery.

  22. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #167490 will be quoted here]

    It’s a poor workman who blames his tools. :wang:

  23. t1nyturtle

    People who talk in movies.

    Rude and unsafe drivers — there are a lot of them!

  24. Flash Gordon

    Teenagers with their belts below their ass cheeks
    who run around in packs in malls. They should all
    have to carry rocks from one side of a field to the
    other and back again.

    Or, better yet, have to listen to Castro’s old
    speeches for days on end. πŸ‘Ώ 😈 :puke: :wtf:

  25. cbatdux

    Chuck Norris can kick Elvis’ ass. We should send Chuck Norris to visit the Sultan….

    People who say “to be perfectly honest, …”

  26. Spud

    Now, donÒ€ℒt take offense but to be perfectly honest just so you know, women that think that the size of a mans penis matters of course it’s easier to carry around in your pantpocket.

    Except to make a short story long.

  27. mikeB

    People who say, “But I read it on the Internet!’

  28. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #167524 will be quoted here]

    He’d never get his foot back…

  29. dagny

    Easily worse than #5 is people who call me up asking for some random person and then, after I tell them it’s the wrong number, proceed to call me again. Several times. I finally got rid of the last one telling him “If it was the wrong number before, dialing it again isn’t going to change things”

  30. [Comment ID #165649 will be quoted here]
    Men are better at reading maps than women. It is so much easier for them to believe an inch=20 miles! πŸ™„

    People who after you tell them ‘It’s cool man, I respect your religion and commend you for being so faithful I just don’t agree with it’ still proceed to give you an unwelcome earful on how you’ll die a horrible death and go to hell!

    Teenagers who run/walk with their legs wide open so they don’t step on their foot long untied laces and holding their crotch because their pants are at their knees!

    Telemarketers (should die horrible deaths) who call assuming you are the person they want to talk to and like they have known you all their lives! (I know, I was ONCE one of them)

    [Comment ID #167490 will be quoted here]
    If you don’t have the size your eating skills must be epic and mind altering, otherwise get out!

    [Comment ID #167499 will be quoted here]
    Here, Here! I know some tiny fellows who have Rocked My World!

    Holier than thou types that have nothing holy about them! (But I can help…somebody hand me a shotgun, I left mine at home)

    People who complain about children and have never dealt with any.

    People who do not discipline their children because they’re too afraid of getting abuse charges.

    People who abuse their kids and try to play it off as discipline.

    Pedofiles! (Where’s that shotgun!?!)

    People who pussyfoot around stuff or sugarcoat things to spare my feelings.

    People who tell you something so obviously hurtful, offensive and meanhearted then say that’s not what they meant! (Have balls people! Own up to what you say! If I call you an Idiotic Insignificant Ignorant, I’m sure I meant it!!)

    **Sheesh! I woke up with a mean streak today!**

  31. People who can’t take the honest truth and therefore create need for pussyfooting and sugarcoating.

    People who think they can raise your children better than you when theirs are currently in solitary at the penn.

    People who run their mouths when you ask a simple question expecting a simple short answer. (sorry guys, it hit the trigger and we all need to vent every once in a while 😳 )

    Men who automatically assume that if a woman is being bitchy she must be PMSing πŸ‘Ώ (which is not the case here by the way, I’m just bitchy 😈 )

    Damsel in distress types that depend on their night in shining armour to come save them when they’ve broken a nail! (Guys, I give you permission to smack them across the head for this!) Need for a little TLC is good but please, don’t overdo it and return the favor!

  32. Korrina

    HIPOCRYATES like most of the ones who complain about something but go and do that exact thing they just complained about 😑 laides(girls) who complain about the size of the mans penius if you dont like it leave πŸ™„

  33. Lake Effect

    :limp: = HIPOCRYATES’ penius.
    Hipocryates looked down at his 3″er and swore profusely…thus giving us the Hipocryatic Oath.

  34. Drusky

    *Salespeople who say that they are offering this special deal only to you…
    *Marrage therapists who never have been married yet are authorities on the subject…
    *People who drive around with those ‘My child is a honor student at xyz elementary’ bunper stickers…
    *People who cut you off on the road due to the cell phone crammed in their ear while proudly displaying a bumpersticker saying ‘Perhaps you’d drive better with that cell phone shoved up your ass…’

    [Comment ID #167499 will be quoted here]
    True, but do you send yours out for sharpening or do you hone your own? 😈

  35. True, but do you send yours out for sharpening or do you hone your own? 😈

    A job that delicate and of that importance should only be handled by a professional. 😈

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